Wander reunites with his old friends, Scoot, Scurry and Scamper from preschool, and decide to plan a reunion concert for a rock and roll band they used to have back then, Fun 4 All. Wander soon starts spending time with his friends instead of Sylvia most of the time, leaving her jealous.

Part 1

(Opens showing Wander's home planet. Zoom in on Wander and Sylvia singing to a tune on Wander's banjo)
(Song: If You Wander Over Yonder)
Wander/Sylvia: All the things that you will see
And you certainly will be free
If you Wander over Yonder,
Just you and me!
(Outro plays, Wander and Sylvia laugh)
Sylvia: Man, that was fun, huh Wander?
Wander: Totally! I love singing songs, especially this one. (At the camera) It's my signature song, you know!
Sylvia: Play it again, Wander, play it again!
Wander: Again? But Sylvia, I've played this like, eight times!
Sylvia: I don't care, it's my favorite, too! Go for it!
Wander: (rolling his eyes) Okay. Here we go from the top! And a one, and a two, and a...
(Intro to "If You Wander Over Yonder" starts)
Off-Screen Voice: Hey, look! It's Wander!
Wander: (Stops playing) Hmm?
Off-Screen Voice 2: Hey, Wander! Over here!
Off-Screen Voice 3: We missed you!
(Wander turns his head. Behind shot from Wander at three figures in the distance, running toward him and talking at once. Zoom in to three male Opisms running toward him: to the left is a pale red-orange one, with a blonde upswept hairstyle wearing a denim jacket and matching sneakers. In the middle, a light apricot one with his hair in a medium shag and wearing a chain necklace, and canvas shoes. On the right, a burnt orange one with a dark brown mullet and soul patch, and wearing a tank top with sandals. Of the three, the left one is the only one wearing socks. They finally approach Wander)
Wander: Hey, hey, stop! Calm down! (They stop talking) Why are you guys?
Left Opism: Wander, don't you remember us?
Middle Opism: We're your old friends!
Right Opism: From preschool, duh!
(Close-up of Wander, he blinks twice, having a memory)
Wander: Wait. I remember you, now! (points at each one as he names him, starting with the left one) Scoot! (at the middle one) Scurry! (at the right one) Scamper! (back to him) My friends from preschool! You're back!
(Loads of happy chatter as Wander gets off Sylvia and joins his friends for a group hug. Sylvia stares)
Sylvia: What just happened?
Scoot: Hey Wander, who's this blue chick?
Wander: Chick? Oh, that's Sylvia. She's my partner.
Sylvia: Hi, guys I don't know.
(Awkward pause)
Scamper: Looks like she's got a memory loss.
Wander: What? Noooo, she just doesn't know you. (walks over to Sylvia) Syl, I'd like you to meet Scoot, Scurry and Scamper, my old friends from preschool.
Sylvia: Oh. Hello, Scoot, Scurry and Scamper! So nice to meet you. (Shakes their hands one by one)
Scurry: Wow, she shook my hand! (sniffs) I'm never washing this hand again.
Wander: We all attended the same preschool together, Sylvia. And boy, all the fun we used to have.

(Flashback to preschool when Wander, Scoot, Scurry and Scamper were younger)
Young Wander: I made a block castle, look!
Young Scoot: Well, I made a block space station! Pew, pew, pew!
Young Wander: Oh, no! I'm under attack!
Young Scoot: Send in the raiders!
(Young Scurry and Scamper fly by, holding toy rockets and imitating spaceship noises. They crash them into Wander's block castle, causing it to fall down)
Young Wander: Hey! You bwoke my castle! Not funny!
Young Scoot: Uh, it was his idea?
Young Wander: That's it, you're going down!
(He picks up one of the rockets, roars and chases after his friends, who scream and laugh while running all over the room. Flashback ends)

Wander: (Sighs) Those memories...
Scurry: Hey, Wander, hope you didn't forget our band! (hands him a picture)
Wander: Oh, right! (To Sylvia, showing picture) Hey Sylvia, I forgot to say back in preschool, Scoot, Scurry, Scamper and I had our own band!
(Close-up of the picture, it shows the preschool aged Opisms onstage. Scoot at the left, Scurry at the right, Scamper at the rear center, and Wander front and center. The three in front are holding preschool acoustic guitars of red, green and yellow respectively, the one in back is sitting at a blue toy drumset. All four have toy microphones on stands in front of them, above them stands the logo of the band's name, Fun 4 All, the words "Fun" and "All" in blue letters tilt upwards from opposite directions, with a red "4" in a big star in the center)
Wander: (offscreen) Fun 4 All!
(The title appears, freeze-frame. Cut to Sylvia)
Sylvia: You were in a band?
Wander: Mm-hmm! (Mood changes) Well, preschool was our only time playing, though. Our last gig together was at preschool graduation. Scoot, Scurry and Scamper's parents got new jobs and had to move to other galaxies. And they were leaving the very next day. (Sighs) It's like yesterday was the last time seeing them.

