(Picking up where last left off)

Shine: What do we do now?

Wander: Three gone and five left. We can still make it guys.

Chenavy: This place seems pretty secure. No door, window, or anything will open.

Angel: Then how are we suppoesed to get back?

Sylvia: Just hope this is just some bad dream.

ForeverTrombone: I can definitely tell you this is no bad dream.

Shine: Well thanks for lifting our spirits.

ForeverTrombone: Might want to listen up. I know how you guys got in here and how you can get out.

Angel: Tell us, please!

ForeverTrombone: Firstly, you got here because you did the charm wrong.

Chenavy: But you were the one who told me how to... (realizes she was tricked) you little!

ForeverTrombone: No duh! I made you guys do it incorrectly so I could type nonsense about it.

Wander: What?! So you are the one who put us in here?

ForeverTrombone: Surprise! (wandering group starts yelling all at once) HEY! I know the way out though! Two ways to be exact!

Sylvia: Do tell.

ForeverTrombone: First once is simple and easy, do the charm correctly and put the pieces together instead of ripping it. Everyone says "Sachiko, we beg of you" once and one more time for Sachiko.

Shine: Then let's do that one now!

ForeverTrombone: Or you could do it the morally right way. Get the three child spirits and Sachiko to apologize for all the people they hurt. Then you do the way I said before. The closed space will collapse, you return to reality, and the kids will be free from the evil of the past.

Angel: Obviously we should do the easy way.

Chenavy: Agreed. 

(Everyone nods in agreement except for Wander)

Sylvia: Wander, please don't tell me you have an urge to help.

Wander: I'm sorry guys but we have to help the poor children. We can't just leave them here to hurt others.

Sylvia: We need to get out of here. The spirits are the least of our concern.

Wander: I don't care what you guys do but I'm going to help them.

(Everyone stays quiet)

Shine: If Wander's not leaving, I'm not either.

Angel: I agree. We need to stick together.

Chenavy: (nods) We can still make it through.

Sylvia: Well... fine but this doesn't mean I don't think this is a bad idea.

Wander: Lets split up. Two groups plus one person going alone. 

Angel: I'll go alone.

Wander: Are you sure?

Angel: It's ok I'm not scared.

Wander: Each group gets a spirit to apologize. Meet back here when you're done.

(Everyone nods)

Wander: Let's go!

(Everyone runs off except for Angel)

ForeverTrombone: Hey Angel, want to know how to bring everyone back?

Angel: You know how to bring everyone back?

ForeverTrombone: I wanted to tell just one person for... reasons.

Angel: How?

ForeverTrombone: While doing returning to reality, hold the paper pieces of the people who didn't survive and they will be there when you return.

Angel: Are you sure you're not lying?

ForeverTrombone: Angel, please. This is the least I could do to apologize for sending you guys here.

Angel: I guess so. Thanks. (runs off)

(to be continued)

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