(Shine is writing vigorously in her journal that she kept while she was wandering)

Shine: (in her head as she writes it down) Well I guess this is my last entry in here. The wedding is in only a week. ONE WEEK! Everything is being decorated and neasured . Scorpio and I barely have time to talk! What's hurting me the most is I haven't told Wander that after Scorpio and I are married, we're not going to be with the wandering group anymore.

Chloe: (comes through the door. She's Shine's Gothic like niece from the Murder Mystery. I really didn't do anything special with her :P) You have a dress fitting right now.

Shine: I'll be right there.

Chloe: Dressmaker isn't going to wait

Shine: Well OK

(Next scene is some octopus creature with legs measuring a wedding dress on Shine. Chloe is sitting in a near by chair)

Chloe: Hey Shine, did you ever question who you were going to love?

Shine: Boy did I! Where do I even start?

Chloe: oh.....

Shine: Well I think it depends on who you are. If he loves you for you then its just that. Never ever change yourself to satisfy anyone, even someone you love.

Chloe: I guess love is complicated when you're trying to find or keep it.

Shine: Does someone have a crush?

Chloe: (blushes) Well maybe.

Shine: (smiles and says in her head) I guess this isn't the end. Just a new beginning.

ForeverTrombone: (scene of my oc on a fancy chair by a fireplace) That next week Shine got married to Scorpio and Chloe followed Shine's advice and ended up having her crush ask her out. For Shine telling Wander the path she chose, Wander was a little upset. It turned out Maddie had left him for someone else and the rest of the group fell apart except for him and Sylvia. Shine and Wander exchanged their good byes and went their seperate ways. A while after wards, Wander met Aurora and a whole bunch of other people. Shine gave one of her empty journals to a girl at the wedding who loved the stars as much as Shine did herself. As for her full journal (pulls it out from the chair side table) Let's just say she gave it to a special friend (wink wink)

(The End.... for now)

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