(Flashback to preschool graduation, Fun 4 All is onstage)
Young Wander: We'd like to dedicate this concert for all of you, especially my bandmates, whom I will miss so much.
(Scurry plays a click track, and all four begin to play a melody)
All: Hey, Mr. Knickerbocker, boppity-bop!
I like-a the way that you boppity-bop!
Hey, Mr. Knickerbocker, boppity-bop!
I like-a the way that you boppity-bop!
(Flashback ends)

Wander: After that day, they moved. It was heartbreaking.
(All hang their heads in sadness. After a pause, Wander brightens again)
Wander: Which brings us back to real time! (to his friends) So, what are you doing here?
Scoot: We moved back!
Scamper: Our parents got new jobs here!
Scurry: And we live around the corner! That way, we can spend more time with you!
Wander: Aw, come here, guys!
(Loads of chatter as they share another group hug, then walk offscreen with Wander leading. Pan over to Sylvia who stares in surprise)
Sylvia: (blinks twice, at the camera) ...What just happened?

(Crossfade to the four Opisms walking down the street, L to R: Scoot, Scurry, Wander, Scamper. Close-up on them)
Scoot: So Wander, what have you been up to lately?
Wander: Oh...Syl and I were just strollin', singin' songs and all.
Scurry: Oooooh! You must be workin' that banjo really well!
Wander: (laughs) Another song, another smile!
(He flashes a smile at the camera, which twinkles. All laugh)
Scoot: Oh, boy! He's really up to the music and all!
Wander: Eeeeyup! One good strum deserves another!
(They laugh again)
Scamper: Oh, boy. Talking about music is reminding me about our band. I guess it was bad to leave it all behind after preschool graduation, right?
(A pause, everyone stares at him)
Scamper: ...What?
(Another pause)
Scurry: I'd have to agree with him. It has been long since our band broke up after graduation.
Scoot: Me too. I miss the guitar so bad, man!
Wander: I miss it, too. I enjoyed being the lead singer, and all those songs we did? They were adorable! Like, we did "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" in our gym class.
Scoot: Yeah! We also did "Five Little Pumpkins" at the Halloween party!
Scurry: And "The More We Get Together" at career day!
Scamper: And "99 Bottles of Milk" at circle time one day!
Wander: I thought it was "Hokey Pokey".
Scamper: Oh, right, of course.
Wander: But enough with the kid's songs, we're all teenagers, now! We graduated from high school, it's time to do more grown-up songs!
Scurry: Totally agree, wouldn't wanna sing "Little Robin Redbreast" in front of everyone.
Wander: You know what? I've got an idea! Whataya say we...bring Fun 4 All back!
(Everyone gasps)
Wander: We'll put together a reunion concert and perform for everyone, showing that we've missed performing together!
(Loads of chatter)
Wander: Only this time, it's a more grown-up and real! Who's with me? (Puts hand out)
Scoot: With you!
Scurry: Oh, yeah!
Scamper: A-gree!
(As each speaks, he puts his hand out in front of him. All bring their arms up and cheer)

