(Shine looks back to everyone in the wandering group.)

Shine: We all need to go in there to save Scorpio

Maddie: Don't we need Misty's permission?

Shine: That doesn't matter right now

Sylvia: Yeah! They could be torturing him at this very moment.

Wander: We can't let that happen! It's happened to me before.

(Everyone looks back at him)

Wander: It's a long story

Luka: We just need to go in there. We can't wait for some princess to come and grant us permission while one of our friends could be getting tortured.

Shine: So going in it is. Follow my lead!

(Shine goes through the portal and everyone follows behind her. They find theirselves in the human (Like in The Other World) and they see Fier holding Scorpio by the mouth)

Fier: I knew you would come. Grab them!

(Bella grabs Shine and Light Rod grabs Wander)

Shine: Why are you doing this?

Wander: Maddie, Luka, Sylvia, escape while you can!

Fier: NO! (a ring of fire surrounds them)

Shine: Why are you doing this? Why can't you just let it go?

Fier: I'll just say I was paid to do this.

Wander: (under his breath) Hater

Bella: Looks like the fuzzy orange is smarter then he seems.

Sylvia: Hey! He still is intelligent.... in his ways

Fier: (laughs) Any last words?


Shine: I do actually

Light Rod: I don't think the phrase is supposed to be taken seriously.

Fier: Let her. See what she has to say

Shine: Sylvia and Luka, you two are the strongest girls I know and you have the biggest hearts. You've always been there to stand up when the rest of us were afraid. Maddie, we were rough at the start but we smoothed out in a lady like manner and we have become great friends and I'm sorry you couldn't live a happily ever after with Wander. Scorpio, you're so sweet and sensitive and so kind which is why I've liked you. You're not like most guys. Wander,...... All I can say is that you're my best friend. No matter what we still had faith in each other and this list could go on and on of all the things about you that I have loved. I'm sorry this had to happen to all of you.

Scorpio: (to himself) Though I may wander the valley of death I fear no evil-

Fier: Stop! Let them go. (drops Scorpio to the ground. Light Rod and Bella do the same to Wander and Shine. The fire dies down around Sylvia, Luka, and Maddie.)

Shine: (walks over to Fier) Friendship is always out there, heck or high water. You can find or forever be alone. The choice is yours.

Fier: (in tears) I'm sorry. I didn't know. All I know how to do is split people apart.

Shine: (takes Fier's hand points to the wandering group) I bet they can show you.

Maddie: Well I do expect some apology to my sister and her new husband.

Fier: I think I want to be a nomad by myself. Thank you for the offer though.

Scorpio: (goes up to Shine and hugs her) Thanks for those great words.

Shine: (blushes) Oh it was nothi-

(Scorpio kisses her. Shine is surprised at first but then rolls with it)

Wander: This calls for a group hug!

Everyone: NO!

(The End)

(Eat your veggies)

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