(Angel and Makota walk down a completely wrecked hall)

Makota: There has got to be someway out of here.

Angel: I just want to get back to Yonder.


Makota: It looks like we're not the only people trapped here.

Angel: Let's go help her then!

(they run towards the voice of the little girl and stop at the door of a classroom)

Makota: It's definitely coming from here.

Angel: (opens the door and sees two young girls. They giggle at each other) Hello?

(They both look at Angel and Makota and giggle again)

Makota: Did you girls need help?

(They shake their heads)

Angel: What are your names?

(They point to a picture on the wall)

Makota: Four children. The victims. And two of them look like..... (looks at the girls)

Angel: Shouldn't we.... run?

Makota: I don't think so. They're innocent girls and their lives were taken away.

Angel: But you don't know what this place drivesthem to do.

Makota: (to the girls) I'm Makota and that's my friend Angel. I'm guessing you guys are Tokiko and Yuki.

(The girls giggle and nod)

Makota: See Angel? What did I-

(She is lifted up by an unknown force, causing the girls to giggle even more)

Angel: Hey! Put her down!

(The girls giggle as Yuki starts closing her hand into a fist, making Makota choke)

Makota: G-go. D-d...don't worry abo-out me....

Angel: Let her down!

(The girls shake their heads as Yuki puts her hand in a tight fist)

Makota: G-g-go....

Tokiko: (looks at Angel) You're next

Angel: I'm sorry Makota (runs out of the room and down many halls) Makota.... (sits in a corner, waiting for someone else from the wandering group to come along)

(to be continued...)

Because why not? ---->

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