(Snap to an extreme close-up of a snare drum as a stick drums it in rhythm. Widen to reveal the boys on a stage in Wander's backyard, with the instruments of their choice. Wander: Light green electric guitar with white accents and his star symbol on the body. Scoot: Yellow and brown western-styled electric guitar with bronze accents. Scurry: Light teal Höfner styled bass guitar with a white bout and silver accents. Scamper: Black and dark blue drumset with chrome accents and Wander's star symbol on the bass drum. All four are in the same positions from the band picture, and have microphones on stands in front of them. They begin playing a slow, steady melody. Sylvia comes upon the action)
Sylvia: Whoa, what's going on here?
Wander: Sylvia! You're just in time! The guys and I have decided to continue Fun 4 All! But mature this time.
Sylvia: What the? Wander, you missed the Bake-Off at Phunulon! I had to take over for you, but I came in last place! Lost to Glen, he was a much better cook.
Wander: Sorry, Syl. It's just that we're practing for our band's reunion concert. It's tomorrow night.
Sylvia: Tomorrow?! Isn't that not much time?
Wander: To most of everyone. Not us, we got Snailman to do a super fast delivery.
(Cutway to Snailman delivering newspapers)
Snailman: Fun 4 All reunion concert tomorrow night! Can't miss it!
(Cut back to Sylvia)
Sylvia: Well, that's a fast one. So Wander, whataya say we head down to the Ultraplex Theater and catch that new movie, "Robbers of the Stolen Statue"?
Wander: Uh, go on without me, Sylvia. We have lots of practice to do. Ready guys?
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: Ready!
(Scamper plays a click track, and they play an upbeat tune. Sylvia stares)
Sylvia: (no nonsense) Uh...okay! See you then!
(She stroves away from the stage, then the camera zooms in on her as she gives a jealous expression to the camera and growls, before the view snaps to black)

Part 2

(Snap up on Wander)
Wander: Okay, guys! Let's run through "Make It Right"!
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: Okay!
(Cut to Scamper, he plays a click track and begins drumming. Cut to Scoot as he strums away, zooming in on his guitar. Cut to Scurry following suit, but zoom out of his bass. Wander looks back and forth at them, strumming on his own guitar as he starts to sing)
(Song: Make It Right)
Wander: The weekend's on
And it's time that we sing our song
For everyone
But you've been so crazy
You've messed up everything in sight

So I jumped in
Saved the day to let the fun begin
And we all cheered
It was the best day
The best day, I made it right

All: And we all did everything
All just to hear me sing
I knew it's the time to make it right
Yes, it was the time to make it right
And everyone swung their hair
Our friends all danced everywhere
I knew it's the time to make it right
Yes, it was the time to make it right
Make it right

(During the end of this, Sylvia strives up to the stage, jealousy written all over her face. The song ends)
Wander: Oh, there you are, Syl! So, how was the movie?
Sylvia: (trying to sound innocent) Oh! Well...there were lots of parts you missed, so...wanna have me talk about it?
Wander: No thank you, Syl, we're still rehearsing. Hey! Maybe you could watch us rehearse for tomorrow night?
Sylvia: (pauses, facepalms) Oh...alright. But make it quick! I wanna catch that mime performer downtown!

(Flip to a very put out Sylvia sitting on a chair as the band performs another song)
(Song: Crystal Heart)
Wander: ...You've always been there for me

Ever since I saw your diamond eyes
You were the one I idolize
And ever since I touched your ruby lips
You were the one I'd never miss

My love will stay forever in your crystal heart
And our relationship will never have a fault
You are the one I've always wanted more
Your crystal heart will soar

(Song ends, Sylvia applauds sarcastically)
Sylvia: (no nonsense) Hooray! Bravo, bravo! Encore, encore!
(The bandmates line up, staring at her)
Wander: Uh, Sylvia? Are you really cheering us, or not?
Sylvia: What? Of course, I am! Don't you see my cheering? (applauds again) Woohoo, that song was great! Bravo!
(The four bandmates trade looks of confusion, Wander adding a slightly resigned eye roll to his. Crossfade to the front of Wander's house as Wander sees the guys leave)
Wander: Goodbye, guys! See ya in a bit!
(They respond to him, Sylvia walks up, obviously not enjoying it)
Wander: So Sylvia, is this amazing, or what?
Sylvia: (Completely deadpan) What.
Wander: I said, is this amazing or --
Sylvia: I get it, I get it. Wander, you've been rehearsing for five hours straight! I missed the mime performer, had to skip lunch, and had to use the grass as a bathroom!
Wander: Wow. Your five-monthly bathroom visit was in the grass this time? Well, you should've loved the songs! We did "Like You", "Coast 2 Coast", our most favorite was "Rockin' Out"! That's gonna be our opening song.
Sylvia: By the way Wander, was the song "Crystal Heart" about someone you're in love with?
Wander: Nah, we just write them for fun. I'll have a love interest someday.
Sylvia: Wander I was wondering, wanna come to Congenial Rock with me? The saloon has asked us to do a supper shift.
Wander: Sorry Syl, I have to meet up with the guys again. We're gonna have a spree together, gotta go! (leaving) See ya then!
(Zoom in on a deadpan Sylvia, she growls in jealousy and anger)

