(On the set of Blurred Lines by Robin Thicker. Wander and the rest of the group are dancing)

Maddie: (comes out of no where. Sings in melody of song) Wander, you scum bag, you got me pregnant. I told it was a bad idea but you didn't listen to me.

Wander: But the lines were blurred

Everyone else: Hey hey hey hey

Maddie: You big liar

Everyone else: hey hey hey hey

Maddie: You're just a huge jerk (slaps him and #ouch appears on the screen)

Hadley: OK everyone freeze!

Shine: Why are you here?

Hadley: I'm arresting you all for hashtag abuse. (#busted) Stop its against the law (#Wander) I'm not kidding.

Wander: Someone turn it off.

(Sylvia comes from behind)

Hadley: (#zbornak) That's the last straw.

Misty: Chenavy, you're under arrest.

Chenavy: What did I do?

Misty: You tried to sell Sylvia.

Aurora: Wander you are so dead for cheating on me.

Sylvia: Oh dang Wander's screwed.

Wander: You don't understand.

Aurora: Meet my fist jerk! (Punches Wander)

I'm on mobile so I can't provide the link. Its the first result when you look up blurred lines parody on YouTube.

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