Wander and Sylvia go to the kingdom of Fuzzywuzzington where Wander meets the prince and his lookalike mythlogical twin, Rednaw, and they both trade lives with each other to see what it's like to be the other. But things get harder when the prince gets kidnapped right before his coronation as king, causing Wander to take his place!


Part 1

(Opens showing a planet with a medieval style kingdom, zoom in on Wander and Sylvia)
Wander: Ohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboy! I cannot believe we're in the kingdom of Fuzzywuzzington, the most famous kingdom in all the Yonder Galaxy!
Sylvia: Yeah, Wander, it's great! But that's not all, (Shows him a flier) we are also invited to the coronation of --
(Close up on the flier which reads:
"You are cordially invited to

The Coronation of Prince Rednaw
At the
Fuzzywuzzington castle
Thursday, the 17th of March
At 7:00 P.M.

Come one, Come all!")
Sylvia: The kingdom's Opism prince, Rednaw, who's going to take over for his retiring father, King Hairball.
Wander: Hey, that's my name backwards! Well, I'm more excited of a coronation than a visit! Look around you, Syl, everyone's talkin' about it!
(Everyone is talking about the coronation, their dialogue is overlapped)
Sylvia: Oh, I hear them, of course.
Wander: And the best part? All of our friends are invited, too! Emperor Awesome, Fleeblebort and Marsha, Prince Cashmere, everyone we helped is coming tonight!
Sylvia: Well, all but one, I guess.

(Cut to Lord Hater's ship)
Lord Hater: (offscreen) NO FAIR!!! (cut to him) Why didn't I get invited to that coronation?!? Everyone is invited, but they LEFT ME OUT!!!
Peepers: There, there, sir. No need to panic, you were not invited because the prince didn't like you. He says he calls you a big hunk of bones.
Lord Hater: OH A BIG HUNK OF BONES IS WHAT NEARLY EVERY PRINCE CALLS ME!!! That prince, is nearly twice as sly, cunning, and crafty as Wander, in fact, he even LOOKS like Wander, TALKS like Wander, and even SMELLS like Wander, too! I couldn't find a picture of him, so watch this. (Shows a photo of Wander) Now we add a crown... (puts a crown sticker over Wander's hat) There! Here we go.
Peepers: No, sir, that's not the prince. I do though have the actual prince's photo. (gives him a picture) Here.
(Close up of the photo, it shows Prince Rednaw. He's an Opism and bears an uncanny resemblance to Wander. He is orange, has three large hair strands and two thin ones, and is wearing a dark red suit with gold lining and buttons, shiny black boots, and a golden sash over his left shoulder. On his head sports a crown with multicolored jewels around it. The only thing that differs from Wander is his goatee, which is a curly strand of maroon hair on his chin)
Lord Hater: Oh, I see. But what's SO annoying, is that he always gets what he wanted, whenever he needs it!!! OHHHHHHH, I HATE THAT PRINCE SO MUCH! (cut to outside his ship over the planet) I'm so angry, I want him all to myself!
(The episode's title appears in the sky, freeze-frame)

(Cut back to Wander and Sylvia skipping through the kingdom's village)
Wander: I can hardly wait for the coronation tonight! I wonder what will happen there, I never seen a coronation, before!
Sylvia: It's simple. It's a ceremony in which someone becomes royalty, the person gets a crown placed on their head, and...that's it! But first there's a long speech though.
Wander: You know, I wonder what it would be like if I were royalty.
(He makes a thinking face, dissolve to his fantasy of him as a prince)
Wander: Servant! Bring me some lemonade, and make it three cubes and a slice!
Servant: Your lemonade, sir. As asked, three cubes and a slice.
Wander: Why, thank you! Maids, open the curtains!
Maids: (open the curtains to a giant door) They're open, your majesty!
Wander: And guards, open the doors so the town can see my royal self.
(Cut to outside, two royal guards open the doors to a balcony, Wander walks out and looks down at the citizens of the kingdom. He waves)
Citizens: Wander! Wander! Wander! Wander! Wander! Wander! Wander!
Sylvia: (voiceover, overlapping) Wander!
(Needle scratch, cut back to reality, close up on Wander with his eyes closed)
Sylvia: Wander! Wander! WANDER!
Wander: (quickly opens his eyes) Oh! Sorry, Sylvia, I was dreaming. Anywho, set off!
Sylvia: (trots offscreen) I totally heard you talk to yourself.