(Fade to the guys laughing and entering Slarnak's Deli. Cut to all four enjoying slices of cheesecake. Sylvia walks up, rubbing her belly as if hungry)
Wander: Sorry Syl, already split 'em in fours and wolfed 'em down.
(Sylvia growls. Flip to them on a rollercoaster at Phunulon, Sylvia tries to get on the ride with them)
Ride Instructor: Sorry, all full.
(It takes off, Sylvia growls again. Flip to the guys walking to a photobooth, they enter, Sylvia tries to join them)
Wander: Sylvia, you're gonna crush us!
(Sylvia growls again, the screen flashes, we see a picture of the boys making funny faces and posing. Pan downwards to see the other three pictures. Fade to the boys laughing and walking in orbbles through the space sky)
Wander: Oh, this is my greatest thing yet!
(Reveal they are heading toward Lord Hater's ship. Cut to just outside Lord Hater's bathroom door, Lord Hater is heard singing inside. The guys sneak up to the door, giggle, then open it. Cut to just inside the bathroom door as they peek inside, point of view shot from Wander, zooming in slowly on Lord Hater taking a shower)
Lord Hater: Oh, it's so good to be mean
Yet I have to be clean
La la la la la, getting clean, being mean
(He continues singing, cut back to the boys)
Wander: Watch this! (Sneaks into the room)
Lord Hater: So clean, so mean
I just love to be mean and clean
(He continues singing, Wander tiptoes over to the toilet and flushes it. Lord Hater screams)
Lord Hater: HOT HOT HOT HOT!!! TOO HOT!!!
(Wander and the others laugh, Lord Hater glares at them. Point of view shot from him at Wander and the guys)
Wander: Hey, Hater! Worried your shower wouldn't be warm enough! Don't worry, I made it... (giggles) hotter!
(They all burst into laughter, Lord Hater growls)
Wander: Later, Hater! (He and the others leave)
Lord Hater: (roars) I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!
(Cut to outside the ship as Wander and the others leave in orbbles, laughing. They strive past Sylvia, who again, growls in jealousy)
Sylvia: He's better off with them more than me.

(Crossfade back to Wander's house, it is late that night)
Wander: Okay guys, see you tomorrow!
(They give him goodbyes, Sylvia floats down in her orbble and lands. It pops, she walks up to Wander, still in jealousy)
Wander: Oh hey, Syl! You missed everything! What were you up to today?
Sylvia: (flatly) I don't know, just enjoying myself.
Wander: Well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, 'cause Fun 4 All's reunion concert is tomorrow night at this time! All of our friends will be there, nearly everyone we know! And some that we don't know too.
Sylvia: Yes. I know. Am I invited?
Wander: Why, sure you are! (Close-up of Sylvia, who smiles excitedly. He continues offscreen) But the only thing you have to do is watch our final rehearsal. (her smile drops into a deadpan frown) It may take a few hours. One hour, maybe. Oh wait, make that two. (she frowns more) Or three. (more frowning) Maybe four. (yet more frowning) Okay five, five to be exact.
(Now Sylvia's face drops into total annoyance and anger. Widen to show Wander, taking no notice of this)
Wander: Well, better go hit the hay, big day tomorrow! (yawns) All that practicing made me as weak as a tumbleweed.
Sylvia: Yeah, really tired to be exact.
Wander: I'm going to bed now, and you should, too. Oh and one more thing, Syl, you should close your eyes, 'cause...leavin' em open could cause a big strain! (walks off)
Sylvia: (sarcastically, calling out) Oh, don't worry! I will! (to herself) That flarpin' oblivous lumpsork. (scoffs) So self-centered with his friends. I'm his best friend, they are his old friends! Why does he have to leave me, to join them, for a bunch of wild activities instead of with me for most of the time!? (growls) This makes me so mad, I wanna kick him in the grop.
Wander: (offscreen) Oh, and Sylvia? (peeks in from the left)
Sylvia: What?
Wander: Better make that six. (zips away)
(Zoom in on Sylvia)
Sylvia: If he spends more time with them than me any longer... (at the camera) then we're through.
(Ominous music, snap to black)

