(Maddie is riding Dan through some woods)

Maddie: I sure do love these woods

Dan: Me too

Maddie: An escape from all the stress. Am I right?

Dan: Yeah (he takes deep breath with his eyes closed)

Maddie: (points ahead to a tree) DAN, WATCH OUT!

Dan: Huh?


?: (female voice) Hey! You ok?

Dan: What? (he slowly opens his eyes)

?: You took a pretty hard hit

Dan: Maddie?

?: Why would you want her to be here?

(he gets a more clear view and sees that it's Midnight in armor)

Dan: Midnight?

Midnight: Oh you remember me, huh?

Dan: Why would I forget you? You're in the wandering group and you tried to capture Wander.

Midnight: Used to be in the wandering group.

Dan: Used to be?

Midnight: Yes. Don't you remember when we all split apart?

Dan: Split apart?

Midnight: Yeah. Shine and Wander's break up was harsh and Shine left. So Wander and Sylvia are on their own and I haven't seen them since the break up. Shine went back to reign on her homeplanet and refuses to talk to anyone that was in the wandering group. I decided to go my own way and move on so I joined the dark zbornak army to defend against Maddie and Hater.

Dan: Wh-what is up with Maddie then?

Midnight: She's evil now. Her eyes are red and she has conquered much of Yonder with Hater.

(Dan stays silent for a few seconds)

Dan: I need you to come with me

Midnight: Why?

Dan: We've got some business to attend to.

(to be continued....)

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