(This is the main Halloween thing I'm doing)

(Wander is used to having his happy, imaginative dreams but tonight, for the first time in a long time, he is having a nightmare. He slowly opens his eyes to basement like room)

Wander: Huh?

(He tries to move but he can't, being tied up)

Wander: Hello?

(He hears the crying of two young children beside him. He turns his head to the left, seeing the two children, one boy and one girl, beside him. They are both blindfolded and tied up)

Wander: It's ok guys. I'm sure someone with find us.

(He looks to his right to see a young girl beside him. She struggles but doesn't cry and shows little to no emotion)

Wander: It's ok fellas, don't cry!

(Next thing he knows, a blindfold is put on him too)

?: In.... order.....

Wander: What do you mean?

(The final moment of that nightmare was the blindfold being removed and a pair of scissors inching towards his face)

Wander: (wakes up) Augh!

(Everyone else around him is sound asleep.)

(Will start The Week this weekend. Heh, get it? Week? Weekend? No? k ;-;)

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