(Scene shifts to an overview of the castle. Cut inside, we see King Hairball entering)
King Hairball: (Welsh accent) Prince Rednaw! We must prepare for your coronation, it's at seven o' clock tonight!
Prince Rednaw: (lounging on his throne, also speaking in a Welsh accent) But father, what about the fresh air, the breeze, the wind in my hair? When do we ever make a day just fine and natural?
King Hairball: Son! I have been king for fifty years, it's time for me to pass the crown and throne to you. We have five hours until your big event, so I want you to make every second count by staying here in this castle until after your coronation is over, then you get to make the rules. (to Queen Dusty) Isn't that right, Dusty?
Queen Dusty: (Also speaking in a Welsh accent) Yes, you do exactly just as your father says, right, dear?
Prince Rednaw: (sighs, sadly) Yes, mother. I'll do what you ask. Phillip, would you escort my father and mother out of the room?
Phillip: Will do, your highness. (leads them away) Out we go.
Prince Rednaw: Oh, when will I ever get to do normal things? When will I?
(Cut to an overhead view of Prince Rednaw, pulling back slightly as he looks up)

(Cut to outside the castle, Wander and Sylvia stop dead in their tracks just before the drawbridge)
Wander: Oh. My. Gosh. Sylvia, IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?!
Sylvia: Yup, it's Fuzzywuzzington castle, (close up of the castle, panning downwards) home of the royal family of Fuzzywuzzington and where the coronation takes place.
Wander: I so can't wait for this!
(pan downwards to them crossing the drawbridge and going over the bridge to the castle doors)
Wander: (At one of the guards) Excuse me, we are here to see the coronation of Prince Rednaw tonight and we were wondering, can we look around the castle for a while? We would really love to see what's there.
Guard 1: Hey, no worries! The castle's always open for visitors.
Guard 2: Go ahead, have a look!
Wander: (he and Sylvia squeal) Oh boy, Sylvia!!! (cut inside, he opens the door and gasps) Wow. Look at this place! (his perspective of the entrance hallway) It's all royal and fancy!
Sylvia: Kind of reminds me of the Zbornak castle, I guess.

(Wander and Sylvia walk down one of the hallways)
Wander: Wow...I don't believe this...I have a feeling my durned eyes are gonna fall out any second!!!
Sylvia: Well, Wander, if I were you, I'd be calm. I'm all excited too, but I wouldn't be all too excited like you.
Wander: Then, let's split up! I'll go upstairs, and you stick to your own routing. (zips off) Later!
Sylvia: Okay, I'll take your word for it. Hmm, let's see what's over here.

(Cut to Prince Rednaw walking down another hallway)
Prince Rednaw: This is so unfair! I never get to lift a finger, but I never get to do things at my own time! (he enters the armory) When, and whenever will I get to do things myself? I just don't know.

(Cut to Wander, also entering the armory)
Wander: Wow! Look at all these dudes in metal suits! (Close up of him walking) Hey, handsome. How's the shiny helmet? Good? Well, I have to say that's a good one! (doesn't see Prince Rednaw a few feet from him) Just look at this! What more is there to see? If I were to see someone, I'd just gasp with sudden surprise!
(Near the end of this line, he has his head turned to the right. He suddenly bumps into Prince Rednaw, both fall to the floor. Both look at each other and gasp, hence what Wander said. Close up of Wander, staring in shock. The same goes for Prince Rednaw. Both stand up and look at each other.
Wander: Oh...boy. Do my eyes decieve me? You must be the prince! And you look just like me!
Prince Rednaw: No! It is you, who looks like me! You must be my mythological twin whom I thought never existed, but for some reason, you do!
Wander: Your...twin?
Prince Rednaw: Yes! My twin! Allow me to introduce myself. (shakes Wander's hand) I am Prince Rednaw of Fuzzywuzzington.
Wander: And I'm Wander of Stout.
Prince Rednaw: My coronation is tonight, but I wanna pass time by having time to myself.
Wander: Whoa, all I'm doing is exploring your home.
Prince Rednaw: Hey, what's with that hat on your head? Does this mean you're some sort of traveller?
Wander: Eeyup, an intergalactic space traveler, to be exact.
Prince Rednaw: Intergalactic space traveler? I wish I traveled the galaxy, but I never got to do things to myself all the time.
Wander: Weird, I always do things to myself.
Prince Rednaw: You do?! Well, that's what I wish I would do. I wanna do things to myself.
(Wander gets a surprised reaction, cut to black)

