(Eights days and eight nights have passed. They are now on a tropical like planet. Fier had got up early that morning and went for a stroll)

Fier: It's so nice that Wander and Sylvia let me join their wandering group. It's not like I have anywhere to go. Just some other planet where I won't fit in and-

(Fier puts a hand on her back. Her back was starting to get a huge ache)

Fier: I guess I've been out here for too long. I should go back to Wander and Sylvia.

(She looks down and sees flames are forming at her feet. She gasps and tries to step it out but it slowly climbs up her legs. Strangely, she notices it isn't hurting her at all. She was still standing there in shock until it made it up to her hip. She then snapped out of it)

Fier: Should I tell Wander or will he and Sylvia get burned but then why wouldn't it hurt me?

(She doesn't notice she now has a bird tail with the colors scarlet, gold, and purple. As it reaches her back, wings that are red, orange, and yellow start to appear on her back. There are hints of gold, scarlet, and purple.)

Fier: What do I do? What will they say about my flam-.... wings? (looks at her back) and bird tail?

(She looks around for something to look at herself with. Flames go over her face)

Fier: CAN'T SEE! CAN'T SEE! (falls over)

Wander's voice: Fier, is that you?

Fier: Wander?

Wander's voice: Is everything ok?

Fier: Yeah. Just, uh, sand in my eyes.

Wander's voice: Do you need-

Fier: NO!

Wander's voice: Are you-

Fier: YES!

Wander's voice: Ok then.. Come back when you're ready.

Fier: (the flames uncover her face. Her eyes are now yellow with slits for pupils. There are also some extra feathers in her hair.) Geez that was rough. Now what do I do? (looks at herself at all angles) Wait a second.... I'm a phoenix?

Wander's voice: Hey, Fier! I'm coming to meet you down there!

Fier: Oh no!

(Fier runs off as Wander appears)

Wander: Fier! Fier? (spins around) Where are you? (waits a few moments) Challenge accepted!

(he starts looking around for her)

(to be continued.....)

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