Part 3

(Snap up on Wander's house at dawn. Cut to outside Sylvia's stable as she walks out the door, yawning)
Sylvia: Ugh. The morning of Wander's reunion concert. Could this get even worse?
(Cut to the door of the house, Wander bursts out, overexcitedly)
Wander: WHOO!!! It's today, it's today! The reunion concert of Fun 4 All! Me, Scoot, Scurry and Scamper are gonna be performing onstage, tonight!! Could this get any better? Huh, Syl?!
Sylvia: Yeah, sure. Whatever.
Wander: I'm glad you said that, Syl! 'Cause tonight, we're gonna sing onstage in front of everyone! Man, it's been years since we've last performed at preschool graduation, sad that they moved for a while. But the good news is, we're gonna have so much fun at the concert! Imagine it: us in the backyard, with all those eyes on us! Oh...this is gonna make us sensations!! Isn't this exciting?! (jumps excitedly) WHOOHOO!!!
(Cut to Sylvia, who rolls her eyes and shakes her head disgustedly. Wander slides up next to her)
Wander: And you'll get the front row seat! 'Cause you're my best friend, and all!
Sylvia: (gasps in delight) Really?
Wander: Why, of course! However, the guys were my old best friends, so I'm spending time with them for a while. (Sylvia frowns dejectedly) But don't worry, I'll give you the front row seat at our hourly rehearsal, which is right -- (watch beeps, he looks at it and gasps) Right now!
Scoot: (offscreen) Hey, Wander! We're here!
(They rush up to Wander, all talking at once)
Wander: One final rehearsal coming up! Oh, and Sylvia? Be sure you stay the entire time, I don't care if you're hungry or have another event to see. It's my thing.
(Sylvia growls)

(Background around Sylvia dissolves around her to the backyard. Music starts in the background, zoom out to reveal Sylvia in a chair. Around her stand various other chairs for the audience that night. The sky is blue indicating it's now the middle of the day. Cut to the band onstage, rehearsing a song)
(Song: You've Got That Right)
All: You say I'd be walking toward you, girl
But you've got me feeling in such a whirl
Your heart is as kind of the brightest pearl
Yeah, you've got that right

(On the next verse, cut to Sylvia lazily tapping her foot in rhythm, zooming in slowly)
Everywhere you go, I'd follow you too
Whatever it takes, I'll come right through
You're for me and I'm for you
(Close-up of Sylvia)
Yeah, you've got that right

(Rest of song continues under the following)
Sylvia: Ugh. Six hour rehearsals and he never thanks me in return! All he cares about are those guys I don't know, and not me! (her perspective of the band) It seems he's only interested in them instead of our space travels, now! (back to her, she groans) How long will this take, anyway?
(Cut to a time card)
Narrator: Several songs later...
(Back to Sylvia)
Sylvia: Well, it's been three hours and no breaks. This is nothing but madness! I just wanna stuff some cabbage in his costume for tonight, I'm sick of it!
(Cut to a time card)
Narrator: Later that afternoon...
(Back to Sylvia, now very disgruntled and angry, not able to handle it anymore. The sky now shows it's late in the afternoon, cut to the stage as the band finishes playing their song)
Wander: Great job, fellas! Really pulled that one off like a pro!
Scamper: Like, only two rehearsels and we're doing it right!
Scoot: Wander, this is great, I'm totally glad you've decided to bring the band back.
Scamper: Yeah! It's been so long, I can't even count!
Wander: Well, we'd better rest up for tonight. Hey, we could do lots of things to pass the time! Like...go shopping, or have a long supper, or read a book, or think of more songs, or even revisit our old preschool, no, that would bring the child songs back.
(Cut to an extreme close-up of Sylvia, growling in anger, about to snap. Zoom in slowly)
Wander: But the best part is, we're gonna have so much fun spending time together! I'd consider you guys the bestest friends I ever had!
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (simultaneously) Thanks, Wander!/Hey, thanks!/You rock, man!
(The conversation is the very last straw for Sylvia, who growls and after a few seconds, jumps in the air angrily)
Sylvia: THAT IS IT!!!!!
(The band members trade a round of horrified gasps as Sylvia stomps up to them and points)
Sylvia: You guys think you can have fun with Wander, right? Well, you thought wrong! He's MY best friend, you guys are just a trio of dudes I don't even know! (Cut to Scoot, she continues offscreen) Worthless! (Pan to Scurry) Bumbling! (Pan to Scamper) Unappreciated! (back to her) And nothing but a barrel of hay bales to block me outta the way!
Scurry: Not hay bales!
Scamper: Don't call me that, I'm sensitive! (sobs)
Sylvia: (at Wander) And as for you, you've been blowing your usual space adventures and such just to spend time with your..."old friends", just to leave me out and not even do anything with me anymore!
Wander: Sylvia, what are you talking about?!
Sylvia: I think you're better with enjoying some quality time with those dudes instead of me from now on! You just treat me like a spectator and leave me out of your activities with them! I've had it with this, I don't even wanna even come to the show tonight! Consider myself: out!
Wander: But Sylvia, I --
Sylvia: No buts! From this moment on, we are through being best friends!
Wander: What?! Sylvia, no!
Sylvia: (leaving) Enjoy your new best friends, Wander! Consider me: DONE! (Slams the gate shut)
Wander: Sylvia!!
(Brief shot of him behind the shoulder at the closed gate, then cut to a close-up of his deadpan face. His eyes instantly water, and his mouth begins to quiver. Zoom out as he sobs and runs away, the camera following him. Scoot, Scurry and Scamper share glances of worry and disbelief)
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: Huh?

