Continuing from the past episode, Wander and Sylvia's success at helping Princess Demurra move on is suddenly cut off when Sir Brad Starlight, the arrogant knight from "The Hero", suddenly pays a visit, which causes her to discover that he's her long lost adoptive brother -- by having the same birthmark. Wander and Sylvia see how far they've grown apart since, so they organize a reunion ball for them to help them get close again, but it's put to a halt when Brad is captured by Lord Hater and they must save him.

Part 1

(Fade up on a "Previously on Wander Over Yonder" title card then show a montage of events from the past part)

Wander: Princess Demurra, what is the matter with you?!

Princess Demurra: The most horrible thing happened to me earlier today! My husband, King Drakor the dragon king, he divorced me!!!

Sylvia: She is having such a sad day! She got divorced, that's all! There's nothing we can do about it!
Wander: there? (waggles eyebrows)

Wander: How would to go with me...on a date?

Princess Demurra: Wow. I-I-I don't believe it. You're asking me to go on a date with you?
Wander: Mm-hmm. (Bats eyes)
Princess Demurra: Wow! Okay, I accept!

Sylvia: Princess, we've planned a huge chain of events for you and Wander to enjoy tonight, and so that you'll be able to forget your divorce with King Drakor.

Wander: Oh, man! The ride's broken! This isn't what I planned!
Princess Demurra: Actually, it's beautiful. Look.
Wander: Oh, I guess it is.

Lofty: (French accent) Velcome to Chez At Your House. Pleaze prozede towards your table and have a zeat.

(Wander and Princess Demurra are about to kiss when Wander spills his drink over they table, leaving them to clean it up)
Wander: It's okay, this happens to us all the time!
Princess Demurra: Probably because that cup has a mind of its own?
Wander: Probably. (Giggles)

Sylvia: You nasty frog! You give me that flower, or I'll punch you in the --
Wander: SYLVIA!
(Sylvia falls into the river)

Wander: Hang on, everybody!

Princess Demurra: I don't think my marriage with King Drakor was good after all. Besides, (Wander and Princess Demurra kiss; she continues offscreen) I wasn't ready to marry someone, anyway. I think I should wait a while before that.

Princess Demurra: Sir Brad Starlight? What the heck are you doing here?

Princess Demurra: What's that on your forehead?
Sir Brad Starlight: It's a birthmark. Had it since I was born.

Princess Demurra: I have the same birthmark on my neck.

Princess Demurra: Brad, you're my brother!
(Brad, Wander and Sylvia gasp one by one, fade to black)

(Fade up on a flabbergasted Wander)
Wander: Y -- your brother? Sir Brad Starlight is your brother?! Why didn't I even think of this earlier?! My mind is officially blown!
Princess Demurra: Adoptive brother, that is. I remember now. After he was orphaned, Mom and Dad raised him as one of our own, but he disappeared minutes before I was born. Thus, both forgot each other completely, henceforth we didn't know each other. Brad here somehow believed he came from another kingdom after his disappearance. I don't know how he lost his memory, but between you and me, he was acting all cray-cray.
(Freeze-frame as the title appears, cut to Brad)
Sir Brad Starlight: Now I remember it! Oh, princess! I cannot believe I thought you were a love interest! That prophecy I had back then was nothing but a fraud! It's actually a sketchbook, anyway.
Princess Demurra: Sketchbook or no sketchbook, you were totally out of your mind! What made you think I was your "true love" when really, I'm your sister, for crying out loud!?
Sir Brad Starlight: Well, duh! I had no idea who you were back then!
Princess Demurra: (Sarcastically) Oh, so we have someone who didn't remember me! Well, Bradley, you should've known sooner or later! I cannot believe you disappeared moments before my birth!
Sir Brad Starlight: I can't believe I thought you were my true love!
Princess Demurra: Don't you know it's unrealistic to think your sibling is your true love, even if it has to do with being adoptive?!
Sir Brad Starlight: Well, YEAH!! I had no memory back then!
Princess Demurra: Now you do!
(Wander and Sylvia look bath and fourth, the following lines overlap each other)
Sir Brad Starlight: So you're my sister after all?!
Princess Demurra: You thought I was a true love!
Sir Brad Starlight: Why didn't you say so at first?!
Princess Demurra: You were delirious, weren't you?!
Sir Brad Starlight: I cannot believe you would say such a thing!
Princess Demurra: Why would you do this to me?!
(They continue quarreling as they walk inside the room, their conversation fading out. Wander and Sylvia stare at each other in disbelief)

