(The wandering group stands around Angel who is sleeping)

Nomad: We can't continue wandering with Angel asleep. There's places to be explored.

Chenavy: (pokes her) Do you guys have any ideas?

Shine: (pokes Angel in the neck) Maybe if we apply enough pressure to a point she'll wake up. 

Bara: (holds up ax) Maybe we need to apply a little more pressure

Sylvia: We're not going to chop her head off

Makota: We want her to wake up not sleep forever

Scorpio: If she insists, I'm not going to stop her

Alobe: Let's just let her sleep the whole time

Flame: Yeah and maybe some of us will actually feel smart for once

Angel: (in her sleep) Oh Wander, you're such a man

Wander: (whacks her across the head) Angel, that's enough sleep

(le end)

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