Day 2: Well I have no clue what happened by the shore of the lake yesterday. All I could hear was the voice and sound of running through bushes. I just can't imagine who it was. Maybe I'll actually see them today and we can become friends. Speaking of friends, it feels like the rest of the group is pitying me. It's like they're trying to push me into being more open but it only makes me want to close up more. I guess it's time I better go back to the rock by the lake.

(Shine picks at the ground with a stick)

?: H-hello?

Shine: Hm? (turns around)

Scorpio: (looks down) Who are you?

Shine: I'm Shine. Did you run away from me yesterday?

Scorpio: I'm not exactly the social type.

Shine: I guess I never have either.... What's your name?

Scorpio: (still looking down) Scorpio....

Shine: (giggles) You can look up.

Scorpio: (looks up a little) Ok....

Shine: You don't have to be scared of me. (smiles) I don't bite.

Scorpio: .....

Shine: (offers out her hand) It's ok.

(Scorpio slowly puts his hand in her's. It was the first time he had a friend.... a real friend.)

(to be continued)

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