(Cut to just inside the ballroom door as Wander and Sylvia slide their heads into view. The quarreling begins to increase in volume slowly as the camera from Wander's perspective zooms in on the princess and knight, finally snapping to them in close-up. They continue arguing for a while, before Wander walks into view in the background and pushes them out of the way, stopping the conversation)
Wander: Guys, calm down! You're siblings, right? Can't you just get along?
(A short pause, then they just go back to their argument. They angrily stomp away from Wander, cut to outside the ballroom as princess and knight exit one by one respectively, their conversation fading out. Wander comes out and joins Sylvia)
Wander: Wow. They've grown really apart, huh, Syl?
Sylvia: Too apart, if you'd ask me.
Wander: You know what, Syl? I can't stand this!
Sylvia: But Wander, we've helped Demurra get over her divorce! Do we have to do something else for her in return?
Wander: No! Well...probably. But this isn't just Demurra we're helping, it's Demurra and Brad! We've helped Brad one week ago, and we helped Demurra a mere few minutes ago, so it's time we helped them both! Sylvia, we've gotta get these siblings to bond! (slams fist in determination)
Sylvia: But how, Wander? They've grown apart from each other since their separation at birth!
Wander: That's where we come in. We're gonna throw them a bonding party, with music, and games, and a brother-sister bonding waltz. (sighs)
Sylvia: I think we should ask the king and queen first, and see what they think.
Wander: Hope they say yes...

(Flip to King Venus and Queen Mars)
King Lunar: Why, of course we can have a bonding party here.
Wander: (Breaking down, in tears) BUT YOU HAVE TO LET US HAVE A BONDING PARTY HERE! IF WE DON'T, THEN -- (realizing) Wait, did you say "of course"?
King Venus: We know how far our siblings have grown apart. Quite like a long time.
Queen Mars: If there's a bonding party to be held, then we accept. Brad and Demurra will be bonding in no time at all!
Wander: Really?
Queen Mars: Really.
Wander: (jumps excitedly) OH, BOY!!! Sylvia, we're gonna party!!
Sylvia: Really? Did they say yes?
Wander: They did! That means in just a matter of time, princess and knight will bond together as siblings again!
Sylvia: But Wander, what are we going to do to pass the time? Right now, I can tell they're still quarreling.
(They look over their shoulders and see Brad and Demurra still arguing)
Wander: I've got an idea. Syl, you go and keep Demurra company while I spend time with Brad. And while we're hanging out, we should talk to them about the opposite so they remember!
Sylvia: I don't know, Wander. What if it doesn't work?
Wander: It won't, Syl. Just trust me, we can make this happen.
(A long pause. Sylvia looks at Wander as he stares at her. She sighs)
Sylvia: Okay Wander, I'm with you. (Holds up her hand) For bonding?
Wander: (Grabs her hand) For bonding!
Wander/Sylvia: Yeah!
Wander: King, Queen, you set up the castle while we talk to the sibs. It's gonna be a night to remember!
King Venus: We'll be sure to invite everyone in the kingdom!
Queen Mars: Oh, it's been so long! I do hope they bond soon.
Wander: They will soon, king and queen. They will, soon.
(He gives a knowing wink to the camera, and the view snaps to black)

Part 2

(Snap up on the castle, the next morning. Cut to Princess Demurra in bed, she sleeps for a few minutes before Sylvia comes in to wake her up)
Sylvia: Morning, princess!
Princess Demurra: (Shrieks) Oh, it's you. Hey, Sylvia, what are you doing here so early?
Sylvia: Oh...nothing. Just here about something. (Smiles)
Princess Demurra: Well, what is it?
Sylvia: You suppose...
Princess Demurra: Sylvia, what is it? I haven't got all day.
Sylvia: Oh, all right, I'll say it! It's about your...adoptive brother, Sir Brad Starlight.
Princess Demurra: Uh-huh?
Sylvia: Well, I think you should catch up on how much you missed about him.
Princess Demurra: Haven't you forgot? He mistook me for his love interest!
Sylvia: Yeah, well, that was last week. You've known each other through childhood, right?
Princess Demurra: Well, yeah. We used to go to the same Royal School together.
Sylvia: Ooh! What did you do there?
Princess Demurra: Well, he had nearly all the same classes as I had, except for free period.
Sylvia: Well, I suppose that was good. Do you suppose you should try those activities with him more often?
Princess Demurra: Well, he hasn't mastered his waltzing skills yet, but he will soon.
Sylvia: Hmm, neat. (To herself) I hope Brad's okay.

