Shine's journal entry: Today was pretty crazy. The whole wandering group ran out of orbble juice and now we're stuck on this weird forest planet. Wander and Sylvia decided to go out and find some. So now I'm on this planet with Chenavy, Nomad, Angel, Makota, and Comet. I went off to a near by lake to just watch the waater and listen to sounds.

Angel: I honestly wish she would open up more.

Nomad: She's just lonely. You have Wander , I have Chenavy.

Chenavy: Save it for your hat, Nomad.

Makota: He's got a point though. With Wander busy with other stuff, she's practically on her own.

Comet: She can talk to us

(Shine sits on a rock by the shore)

?: Nyah!

Shine: Huh?

(A brown flash goes back through the bushes)

Shine: Well ok then?

(to be continued)

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