(Wander is looking at the piece of paper Fier gave him)

Wander: So I just read this?

Fier: (sarcastic) No, you read it backwards.

Wander: Oh ok

Sylvia: She was being sarcastic Wander.

Wander: ooooh.

Fier: Just read it.

Wander: Adoni, Helumnay, Peenay,

Adoni, Helumnay, Peenay,

The gods do command thee

from thy majesty

oh mapulamun,

Adoni, Helumnay, Peenay,

come forward blessed one,

know your calling

come forward oh blessed one.

(he stops)

Fier: Why did you stop?

Wander: Is this witchcraft?

Fier: Yes.

Wander: (silence) Oh ok.

Fier: Keep reading

Wander: accept our humble gratitude

for your offering

in death you give life,

may you lose your wings of the kingdom.

(There is a glowing spot on the ground. The spark starts to grow bigger.)

Sylvia: Whoa! (backs away)

Fier: It's working!

(the glowing stops)

Wander: What happened?

Fier: Hopefully the spell worked.

(Shine falls from the sky)

Shine: Ahhhhhhhhh!

(She lands on top of Wander. She no longer has robot limbs or angel wings or halo)

Wander: Shine!

Shine: Ok, who's bright idea was it to use witchcraft and make my wings turn into thin air and make me fall through the clouds and almost to my death... again!

Wander: That would be me. You're squishing my gutty works.

Shine: Wander? (gets off of him)

Wander: (takes a deep breath) That's my name. Don't wear it out.

(Shine hugs him tightly)

Shine: You did this all for me.

Wander: Squishing my gutty works again

Fier: You must be Shine. I'm Fier, the one that gave him the spell.

Shine: Thanks so much Fier.

Fier: It was no problem.

(Wander breaks loose from Shine)

Wander: You don't have your robotic limbs anymore

Shine: I know! I feel so alive.

Sylvia: It's great to have you back Shine. We really missed you. Especially Wander. (gives him a teasing glance)

Fier: Yeah Wander. What about all that masculine pride you had yesterday.

Wander: (blushes) Oh stop it you guys. She is my best friend.

Sylvia: yeah "friends"

(The End)

(You know you missed her because I know you dreamt of her and all that. lol jk)

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