(Cut to another area of the castle, which is a new room for Brad. Brad is sitting at a stool and sharpening a sword, he is now dressed in a casual version of his regular wear. Wander comes up to him)
Wander: Hey Brad, what'cha doin'?
Sir Brad Starlight: Well, if it isn't my former goofy sidekick, Wander Stout. I'm trying to smooth away my anger after our fight last night, what are you doing here?
Wander: Well, I wanna talk about Demurra. You thought she was your true love, right?
Sir Brad Starlight: (No nonsense) Yes.
Wander: You were totally mesmerized by the way she looked to you, mean it! She's like, the most beautiful princess in all of Planetaria! Not to mention that she has the most delicate features. Her long, lustrous sunshiny hair...her large, sparkly sapphire eyes...and her gorgeous, beautiful ruby beautiful! You were so hung up, you totally forgot she was your adoptive sister!
Sir Brad Starlight: Are you crazy? I had no memory back then!
Wander: Well, now you do! (As the music starts) Brad, you've gotta learn to be the better sibling you've never been. You and Demurra have to bond!
Sir Brad Starlight: But how? I don't even know much about her!
Wander: Leave it to me! I'm the one who's here to help out any type of bonding.

(Song: When You Bond Together)
Wander: Somehow, you gotta bond with her
Yes, it's been so long
Gotta be, real close to her
So, listen to this song

Sylvia: Everyone has gotta bond together
When you know what's in store
It's been so long, now's the ti-ime
You gotta let it soar

Wander/Sylvia: Siblings always have something on their minds
Yet, they have a place to be
Sylvia: You'll always have, the time of your lives
When you bond together
Wander: Just you and she

Princess Demurra: He's always been over his head (Ooooh)
'Cause of no memory
Sir Brad Starlight: Finding love, has always been my goal
Thought she was the one for me
Wander: (rolling his eyes) Oh, come on!

Wander/Sylvia: Brothers and sisters aren't always right
But they sometimes can agree
Wander: You'll always have, the time of your lives
When you bond together
Sylvia: Just you and he

Wander: You're brother, she's sister
Not meant to be
Sylvia: But you'll be the best siblings you can be
Wander/Sylvia: Always there for the other at hand
Best siblings, just you and he/she

Princess and knight, siblings so right
So glad to be there, don't you see?
You'll always have, the time of your lives
When you bond together
When you bond together
When you bond together

Wander: Just you and she
Sylvia: Just you and he
Wander: Just you and she
Sylvia: Just you and he

Princess Demurra/Sir Brad Starlight: Wander: You and me

Wander: Well, Brad? Do you understand what I'm saying?
Sir Brad Starlight: If you're meaning Demurra, then you're totally right.
Wander: Good! This means you should be bonding real soon!
Sir Brad Starlight: I don't know, I've been acting so mean to her last week, I have a feeling she's not gonna forget that.
Wander: Are you sure? I think she's totally gonna be thinkin' of bonding with you real soon. (Shift to Sylvia and Demurra in the castle courtyard)
Princess Demurra: Do you think Brad and I should be bonding soon, really?
Sylvia: Well, yeah! He's your brother and all. Why shouldn't you?
Princess Demurra: (sighs) Well, we haven't known each other for a while. He had amnesia, and I was unaware of the fact he was my brother back in Royal School. Forgot to mention he was my roommate for all four years I spent there.
Sylvia: Your roommate? Wow! All I had for a roommate was this smelly hobo, Dan. He wouldn't take a bath, and he always went to the bathroom at least eight times a day!
Princess Demurra: Brad wouldn't do that. He's not really the constant bathroom type.
Sylvia: (As she leads Demurra away) Well, that's quite a fact.