Part 2

Prince Rednaw: I always wanted to do things to myself like go shopping or hang with citizens, but my parents would never let me do any of that unless I'm ruling the kingdom! Take this for example. (clap, clap) Servent! Fetch me some lemonade! Include three ice cubes and a lemon slice!
Servent: Yes, your majesty. (walks off, comes back with said drink) Here you go.
Prince Rednaw: See? I never get to lift a finger! All I do is just orders and rules!
Wander: My oh my. I'd see this life as nothing but royalty! (strums a riff on his banjo)
Prince Rednaw: (gasps) You play the banjo?! I have always loved the banjo, but my dad has forbidden me of playing it on castle grounds, so I would leave the castle to do so. All he wanted me to play here is the harpsichord. (plays a riff on a harpsichord)
Wander: Whoa, I wish I would do all of that. You have such a rich life of royalty, and all I have is a life of intergalactic space travels. I wish I lived royal life like you.
Prince Rednaw: And I wish I lived life like you, intergalactic space traveling does sound like fun.
Wander: Yeah, I'd have to agree.

(Song: I Wish I Had Your Life)
Wander: Life like this
Always feels to me so bliss
But I just have one wish
Yes, may I have this wish
I want to see your life, not to miss

I know that this seems really strange
It doesn't mean my life will change
I want to see the way
To make a royal day
I'd give this life five stars in range...

[tempo up]

I would like to sit on thrones
I'd sit all day but won't feel lone
The palace is my goal
The servants fill my bowl
If someone disagrees, I'd groan

I would fill out royal laws
And servants would help fix my flaws
It would be really fun
Being prince is number one
Oh, I think I'm gonna guffaw

I wish I had your life
I think your life is great
Living royalty is the way
The way to have a better life
Than what we have
I wish I had your life
Your life would be the best
Living like a prince is no distress
I wish I had your life

[key up]

Prince Rednaw: Life outdoors
Life like that won't be so bored
I want to ride your horse
Wander: Zbornak.
Prince Rednaw: I'd travel 'round of course
I'd visit every planet there is, score!

I wish I had your life
I think your life is great
Traveling through space is the way
The way to have a better life
Than what we have
I wish I had your life
Your life would be the best
Being a traveler is no distress
I wish I had your life

Wander: If you see
There is a life ahead of me
Of princes wearing crowns
I'll never wear a frown
It would be such fun as royalty

Prince Rednaw: And traveling across the stars
I'd visit planets near and far
Helping all my friends
To the very end
Wander and Prince Rednaw: (in harmony) And imagine how our lives are so bizarre

I wish I had your life
I think your life is great
Switching lives with you is the way
The way to have a better life
Than what we have
I wish I had your life
Your life would be the best
Being like you is no distress

I wish I had your life
I wish I had your life

I wish I had your life
I wish I had your life
I wish I had your life
I wish I had your life
I wish I had your life
I wish I had your life

Prince Rednaw:
I wish I had your life
I wish I had your life, yeah
Oh, I wish that I had your life
I really wish I had your life
Oh, I wish I had your life...yeah

Wander and Prince Rednaw: I wish I had your life

Prince Rednaw: Wait! That gives me an idea! We'll switch lives!
Wander: You mean, you take over my identity and I take over yours?
Prince Rednaw: Yes! I'll try out your life as an intergalactic space traveler, while you assume my position as the prince!
Wander: But what about your coronation?
Prince Rednaw: Oh, that's just to pass the time. Relax, it's only temporary. Come now, to the royal dressing room! (walks Wander with him)

(Screen flips to the royal dressing room, we see two closed doors. Prince Rednaw comes out the right door wearing Wander's trademark hat and shoes)
Prince Rednaw: Delightful! This makes me look more like a space traveler!
Wander: (from inside the left door) Ugh! This suit's too tight!
Prince Rednaw: I know, royal clothes are a little snug. Now, let's see!
(Wander comes out the left door wearing Prince Rednaw's clothes and crown)
Prince Rednaw: Magnificent! Beyond magnificent!
Wander: Soooo...what do I do as a prince again?
Prince Rednaw: It's easy. You give orders, such as "bring me some lemonade" or "guards, seize 'em" stuff like that. You also fill out royal decrees, plan events, and you never ever have to lift a finger!
Wander: Wow! That's great!
Prince Rednaw: And what do I do as an intergalactic space traveler?
Wander: Simple, you just travel the universe, and help others in need! You'll need this, (reaches into his hat and gets out a bottle of orbble juice) orbble transporter juice. Special bubbles used to help you breathe while traveling the universe to another planet. (gives him the bottle) Plus, you get to ride Sylvia, my steed!
Prince Rednaw: My, I wonder who she is.
Man: (offscreen) Prince Rednaw! Throne room!
Prince Rednaw: That must be your cue. Remember, meet me outside the castle at six thirty so we can switch back. Okay?
Wander: Got it! (they fist bump) Enjoy life outdoors!
Prince Rednaw: Enjoy your life here! (exits)
Man: (enters) Prince Rednaw, we must rehearse your coronation! Please report to the throne room, immediately!
Wander: Uh...okay. Would you care to fetch me some lemonade, with three cubes and a slice?
Man: (gives said drink) Here you go.
Wander: And...would somebody open the curtains?
Woman: (opens curtains of the window) Here you go!
Wander: And would both of you carry me to the throne room? I would, but my legs are giving out. For now. Arm throne!
Man and woman: Right away, your highness.
(they form a chair with their arms and Wander sits on them, and they walk him away)