(Cut to Wander sitting on the stage step, sobbing sadly. Scoot, Scurry and Scamper walk up to him)
Scamper: Wow. That was totally not cool.
Scoot: Oh, Wander, I cannot believe she's not coming to the concert!
Wander: You didn't have to say that, I know. (sniffs)
Scurry: I still can't believe she's not your friend anymore!
Wander: That I don't wanna believe at all! Sylvia is my best friend, you guys are too, but I don't care about you guys more than her! She's my steed, for crying out loud! I wish neither of this happened by now, I feel regretful for this.
(Pause, Scoot, Scurry and Scamper look at each other)
Scoot: Wander, we know you and Sylvia have been best friends forever, and we've been best friends forever, too. But we haven't seen each other in a long time, and Sylvia was your friend during that time period. She's your permanent best friend, Wander. We can still be best friends, but not the same best as Sylvia. You get this, right?
Wander: Yes, Scoot. (sniffs, wipes tear) But now I wish Sylvia were my friend again, and that she had the front row seat! Oh, what have I done?! (sobs more)
Scamper: Wow. He's really sad.
Scurry: I feel bad for him, too. I wish Sylvia joined us as well.

(Dissolve to the exterior of Wander's house that night. A pair of searchlights are spinning around behind it, and a line of people is off to the right. Loads of chatter is heard in the background. Cut to the ticket man giving tickets to the attendees, followed by the stage in the backyard as the attendees go to their seats. The stage is now decorated with lights, and the curtains are closed. Close up on the side of the stage as Wander peeks out. His perspective of the front row, zooming on an empty seat between Westley and Brad. This was to be Sylvia's seat until deciding not to come. Cut to backstage where Wander is looking out. He now wears a dark grey t-shirt with white trimming and cuffs, and his hat and shoes are dark grey to match)
Wander: Oh... (turning around) What have I done? I can't believe Sylvia didn't come. Worse, I can't believe she's not my best friend anymore!
(Cut to just behind Wander's shoulder at Scoot, Scurry and Scamper. All three now wear t-shirts as well: Scoot a silver one with black trim and cuffs, Scurry a white one with dark grey trim and cuffs, Scamper a black one with silver trim and cuffs. Their extra articles of clothes have changed color to match their t-shirts)
Scurry: Oh, Wander, you shouldn't be so sad this much. (close-up) It's our reunion concert! All those years, now we're back together!
Scoot: You should lighten up, it's our big night.
(Back to Wander)
Wander: I know, but...I can't let Sylvia miss this! She's my best friend, and I'm not gonna let our friendship end! I wanna apologize to Sylvia and tell her I'm sorry this all has happened! (pauses) By the way, where is Sylvia?
Scamper: Last time I saw her, she was out on the front sidewalk, poutin', man.
Wander: I'm going, now! (he runs off)
Scoot: Be quick, the show starts in five minutes!
Wander: I won't forget!