(Pan upwards into the sky to reveal Lord Hater's ship. Zoom in to a close-up of Lord Hater)
Lord Hater: Peepers! Where's my coffee?
(Widen to frame Peepers)
Peepers: Sorry sir, the coffee machine broke, so we're trying to fix it. So, what are you doing now?
Lord Hater: I'm glad you think so. (Showing Peepers a giant telescope) I'm trying out my new spotting scope, so we can search for anything to take over. That way, we won't have to roam the galaxy so much, and we can search for it from the spotting scope instead!
Peepers: Oh, you are too clever, sir!
Lord Hater: I'm glad you think so, Peepers. My eyes can't see far across the universe like my spotting scope can!
(He peeks through the telescope. Cut to its perspective, scanning the Planetaria planet)
Lord Hater: Let's see...what is going on in the kingdom of Planetaria? Mmm...just people playing, having fun...I hate that! (Passes Wander and Brad) Wait, what was that? (Focuses on them) Why, it's Wander, talking to that spoiled knight, Brad Starlight. (Cut to him) Oh, I hate that the most!
Peepers: What's going on?
Lord Hater: Hmm... (Cut to the telescope) It would seem that he is talking about bonding. That I hate most of all! (Focuses quickly on Sylvia and Demurra) And look, there's Sylvia and the beautiful Princess Demurra. She's talking about bonding, too!
(Cut to Peepers)
Peepers: Sir, I have a feeling there's going to be a bonding party at Planetaria castle tonight.
Lord Hater: WHAT?! How did you know that?!
Peepers: I read this. (holds up an invatation, close-up of it, it says "You are invited to the bonding party of siblings Sir Brad Starlight and Princess Demurra!") Does this answer your question?
(Pause, Lord Hater roars)
Lord Hater: Peepers! Haven't you heard I hate bondings?! That Brad is nothing but a trickster! I've gotta get him in my grasp, so I can get rid of him, and I don't have to bother about his constant image anymore!!
(Lightning flashes)
Peepers: Oh, you've just got an idea!!
Lord Hater: Yes. We're gonna go down to that bonding party tonight, so we can swipe up Brad, and I can have him all to myself, thus ruining the bonding! (Laughs evilly, hears a beep) Huh?
Peepers: Oh, that's your coffee, sir. I'll go get it now. (Zips off)
Lord Hater: (Pauses) After a nice cup of coffee.

(Cut back to Wander and Brad)
Wander: Brad, if you're gonna bond with Demurra, you've gotta learn to get along with her!
Sir Brad Starlight: Whataya mean, "get along with her"?
Wander: (Stares, pauses) I mean, you've got to learn how to trust her and such. You'll be bonding soon.
Sir Brad Starlight: I certainly have no idea what you're talking about. Back then after the loss of my parents Bono and Nova, Venus and Mars took me as one of their own, but I suddenly disappeared before Demurra's birth. That led to my memory loss, (Wander rolls his eyes) and therefor the believing that Demurra was my true love. It took a while, I know. And by the way, I think it would be best if you taught me what you'd do.
(Another eye roll from Wander, accompanied by an exasperated groan. Crossfade to Sylvia and Demurra)
Princess Demurra: ...And all Brad does is talk about how famous he is, not knowing his true nature.
Sylvia: Wow, no wonder he was so oblivious.
Princess Demurra: He had that "prophecy", and was so hung up! Oh man, I just wanna rip his head off --
Sylvia: (Puts her hand over her mouth) No, no. That's not how a sibling would bond with the other. One of the steps is you have to learn to not complain so much. (Takes her hand away)
Princess Demurra:'s that we've been apart, I'm not used to this yet.

(They walk offscreen, and the scene dissolves to the exterior of the castle. The scene changes to sunset, then to evening. Cut to Wander, still walking with Brad)
Wander: ...And you and Demurra will be together real soon! (Something beeps, he gasps. He takes out a walkie talkie and speaks into it) Hello? Sylvia?
(Cut to Sylvia, also using a walkie talkie)
Sylvia: Wander, I've heard from the king and queen that it's party time! I think we should bring Brad and Demurra to the ballroom just now.
(Cut back to Wander)
Wander: Okay, thanks! (puts walkie talkie away, to Brad) Come on, your sister is waiting! (runs off, dragging him)
Sir Brad Starlight: Whoa! Where are you going?

