It's Halloween night, and Wander, Sylvia and the gang are all set to go trick-or-treating and join everyone for the big Halloween Party at King Draykor's. But when Lord Hater creates a haunted house that shows everyone their worst fears, Wander and Sylvia have to face theirs so they can stop the haunted effects from ruining their night!

Part 1

(Open up on Planet Opism. Zoom in and pan through the landscape; everything is decked out for Halloween. Cut to Wander's house, also decked out. Snap to a close-up of a pumpkin being carved; one eye is already carved out. A knife comes into view and starts carving the second eye; zoom out showing Wander working on it, the first carved out piece on the table. He finishes carving and takes the carved piece out.)
Wander: There. Now you're a sight for... (Holding carved pieces up to eyes) Pumpkin eyes! (laughs) funny...
(He starts carving out the nose; we hear Sylvia chuckle offscreen. On the start of the next line, cut to her walking across the living room, bowl of candy in hand. The entire living room is decked out.)
Sylvia: I love Halloween, Wander. That time of year where kids come to the door and get candy, (Close-up) and we get to give them all out.
(Back to Wander, he has finished carving the nose.)
Wander: I know, isn't it amazing? It's also the time where we each go as something different.
(Back to Sylvia, she walks up to the door.)
Sylvia: I've been waiting a whole year for this. (She puts the bowl on a table next to the door.) Can't wait for visitors to come to the door so we can give out this candy and I can show off my scary fighting skills.
(Close-up of Wander's pumpkin; Wander's hand comes into view and carves out the mouth. He finishes and takes out the chunk; zoom out to frame him.)
Wander: I wonder how many visitors will show up this year.
(He gets off his chair and leaves; cut to Sylvia as he joins her.)
Sylvia: We'll just have to wait and see. We didn't have that many last year, probably because they weren't scared much.
Wander: Sylvia, this is Halloween – a time of being scared! (Overhead view of the room; Dander can be seen working on something.) When those guests come to the door of this very place, they'll have nothing to do but behold us! (Close-up.) I'm sure there'll be a lot of visitors this year.
Sylvia: (hanging a bat) I don't know though, guests aren't really interested in my fighting.
Wander: Well, I know they'll be interested in my helping, sorta.
(Dander's arm comes into view, a paper ghost covering her hand.)
Dander: (offscreen, spooky voice) Wooooooooo... I am your worst nightmare! I'm come here to to haunt you! Wooooooooooo!
(Wander is obviously unimpressed by this, as told by his stoic expression on his face throughout.)
Wander: (under end of previous) Yeah, Dander, that's not gonna work.
(Cut to frame Dander on the end of this; she tosses the ghost to the ground.)
Dander: Oh, dang it! How am I ever going to haunt you, brother?!
(The title appears; freeze-frame.)
Dander: I cannot believe this keeps happening! (bends down; picks up her ghost) You never seem to be scared by my ghost!
Wander: I'm not scared of your ghosts, Dander.
Dander: Oh, yeah? Well... how about this seeming scary? (spooky voice) Boogaboogaboogabooga! Come and give me your soul! Let me eat your heart out! (Wander rolls his eyes.) Shave your liver! Suck out your brain! I'll haunt your life foreeeeeeverrrrr!
Wander: (leaving) See ya, Dander.
(Pause, Dander jumps angrily.)
Dander: Oh, for cryin' out loud!!
(Cut to Wander, Sylvia walks up to him.)
Wander: (sighs) Oh, that Dander and her random ghost tricks. Really hope she won't be doing that at trick-or-treating tonight, 'cause Scoot, Scurry, and Scamper are gonna be here in a few hours for that. And I don't want her intervening at King Draykor's Halloween party, she'll embarrass me in front of everyone!
Sylvia: I sure hope Lord Hater doesn't crash in on the fun, after all, he is scary as Halloween is.
Wander: I wonder what he's thinking of doing this year. Hmm...