(Cut to Sylvia sitting grumpily on the front sidewalk away from the house. Full shot as Wander runs up in the background)
Wander: Sylvia? (Close up of her as he walks up) Can I talk to you?
Sylvia: Oh, hello, ex-best friend. What are you gonna do after your reunion concert, spend time together instead of involving me? Hmm?
Wander: Actually, I want to apologize. Syl, I'm sorry I left you out of our activities, I got so hung up on the guys so much, I completely forgot about you! What's more, I'm very sorry about forcing you to sit through our rehearsals, I can be quite a tyrant.
Sylvia: (softening) do care.
Wander: I know Scoot, Scurry and Scamper were my best friends before you were, but you're my permanent best friend, and you're even better as a friend than them.
Sylvia: Oh, Wander, you shouldn't have.
(Scoot, Scurry and Scamper run up behind them)
Wander: So whataya say, Syl? Best friends? (spreads arms wide)
(Sylvia smiles sweetly, so do Scoot, Scurry and Scamper as they look on)
Sylvia: (giggles, spreads arms wide) Best friends forever! (they hug)
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: Awwwwwww!
Wander: We have an empty seat in the front row, and its yours if you come.
Sylvia: Oh, I'm comin', alright.
(Beeping sound, Scoot looks at his watch)
Scoot: Showtime in one minute! Better get going!
(Scamper and Scurry cheer and chatter as they follow Scoot off camera. Wander and Sylvia smile and hold hands as they follow after)

(Wipe to the backyard stage. Lofty is onstage, dressed as an announcer ans holding a microphone)
Lofty: Welcome everyone, and I'm proud that you decided to attend this nighttime spectacle.
(Crowd cheers)
Lofty: Tonight's event is the reunion concert of a band you remember if you attended Planet Opism Preschool or visited one day for an event, or such.
(Crowd cheers again)
Lofty: Well, here they are! Please put your hands together and welcome... (full shot of stage) the one...the only...Fun 4 All!! (walks offstage)
(Crowd cheers wildly as the curtains open to reveal Wander, Scoot, Scurry and Scamper. They have the same instruments from the rehearsals and are in the same positions. The Fun 4 All logo hangs behind them. Cut from one band member to another as they wave: first Scoot, then Scamper, then Scurry, finally Wander. The last glances down toward the crowd; point of view shot at the seat from earlier, Sylvia has taken it and is cheering. Back to him as the cheering dies down)
Wander: Hello, everybody! We're Fun 4 All and we've missed you for so long, preschool to be exact. But tonight, we're gonna take things to a whole new way, and we're back in business starting this very moment! Come on, let's rock this show!
(Wild applause from the crowd, Scamper plays a click track and everyone begins playing a rock and roll melody)

(Song: Rockin' Out)
(Instrumental intro)
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Wander: Me and my buddies all amped up and ready
For a time we cannot miss
All of us together, we're here right now
No one ever calls it quits

Wander/Scurry: But we right here, can't you hear
We got a brand new sound to play
Wander: Let's make it last forever, all together
All: Make this the time of the day to make it sway

Wander: We're rockin' out
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
Wander: We got our sound
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
Wander: We'll play it loud
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
Wander: And shout it out
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
Wander: We're rockin' out
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
Wander: We got our sound
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
Wander: We'll play it loud
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
Wander: And shout it out
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
All: We're rockin' out

Wander: Come on, everybody! Rock out with us! Let me see those hands in the air, clapping to the beat! (audience claps the beat) That's it! Let me here you scream! (audience cheers wildly) Yeah, that's the way! All of us here together, we're gonna rock out and never ever stop! Pump it!

(Scamper plays a drum solo)

Wander: We're rockin' out
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
Wander: We got our sound
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
Wander: We'll play it loud
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
Wander: And shout it out
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
Wander: We're rockin' out
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
Wander: We got our sound
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
Wander: We'll play it loud
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
Wander: And shout it out
Scoot/Scurry/Scamper: (Rock, rockin', rockin' out)
All: We're rockin' out

(Final instrument riff, song ends on a guitar high note stinger. Audience applauds wildly)
Wander: Thank you!
(Close up of the happy band leader, the melody from the last verse plays as he smiles at his friends, camera cutting to them one by one. He then puts on a big smile as he looks at Sylvia, camera cuts to her as she cheers. Back to Wander for a moment, and the camera cuts to a full view of the stage, panning up to the sky as fireworks go off, before the music ends and the view fades to black)

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