(Cut to the ballroom, fully decorated for a big party. Guests are everywhere, wearing the finest clothes. Cut to Sylvia and Demurra next to Venus and Mars, the former now sports a bluish silver gown identical to Cinderella's, and has switched her usual pink tiara for a silver one with light blue jewels. The latter is the only one not wearing fancy attire)
Sylvia: Princess, he's coming real soon.
Princess Demurra: Well, I hope this goes well, because I -- (Zoom in on her, she gasps) Bradley?
(Cut to the door as Wander brings Brad into view)
Sir Brad Starlight: Demurra?
(A short pause, shift back and forth between princess and knight as they share glances of surprise and realization)
(Song: When You Bond Together (reprise))
Princess Demurra: You were always there before my time
But then you disappeared
Sir Brad Starlight: Lost my thought, but now I know
You've been there for me, and it seems clear

(They slowly walk up to each other)

Both: We've had our moments, we've spent our times
Now I finally see
We will have, the time of our lives
When we bond together
(They hold hands)
Just you and me

(They snuggle each other, cut to Sylvia, Wander has joined her)
Wander: Aww! (Sniffs) They're bonding!
Sylvia: I guess you were right, Wander. We had to do something else for Demurra in return.
(They smile, cut back to princess and knight, still embracing each other. Then...)
Lord Hater: (Offscreen) SILENCE!!!
(The room shakes on this line, and everyone screams. Lord Hater's ship bursts into the view, everyone runs away in fear. Demurra and Brad hold onto each other. Cut to Wander and Sylvia, the former not showing any signs of fear until further notice)
Wander: Hey Sylvia, look! It's Lord Hater! And I thought you didn't invite him.
Sylvia: Of course I didn't!
Lord Hater: (from inside the ship) Brad Starlight, you're mine! (A claw sticks out) This party is OVER!
(The claw grabs Brad, and he screams)
Princess Demurra: NO! BRAD!
(Cut back to Wander and Sylvia, the former gasps in horror)
Wander: What...the...?!
(Back to the ship, Brad is carried into the ship's "mouth". Lord Hater laughs, and the ship flies off into the night. Snap to black)

Part 3

(Snap up on Demurra, Wander and Sylvia join her)
Wander: Whoa! Didn't know that would happen, princess!
Sylvia: Aw great, the bonding party's ruined! And so was your moment with Brad!
Princess Demurra: Don't worry Sylvia, we've bonded with no doubt. That nasty dude who took my brother away is none other than the nefarious and black-hearted man of all time... (Extreme close-up of her face) Lord Hater.
Wander: (gasps) You know Lord Hater?!
Princess Demurra: Well, yeah. I've been knowing him since he crashed my first Royal School dance.
Wander: You know everything about him? Skeleton body, green eyes, really big robe to hide it all?
Princess Demurra: Yup. Everything that has to do with him, I know.
Sylvia: (sounding a bit smug) Looks like someone's got competition.
Princess Demurra: Lord Hater may have taken Bradley, but our bonding is unbreakable. Wander, Sylvia, will you accompany me to the ship to save my brother?
Wander: Oh, boy, would I!
Sylvia: Count me in, too!
Wander: Wait a minute. I left my orbble juice at home! There's no way we can fly up there!
Off-Screen Voice: Can I help?
(Everyone gasps and looks up. Cut to the hole in the roof, a figure flies over the moon in the distance. It floats closer and resolves into King Drakor. He flies through the hole and lands on the floor)
Wander: King Drakor! Demurra's former husband!
Princess Demurra: Drak, what are you doing here?
King Drakor: I've heard Brad was your brother and was captured, so I was thinking I'd fly you guys up to the ship where he was imprisoned.
Princess Demurra: How come? You divorced me!
King Drakor: Demurra, I know we can't be husband and wife because you're not ferocious as I am, and because of the "no marrying animals" law, but I didn't mean to be too harsh on you. Do you think we can just be friends?
Princess Demurra: Of course, Drakor. (Nuzzles him) Even though we're apart, we'll just stick together differently.
(They giggle. Wander and Sylvia get on Drakor's back)
King Drakor: So, where was Brad taken?
Sylvia: Lord Hater's ship. The big ship shaped like a human skull?
King Drakor: Oh, I've seen that ship many times. Well, hold on tight! It's gonna be a bumpy ride!
(Demurra is the last to get on Drakor's back. He lifts off the ground and flies through the hole in the roof. Cut to an overview of the castle and zoom out as Drakor flies past the screen)

