?: (female voice)  There's nothing in this world quite so amazing as the nighttime. The first few stars in the sky, signifying great change. The time of day for the galaxy to rest. The creatures, to dream  and the citizens of Yonder to relax, knowing another day has successfully reached its eve. Brisk laughter in the day and beauty of the night. All brought forth by a single star.

(fade into a classroom full of Wander's creatures. Wander sits in the first row. Shine is a few desks away)

Teacher: The eve following the alignment, the goats of Bahalla will throw a huge feast, bigeer than the usual ones they do everyday. Can anybody tell me the nation that allows Bahalla to collect food for their feast?

(Wander raises hand)

Teacher: Wander?

Wander: Ande.... Ende....

Adeline: (a pink creature like Wander and Shine) Andehendron?

Wander: Oh yeah....

Teacher: Thank you Adeline. I will be checking up on how you guys are all doing on your projects.

(Walks by Shine who is playing with her pencil)

Teacher: Shine?

Shine: Huh? (looks up)

Teacher: How are you coming along on your project?

Shine: My project?

Teacher: Please don't tell me you haven't started. This a major part of your grade. Do even have any idea what the project is on?

Shine: I....

Teacher: Gifts of Yonder, Shine. Something special about our galaxy.

Shine: I know.... It's just....

Teacher: Yes?

Shine: My project is at home.... and I'm working very hard on it..... just give me the time.

(bell rings)

Teacher: (stops Shine) Are you sure?

Shine: Of course I am. You will love it.

Teacher: Be careful. A storm is on it's way.

Shine: Thanks.... (to herself) best project alright (walks out the door)

(next shot is of Shine lying on a hill at night by herself)

Shine: I can't make a project by tomorrow. Either way I'll be laughed at. I wish Wander could help me. 

(flashback of the same hill but Wander is beside her)

Shine: (looks up at the night sky) So if I wish on a shooting star, my wishes will come true?

Wander: That's what I've heard. Sometimes you can even hear them.

Shine: I would never be able to do that.

Wander: Shine, you're special and you don't know it. It's why I've always liked you.

Shine: Because I'm full of potenial?

Wander: Exactly.

Shine: Wander, you're the bestest friend a girl could ever have

(back to reality)

Shine: The stars!

(gets up and closes her eyes)

Shine: I wish for once in my life I can show everyone I can do something. That I'm just not an ignorant disabled thing.

?: (deep voice) Shine

Shine: Huh?

?: Shine you don't need that wish

Shine: But-but

?: Shine, you are more special than you take yourself to be

Shine: I am?

?: You destined for great things, Shine, great things (the voice fades)

Wander: (from a distance) Shine! I've been looking for you!

Shine: Wander! You won't believe what just happened!

(fade to a creature like Wander and Shine. She is blue with neon orange hair. He is with a young boy creature that is red)

?: (female from the beginning) And that is what happened to you grandmother, Smoky.

Smoky: She really wished upon a star and it talked to her, Mom?

?: Yes. She told me herself.

Smoky: Amazing

?: How about you go inside and find your dad and tell him the story?

Smoky: ok! (runs off)

?: (in her thoughts) Thank you, mother, for everything you gave and for everything you made come true. I never did want to say goodbye but the circle of life gives me no choice. (she holds a pin similar to the one on Wander's hat)

(the end)

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