(Exterior shot of the house, whip pan upward to Lord Hater's ship and zoom in; Lord Hater is walking through a hallway. Obviously, the lights appear orange instead of red as usual.)
Lord Hater: What is this? Orange lights instead of red? This is different than usual. (Close-up.) Peepers must have changed them for – (Stops) WHAT IS THIS?!
(His perspective; panning across; the entire main hallway is decked out for a Halloween party, and the Watchdogs are dressed in vampire capes with red circular gems. Peepers pops up, also wearing a cape, but the jewel is shaped like a diamond.)
Peepers: Sir! We're so glad you could make it!
Lord Hater: Peepers, what is going on?
Peepers: Well, it's Halloween, sir. You know, that time for pumpkins and monsters and all things haunted? That's all you.
Watchdog: You should get into the spirit, sir! (Ties a vampire cake around Hater) And dress right, too!
Lord Hater: Why did you throw a party in here without permission?! It's by the rule of the Hater Code!
Peepers: Well, it doesn't have anything to do with Halloween parties, sir. (walking through the room with him) Besides, Halloween is our holiday. It's scary, we're scary. It's frightening, we're frightening. It's full of haunts, we're full of haunts.
Lord Hater: Oh, you're just talking too much! I know Halloween is our holiday and we're like it, but Wander always has to make it fun and not so scary at all! Man, if I would just make him scream his head off, I would – (pauses) Wait a minute. (thinking to himself) Scream his head off...scream... (gasps) Peepers! When was the last time you were so scared, you couldn't help but be scared?
Peepers: Me? Well, I was at this haunted house at Phunulon the other day, and you forced me to ride it, and when I came out, I was so scared, the only thing I could do was have shivering muscles until midnight. Why's that?
Lord Hater: I've just thought of the greatest idea to see that Wander cower in fear! We're gonna scare him to atoms, and all he's ever gonna do is scream! Just imagine the look on his face when he gets horrified by what we did...
(A thought bubble with Wander in it appears; Wander screams continuously while Hater and Peepers laugh. The bubble disappears.)
Peepers: Ohh, you are too clever, boss! And by clever, I mean cleverly evil!
Lord Hater: Get the haunted house props, Peepers. (looking out the window) This is going to be a Halloween to remember.

(Snap to a shot of Wander's house; it is now close to dusk, and a wolf howls in the distance. Cut to a close-up of a star shaped badge reading "SHERIFF"; it gleams a bit, and an orange hand adjusts it. We hear Wander humming; zoom out to show him fully decked out in a cowboy's costume: off-white shirt with brown plaid, matching brown leather vest with said badge, light blue skinny jeans with leather belt, topped with a golden buckle, dark brown boots with golden spangles, small red neckerchief. He walks over to a mirror; close on it as he comes into view and adjusts his neckerchief. A light brown hat sporting a dark brown belt with a star comes into view; he grabs it.)
Wander: Oh, thank you, Shiloh.
(Pan down to reveal Shiloh, dressed as a daisy flower.)
Shiloh: Sheriff Wander! (giggles)
(Cut to Wander's mirror reflection as he puts his hat on and adjusts it.)
Wander: Perfect.

