(Shine has noticing something weird lately with Scorpio. He seemed to be hiding something. He was trying to hide his arm from her. Whenever she held his hand, he quickly pulled away and covered his arm. Shine decided it was time to confront him about it.)

Shine: (comes up behind Scorpio who is rubbing his arm) Can I talk to you?

Scorpio: (quickly hides arm) sure why not?

Shine: (steps closer) That's just it. Why do you keep hiding your arm from everyone?

Scorpio: I.....

Shine: May I see it, please.

Scorpio: I.... fine (holds out his arm that has a whole bunch of cuts)

Shine: Oh my gosh. Why haven't you shown it to -Wander? What did this to you?

Scorpio: I did it.... to myself....

Shine: (gets a worried yet confused look) Why would you? You are so special and you have great friends and

Scorpio: Keep your distance. You'll be safer.

Shine: Safe from what? (Gets closer)

Scorpio: (scoots away and raises voice) no stay back

Shine: (stops) I won't ask you anything else. Just please don't hurt yourself..... I love you too much.

Scorpio: bu-

Shine: Promise

Scorpio: I promise. I just don't want you to get hurt either.

Shine: hurt from what?

Scorpio: You'll see eventually

Shine: Fine. You win

Scorpio: Oh and good luck.

Shine: good luck?

Scorpio: (smiles) The future is a mystery, Shine. You can only wait

(The end)

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