(Nomad and Scorpio sit at a table with Bara who has a huge stack of waffles)

Scorpio: That's a lot of waffles

Nomad: She took all the waffles?

Bara: Yes. I did.

Nomad: You could've asked us if we wnated any

Bara: But if I give you the waffles, I won't have any

Scorpio: Nomad, would you like a waffle?

Bara: There are no more waffles. I have them all!

Scorpio: I know. I'm just giving an example

Nomad: Yes, Scorpio. I would like two of them

Bara: Wha? You can't- You want two of them?

Scorpio: So if Nomad gets two waffles (gives two waffles to Nomad) and I get two waffles (grabs two waffles for himself) that still leaves eight waffles for you

Bara: But I don't want eight waffles! I want twelve!

Scorpio: If you can serioulsy eat all those waffles, I will personally drive you to the store to get more.

Bara: (pouty face) I just don't get why you guys get all the waffles

Nomad: You still have more waffles than both of us combined

Bara: They're mine! I got them from the fridge and put them on my plate

Scorpio: (facepalm)

Bara: You guys are selfish

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