(Cut to the living room stairs.)
Wander: (from upstairs, redneck accent) YEE-HAW! (slides down the banister, lands on floor) Saddle up, Sylvia! We're goin' trick-or-treatin' t'night!
Sylvia: (offscreen) I get it, Wander. (Cut to her, decked out in the hunting outfit she wore in "The Pet".) You don't always have to address it loud and clear like that. But if it's someone who loves trick-or-treating, it's me.
Wander: (normal voice) Aw, I get it, Sylvia.
Lofty: (offscreen) Well! Look who's... (Cut to him, he's dressed like a pirate captain.) already dressed up. My, if it isn't Sheriff Wander and Huntress Sylvia. What a surprise.
Wander: Dad, are Scoot Scurry and Scamper coming?
Lofty: Well, they should be here in a while.
(Andie enters, holding Shiloh; she is dressed as a witch.)
Andie: They did call five hours ago.
Wander: Huh. Well, they'd better be here, otherwise I'll have to – (the doorbell rings.) That's them!
(Happily, he runs to the door and grabs the doorknob; close on the door as it opens to expose Scoot, Scurry and Scamper. Each is wearing a different costume akin to a monster. Scoot: Count Dracula. Scurry: Frankenstein. Scamper: A werewolf. All three hold up their goodie bags and shout greetings; Scoot's is red with a bat, Scurry's is brown with a spider, and Scamper's is black with a ghost. Cut to a close-up of Wander.)
Wander: Guys, you're here! And just in time! Come in, come in! We're gonna be going in just a few minutes. (They enter; he closes the door.) So glad you could come tonight, what took you guys so long?
Scurry: Well, it took a long time for me to stick these fake nails on my neck, and this headpiece was handmade!
Scamper: Talk about all this fur, I had to use like, five bags of dog hair!
Scoot: And these fangs? Talk about sticking them to my teeth with gum, man!
Wander: Well, I'm glad you managed to put your costumes on in time. Starting this moment, it's trick-or-treating time. Just me, and you three! And Sylvia, too.
Lofty: (offscreen) I don't think so, son.
(Needle scratch, everyone turns around. Cut to Lofty.)
Lofty: Remember that bet you lost to your sister the other day? She has to come with you, too.
Wander: WHAT?!
(Whip pan to Dander coming down the stairs, dressed as a pixie: Sparkly light green sleeveless dress stopping above knees, slits on either side, white knee-high socks, sparkly green flats, light green bow in place of usual pink one, green star wand.)
Dander: Hey, big brother! I'm ready for trick-or-treating!
Wander: No. No! Nonononono! She can't come with us! She's gonna do – (speaks gibberish) And then she'll do – (More gibberish) And worst, she'll do –
(Right on cue, Dander raises her paper ghost into view.)
Dander: (spooky voice) Wooooooooo! I have come to haunt yooooou!
(All but Wander and Sylvia burst out into peels of laughter; Wander cringes and blushes in close-up.)
Wander: How could this be?!
Dander: You bet you could bake one hundred waffles for breakfast the other day, and lost. As a result, you'll have to take me along with you.
(On the end of this, she holds up a white goodie bag with a black cat. On a flabbergasted Wander; Sylvia joins him, holding an orange goodie bag with a skull.)
Sylvia: You'll just have to go with it, pal.
(Long, awkward pause. Wander looks at Sylvia, then his sister, then his three friends.)
Wander: Ugh...fine. (He picks up a green goodie bag with a pumpkin and goes to the door.) Come on, everyone. let's gooooooooo...
(On cue, he throws the door open exposing his crush Ophelia, dressed as a snow queen: sparkly strapless, light blue floor-length dress with dark blue sash, matching slippers, tiara with snowflakes, snowflake wand. Wander is completely lost in thought.)
Wander: ...Oooooooooo....Ophelia! (chuckles) What are you here for?
Ophelia: I thought I'd join someone I know at the last minute for trick-or-treating. (She holds up a grey goodie bag with a witch face.) It's the least I could do.
Wander: Oh! Well...well, that's great! Come in! The more, the merrier! (She enters; he giggles nervously.)
Ophelia: (walks up to Dander) Hey. You must be Wander's little sister, aren't you?
Dander: Hey, look at this! (Shows her ghost; spooky voice) Wooooooo... I'm a ghost! Oooooooooo!
Ophelia: What are you doing?
Dander: (pauses, normal voice) Oh, come on!! I can't believe you're not scared!
(Wander walks up in the background.)
Wander: (chuckles) Dander, you remember Ophelia? She's more my type, not easily scared.
(Dander frowns; cut to a giggling Shiloh.)
Shiloh: (singy-songy) Wander's not scared!
Wander: (offscreen) Quit it, Shiloh! (Cut to him.) You'll have to excuse her, she's always annoying me with that ghost.
Dander: (sticks ghost out; spooky voice) Give me your soul!
Wander: Stop it. (Dander frowns; he sighs.) Let's get this over with...

