(Just want a head start on this)

(Everyone in the wandering group was sitting around, talking, laughing, having fun)

Wander: And then I was like "ayyyyyy lmbo"

(Everyone laughs)

Nomad: Oh hey I wanted to do something before we call it a night.

Chenavy: Me too.

Shine: Is it Nomad?

Nomad: We have never taken a group photo so... (pulls out camera)

Sylvia: You're right, Nomad.

Angel: And we can have a picture carry with us... like a good luck charm.

Scorpio: What are we waiting for?

(Everyone huddles up while Nomad takes a picture holding the camera one handed)

Nomad: What do you think Wander? (hands the photo to him)

(Wander smiles as he looks at it)

Wander: It's-

(All of sudden, some faces seem to black out. Wander shakes his head and puts the photo down immediately)

Wander: It's perfect. What were you wanting to do, Chenavy?

Chenavy: Well a travler told me about this charm. (holds up a paper doll) It's called the Sachiko Ever After charm.

Makota: Sounds spooky

Chenavy: What happens is when the charm is done, we will be guranteed to be friends forever.

Nomad: Cute

Chenavy: Now everyone grab hold of a part of it.

(Everyone holds on to the paper doll)

Chenavy: Now think "Sachiko we beg of you" 17 times in your head. 

(Everyone pauses)

Chenavy: Now rip it.

(Everyone rips a part off of it)

Chenavy: And that's it. Keep that slip of paper with you though or it will wear out.

(Everyone nods as the ground begins to shake)

Scorpio: Hey what's going on?

Shine: It's just an earthquake.

(Ground starts to collapse beneath them)

Shine: Or not!

(Everyone falls down the hole in the ground. Then it was all black)

(to be continued)

k. thx. bai.

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