(Everyone in the wandering group sits around a screen)

Sylvia: Ok, why did you want us to bring horror movies on such short notice?

Angel: I thought we could compare them, bro.

Nomad: Not really. I'm trying to prove Angel's idea of horror movies is brainless.

Wander: I like this game! Can we watch what i brought first? Spaghetti horror is the best!

Nomad: I doubt pasta would make a decent horror movie.

Sylvia: I wouldn't make fun of Wander's movies if I were you. he doesn't mean pasta spaghetti at all.

Wander: Well it's not a horror movie if there isn't spaghetti.

Sylvia: People are sensitive about their spaghetti!

Wander: But then it's lame, am I right?

Scorpio: I see your point

Shine: I'll show you guys the best horror movie ever made!

(Very unconvincing zombie appears on screen. It noms on someone's shoulder)

Wander: Hey a zombie!

Person in movie: That doesn't really hurt (casually strolls along)

Angel: Hey guys, check it out! This movie is hilarious!

Shine: I brought over a scary supernatural movie too (spooky mist appears behind her)

Nomad: hey, there's something behind you!

(le next movie)

Person in movie: How long has it been since I visited my hometown? It seems that the villagers are hiding something from me.... It looks as if my old school has been closed

Wander: (screams and hides)

Sylvia: Scorpio's movie is dark and is really good at making you anxious.

Scorpio: Thank you for the compliment

Angel: They're alright but the hero should be doing more.

Scorpio: More like what?

Angel: You know, go for the easy answer: Don't let the spirit escape the tv screen, no freaking out at everything you see, or don't answer the phone! (le sparkles appear out of no where) It's easy!

Bara: (le innocent smile) I'm tired of Angel's bull crap

(le end)

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