(Scorpio knew he didn't tell Maddie everything that was on his mind. Darkness with complete voices)

?: (young female) No matter what we are, you are practically my little brother. No one will ever replace you.

?: (grown man) Get that filthy clone out of here. His kind isn't welcome here.

?: (grown women) I'm the boss now. You can stay in this room like the animal you are.

?: (grown man) You're not getting bloody special treatment. You don't have parents, because they took you from him and put you in a zbornak. He wants to kill you for your- (is cut off)

?: (really old man) I'll kill you! I'll murder both of you! Even if I die, I will have ever person here search for you until you are found and die.

?: (same young female) I'll go first

Young Scorpio: But-

?: When they're all stalled, run North and you'll see a spaceship. Escape to another planet on it.

Young Scorpio: No! I'm not leaving you.

(Scorpio wakes up on the ground. He looks all around him and sees the whole wandering group fast asleep. Shine was quite a bit to his right. It was so late that even she was asleep. He smiled but then frowned. He knew they would try to come for him soon. All he wants is to keep everyone safe, especially Shine. He looks up at the stars)

Scorpio: Give me strength

(The end)

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