(Wipe to a close-up of Lord Hater)
Lord Hater: Bradley, prepare to meet your DOOM!
(On the last word, zoom out quickly to show that Brad is strapped to a conveyor belt which moves slow and steadly as Brad screams. Pan quickly to the right to show various buzz saws sticking out and spinning at fast speed. Cut back to Lord Hater)
Lord Hater: Seriously Peepers, how long will this ever take?
Peepers: This is as fast as it can go, sir! Unless someone hacks into the system.
Sir Brad Starlight: You just let me go, you crazy skeleton freak!
Lord Hater: Never! Soon, those saws will SLICE you into pieces, leaving no trace of you left! And without Wander and Sylvia around, NOTHING CAN STOP ME!

(Cut to Drakor flying erratically through the night)
King Drakor: (Between pants) Don't worry...we're gonna make it...
Wander: Drakor, why are you flying so badly all of a sudden?
King Drakor: (Between pants)'s that...I'm out of practice when it...comes to carrying more than one of you! (Grunts) I'm not used to it yet, people always say that I'm "Drakor Drops-a-Lot". (On the end of this, cut to Wander, who rolls his eyes and shakes his head in mild disgust. He grunts) We're almost there...hang on.

(Cut back to Lord Hater, still watching the screaming Brad slowly descend down the conveyor belt)
Lord Hater: Okay, this is taking forever. But I don't care, cause I enjoying the demise of someone, no matter how long it takes! (Close-up of him) Nothing can stop me now!
Princess Demurra: Not so fast, you skeleton jerk!
(This line gets his attention. Pan quickly to a doorway, in front stands the gang, Demurra front and center. All four have furious expressions on their faces)
Lord Hater: What the? If it isn't Princess Demurra, and her friends Wander and Sylvia! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!
Princess Demurra: Hands off my brother!
Lord Hater: And let this bonding go on? No! All you can do is sit and weep over the impending loss of your knight brother Sir Brad Starlog!
Sir Brad Starlight: It's Starlight!! (screams)
(Furiously, Demurra growls and leaps into the air. She plows into Lord Hater, both tumble backwards and hit the switch which contols the conveyor belt. The lever breaks off, and it begins to static. Instantly, the conveyor belt speeds up, and Brad screams)
Sir Brad Starlight: HELP ME!
Lord Hater: Oh, look at that, you hacked into the system. Now it's speeding up!
Peepers: Oh sir, you are too clever when it comes to this! (Laughs)
Lord Hater: Quiet, Peepers! I've got a princess to take care of here!
Princess Demurra: Not unless I take care of YOU, first!
(They begin to fight. Wander, Drakor and Sylvia spectate)
Wander: Go, princess!
(Demurra and Hater continue to fight)
Sylvia: You can do it!
(They continue fighting. Demurra eventually loses. Close up of the saws, then pan quickly to Lord Hater. Brad zooms past, screaming)
Lord Hater: You're too late, princess! Your brother will be sliced to pieces in a few moments, and there's nothing you can do about it!
Princess Demurra: Oh, yeah? Well...take...THIS!
(She yells and begins fighting him again. She eventually wins, then gasps as she sees Brad almost to the straws. She takes the broken lever and jams it into the gears below the conveyor belt, stopping them. Brad squeezes his eyes shut, close up of the saws on the side as his feet quickly come into view, but stop. Zoom out, he takes a breath)
Sir Brad Starlight: Well, that was a close one.
(The three spectators cheer, Drakor flies over and blows fire on the ropes Brad is attached to, burning them. Demurra walks up, covered in scraches and burns)
Sir Brad Starlight: Thank you for saving me, sister.
Princess Demurra: Aww, thanks for remembering me, brother.
(They embrace each other, cut to the spectators)
Wander/Sylvia/King Drakor: Awwwwww!
(Close up on Wander, eyes now filled with tears)
Wander: This is what I've been waiting to see all along, (sniffs, wipes tear) it's so beautiful!