(Cut to outside the house; everyone is leaving.)
Andie: Have fun, everyone!
Lofty: Enjoy yourselves!
Andie: Don't run into mischief!
Lofty: And be careful out there!
Shiloh: Yay! (giggles)
(Cut to the group of seven, goodie bags in hand. Wander is leading.)
Wander: Now remember, this is trick-or-treating, so that means we're going door to door. So I want you all to be on your best behavior. (Dander holds out her ghost.) And no randomness! (Dander frowns.) Instead of fun things. (Dander smiles.) Not if it means embarrassing your older brother. That means you, Dander. (Dander growls.) Alright! Let's get this show on the road!
(All cheer and run off; snap to black.)

Part 2

(Snap to an overview of Planet Opism town square; we see costumed citizens visiting doors and voicing greetings. Cut the street; Brad is here, dressed as a medieval knight, along with a quartet of similarly dressed children.)
Brad: Onward, my helpers! To our candy! CHARGE!
(They laugh and run off, and he follows. Pan through the street; costumed citizens walk by.)
Citizen 1: Woohoo! Happy Halloween!
Citizen 2: Wooooooo...
Citizen 3: ARRRGGHHH!! (giggles)
(Here comes Wander's group. They stop outside one house.)
Wander: Here it is: the first house.
Sylvia: Oh, it's Mrs. Spankenmyer's house. Good choice.
Wander: Okay everyone! This isn't a rehearsal, remember what to do!
(All hold up their goodie bags.)
Scoot: We remember, Wander!
Dander: Does this mean I get to –
Wander: NO!
Dander: (pause) Aw, I was trying to ask if I could greet her.
Wander: Oh, right. Right, of course.
Scamper: Watch what you say, Wander!
Scoot: Yeah, don't let her trick you!
Wander: (going up the stairs) Guess you'd better do it like a pro.
(The others follow.)
Dander: I get what you're saying, big brother! Sometime, you'd better be scared.
(Close-on the doorbell; Wander presses it, and it rings. Widen to frame the door as it opens; Mrs. Spankenmyer comes out, in her nightgown. Cut to her perspective of the seven.)
All seven: (in unison) Trick or treat!
Mrs. Spankenmyer: Aww, trick-or-treaters. Isn't this nice?
Wander: Mrs. Spankenmyer, where's your costume?
Mrs. Spankenmyer: Why, this is my costume, silly! I'm going as Old Mother Hubbard, in her nightgown! o(Confused expressions from the group.) What? It's homemade! Anyway, here's your candy. (She gets a bowl and drops candy in their bags.)
Dander: (shows ghost, spooky voice) Woooooooo, I'm a ghost! (normal voice) Were you scared?
Mrs. Spankenmyer: What are you doing?
Dander: (pause) UGH! Really?!
Mrs. Spankenmyer: Enjoy! (slams door)
Wander: Dander, why did you do that?
Dander: I wanted to scare her, duh!
Sylvia: Yeah, she's old. She can't be scared.
(All walk down the steps.)
Wander: But this was just the first house, there's a lot more to go to. And also the party at King Draykor's castle later!
(Exited chatter from everyone.)
Sylvia: Oh, I'm really pumped for that.
Dander: (spooky voice, holding ghost) That sounds like fuuuuunnnnn! (Everyone stares at her; angrily) Come on! I'm setting the mood!
Wander: Guys, this is going to be a Halloween to remember!

(Song: "It's Halloween Night Tonight")
Wander: It's Halloween Night tonight
It gives me just a fright
 Wanna get real scary, so you'd better bewary
 'Cause it's Halloween Night tonight

 We're gonna greet our friends to and fro
 They're waiting everywhere we go
 It's gonna be real awesome, never want any flawsome
 'Cause it's Halloween Night tonight

(Close-up on a doorbell as Wander rings it, we hear the sound of a door opening. Cut to the group.)
All seven: (in unison) Trick or treat!
(Reveal they answered the door for Trudi, she is dressed as a granny.)
Trudi: Ooh, visitors! Isn't this fun? (She tosses candy into their bags.) Here you go, plenty for everyone!
All seven: Yay!
(Snap to another doorbell; Wander rings it, cut to the group as the door opens.)
All seven: (in unison) Trick or treat!
Dander: Heeheehee!
(Reveal they answered the door for the Lord of Illumination.)
Lord of Illumination: Oh, children! So nice to have you here. (He tosses some red hard candies into their bags.) Have some hard candy.
All seven: Woohoo!
(Door slams)

