(yes this is eddie.hinkle.7. i have my own account now so yay me!)

(Shine runs through the halls)

Shine: there has to be some place with a yearbook or something.

(She sees a library)

Shine: of course!

(She goes in and starts searching the shelves. She finds a book and takes it down)

Shine: This yearbook should help.

(She searches through the pages. There are photos of many recognizable aliens as humans. She comes across a photo of Wander, Maddie, Sylvia, and Dan in a group picture. It looks like they are friends in that picture)

Shine: Wander, Maddie, and I'm guessing that's Dan and Sylvia. They look like they used to be friends. I wonder what happened.

(Shine puts the book under her arm and leaves the library. She walks down the hall and is then pulled into a classroom)

Shine: Whoa! What the- Sylvia?

(She sees a human version of Sylvia)

Sylvia: Are you the new girl?

Shine: Um, yes?

Sylvia: I just thought I'd tell you the truth about this place.

Shine: The truth?

Sylvia: All those students out there are animals. They will eat you alive. Especially Hater.

Shine: You mean that guy I bumped into?

Sylvia: You're lucky you bumped into him and are still alive. The only person that's a bigger jerk than him is Dan.

Shine: You guys aren't friends either?

Sylvia: Only in my nightmares

(Wander and Maddie rush in)

Maddie: Just before the bell!

Wander: (rolls his eyes) Like that matters

(Dan walks in shortly behind them)

Dan: In the knick of time.

Sylvia: (under her breath) jerk

Maddie: Oh, Shine's here.

Wander: Hi Shine! Remember me? It's Wander!

Maddie: Why can't you take anything seriously?

Wander: Pfft! Me? You are the one that's always so rude!

Sylvia: You both aren't prizes at all! Wander is a mess up and Maddie is just a mean girl!

Maddie and Wander: Excuse me?

Dan: Why do you guys have to fight like little girls? Get over it!

Sylvia: Oh, like how you're over when I beat you in that race in gym?

Dan: That's different!

(they all break into argument. Shine looks at all of them nervously.)

Shine: STOP!

(to be continued....)

(human sylvia------->

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