(Dissolve to the exterior of Planetaria castle, then to the ballroom. Venus and Mars are proudly standing before Brad and Demurra, the latter all cleaned up, the former now dressed in the finest formal clothing. He has switched his headband for a gold crown with multicolored jewels along the edge)
King Venus: We are gathered here today to celebrate the reunion of our long lost adoptee, Brad Starlight. (Close-up of him) For so long we have missed you, since the disappearance of you at Demurra's birth years ago. No longer will you be out of the family, for you have rejoined us here tonight!
(The crowd cheers, as do Wander and Sylvia, standing off to the side and now dressed in formal wear. Cut back to the king and queen)
Queen Mars: For all your braveness and courage you've given us, and the fact that you indeed proved to us that you can accept Demurra as your sister and bond in return, we hereby give you the title of...
(She lifts a military general styled badge into view and places it on Brad's suit)
King Venus/Queen Mars: Royal guard captain!
(Another round of cheers from the crowd, and Wander and Sylvia. Back to the king and queen)
King Venus: And now it is time for the event of the night.
Queen Mars: The brother-sister bonding waltz!

(Everyone clears the way to make room, and a classical band begins to play. Brad holds out his hand)
Sir Brad Starlight: May I have this dance, sister?
Princess Demurra: (Giggles) Will do, brother.
(She takes his hand, and both walk down to the floor together. They begin waltzing, cut to Wander and Sylvia watching this)
Wander: (sighs) I just love happy endings.
Sylvia: Me too.
(Cut back to princess and knight, the latter suddenly steps on the former's foot, startling her)
Sir Brad Starlight: Sorry, I'm out of practice when it comes to waltzing.
(They continue dancing. Cut to Wander and Sylvia the former holds out his hand)
Wander: May I have this dance, Syl?
Sylvia: (Giggles, takes it) Of course.
(They walk to the floor and join in the waltzing, other party guests join in, too. The main male dancers switch their partners)
Princess Demurra: Wander, thank you for helping me and Brad bond, that was so nice of you.
Wander: Aw, you're welcome, princess. Brad deserves to be your brother.
Princess Demurra: And I deserve to be the best sister I can be!
(They giggle)
Wander: I'm glad you think that.
Princess Demurra: Me too, Wander.
(They kiss, pan over to Brad waltzing with Sylvia)
Sir Brad Starlight: Ah, my former noble steed, Sylvia. Thank you for helping me and Demurra bond, I was quite a little overboard last week.
Sylvia: You were, totally! First of all, you were too heavy for me. Second, in the the Labrynth of Delusion, you tied me to a tree and fed me a carrot, like a horse! I'm not a horse, I'm a Zbornak! Well, Zbornaks are horse-like species anyway, (Brad starts leaning in to kiss her) but the real thing is, you've been spoiling me, and treating me like I am a horse, and -- don't kiss me.
Sir Brad Starlight: Wow, I guess I have been spoiling you, huh?
(She smiles resignedly, and the dancers switch back to their regular partners)
Wander: Wow! I can't believe Brad almost kissed you!
Sylvia: Yeah, but Demurra did kiss you, huh?
Wander: Oh, yeah.
(Pan over to Demurra and Brad)
Princess Demurra: Oh Brad, I'm so sorry for the way I acted in the past, I was quite a rude one, huh?
Sir Brad Starlight: I'm really sorry for the way I acted too, Demurra. So wrong of me to think of you as a true love and not my adoptive sister.
Princess Demurra: Hmm. Well, I hope who your true true love will be soon.
Sir Brad Starlight: I don't know who will be, we'll just have to wait and see!
Princess Demurra: Not even if it means falling for another princess and writing a fake prophecy about them?
Sir Brad Starlight: Not even that at all!
(They laugh, Wander and Sylvia dance by, both Wander and Demurra high five each other, and all join hands in a circle to dance together. Zoom out slowly to show the overview of the ballroom before zooming out of the hole in the roof and panning up to the sky. Fireworks go off by the full moon, and Drakor flies past, sparkles trailing down from him. Fade to black)

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