Sylvia: Why should I stay home and snore?
I'd better get out and chase off the bore
I'm feeling so apprehensive, on a night so extensive
I gotta get out the spookies alright

It's time we visit each house and get what we want
The treats are real yummy and the tricks are a haunt
We're gonna have a lot of fun before the night is all done
 'Cause it's Halloween Night tonight

(Snap to a door; Wander rings the bell, and Prince Cashmere steps out.)
Cashmere: Oh my! Guests!
All seven: (in unison) Trick or treat!
Dander: (shows her ghost) Wooooooo... I am a ghost. I'm here to eat your brain!
Cashmere: Yeah, that doesn't scare me.
Dander: Oh...come...ON!
Cashmere: Anyway, here's your candy. (He tosses some to them.)
All sans Dander: Yay!

Wander: This isn't a night where we lounge and turn in
Sylvia: It's a time where something happens under your skin
Wander: Let's make this night the scariest, you get that, right?
Other five: We love it so much, cause it's Halloween Night tonight

(Song continues as the group receives candy from various citizens door to door.)

Wander: Yeah, it's Halloween Night tonight
We are in for such a big fright
Got our costumes on, let's all travel along
Never wonder what's in store with our might

All: We're gonna have lots of fun with our friends
Before the scary night comes to an end
Let's make it all last, we can't let it go past
 'Cause it's Halloween Night tonight

It's Halloween Night tonight!

(Cut to the exterior of Draykor's castle as the group approaches it and runs inside the open door. Snap to the doors of Draykor's throne room; as the song ends on a stinger, they slam open to reveal the gang, Wander is front and center.)
Wander: We're here!
Draykor: (offscreen) Wander! So glad you could make it!
(Cut to him, slowly descending the ground, Demurra sits on his back. Both are dressed in medieval Renaissance costumes.)
Draykor: We've been waiting for a long time! Thanks for coming!
(Cut to frame the group as Draykor lands and Demurra gets off and goes over to them.)
Wander: Aww, you don't have to thank us. Hey Draykor, nice wig.
(Close on Draykor, he fluffs his white wig a bit.)
Draykor: Thanks, I got it at the party store. It was expensive, cost like, 50,000 bits.
Demurra: Wander, I'm glad you could come. We have a whole chain of events planned out for tonight!
(Cut to a booth, showing guests are...)
Demurra: (offscreen) Apple bobbing... (Cut to the next activity...) Balloon darts... (Next one shows...) Spider toss... (Next is...) Bowling with pumpkins... (Back to her, the others stand around.) Even Fool the Witch.
(Cut to an elderly witch sitting in a rocking chair; an alien dressed as a fairy stands before her.)
Witch: Is your favorite food...brussel sprouts?
Alien: Nope, Jellyfish Pie.
Witch: (pause) Aw, fiddle faddle!
(All giggle, Dander suddenly comes forth with her paper ghost.)
Dander: (spooky voice) Wooooooooo... I'm a ghost! Here to haunt your spirits! Oooooooooooooh!
(Clearly, the princess and dragon are not pleased.)
Demurra: What are you doing?
Dander: (pause, normal voice) Ugh!! Why weren't you scared?! My ghosts are supposed to make people scared!!
Wander: (flatly) Don't blame me, she does it a lot.
Dander: I'll scare you sometime, princess! (to Draykor) As for you... (spooky voice) I'm gonna steal your sooouuul!
Draykor: Yeah, I'm not scared of ghosts.
Dander: (normal voice) Oh...come...ON!!
(She tosses her ghost on the ground and goes ballistic, her words hard to understand. All stare on, Wander gives a bored glare.)
Demurra: What is she saying?
Wander: I'd rather not say.
Off-Screen Voice: Draykor!

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