(Cut to outside)
Prince Rednaw: Ah, fresh air. Nice breeze. Wind in my hair. I can't believe I missed all of this!
(Sylvia comes out the castle doors)
Sylvia: Ah, there you are, Wander. I've been lookin' all over for ya.
Prince Rednaw: Oh, my! What a strange, looking horse! Have you been dunked in a tie dye bin that turns you blue?
Sylvia: (pause) First of all, I'm not a horse. I'm a Zbornak, a horse-like species. Second of all, I'm not tie died! And third, Wander, you look so strange. (notices his curly goatee) How did you grow more hair on your chin so fast?
Prince Rednaw: I've had this all my life.
Sylvia: Whoa, I did not see that coming. And what happened to your voice? You sound a little Welsh, but you're actually Southern.
Prince Rednaw: My whole family is Welsh!
Sylvia: Okay, I do not know WHAT is going on with you, but why are you acting strange, Wander?!
Prince Rednaw: Oh, for the last time! I am NOT Wander! I am Prince Rednaw of Fuzzywuzzington!
Sylvia: I don't believe you.
Prince Rednaw: Do you believe this? Let me show you my royal birthmark! (while saying this, he lifts up some of the fur on his chest revealing a scar shaped like a heart with a crown. Close up of it as a fanfare is heard)
Sylvia: (gasps) Oh! Now I believe you! How did you get a birthmark like that?!
Prince Rednaw: Appeared on me while I was being born. It's special because I have a heart that's warm, and toasty.
Sylvia: But I don't get it. Why are you dressed like Wander?
Prince Rednaw: We have switched lives until before my coronation tonight! This is the time for me to be free and travel the galaxy! (gets on Sylvia) We fly! (blows an orbble around he and Sylvia)
Sylvia: Okay, whatever you say, prince. (floats upward)

(Shift to Wander in the castle's throne room)
King Hairball: That was an astounding final rehersel there, son. I can hardly be prouder.
Wander: Why, thanks, King Hairball. (realizing) I mean...father.
Queen Dusty: Oh, I can't believe our son is going to take over for you, Hairball! (sobs) He's growing up! (She and King Hairball exit)
Wander: You don't have to thank me...uh...mother. (to himself) Oh...this is amazing!!! (yelling) Phillip! (clap, clap) Take me to my room!
Phillip: Yes, your highness.

(Wipe to Prince Rednaw's bedroom)
Wander: Has my coronation suit been picked out, yet?
Phillip: Yes, prince. Bring out the prince's outfit!
(Two maids push a cart containing a magnificent prince's coronation uniform. It is red like Prince Rednaw's regular uniform, but has more tones and is faded. On each shoulder at the sleeves sports a golden round plait with tassels hanging down it. The sash is gold and red, and is made of satin. Also, there are three strap buckles down the chest)
Wander:'s wonderful! Perfect for a prince like me! Um...would you ladies take it out and iron it, so it's smooth like my royal beauty?
Maids: Yes, your majesty! (take the suit out)
Wander: And Phillip...would you be sure to check in on the decor? After all, the throne room should look fantastic.
Phillip: No problem, your majesty.
Wander: Archbishop Henri arriving soon with my new crown?
Phillip: I'll go check and see if he's coming. (exits) Enjoy yourself prince, we have two hours until the coronation can begin.
Wander: Two hours...oh, I hope Prince Rednaw is okay...

(Shift to Prince Rednaw in space with Sylvia, still riding the orbble)
Prince Rednaw: My oh my, look at all these giant floating things in space!
Sylvia: You mean the planets?
Prince Rednaw: Yes! And the sparkly things look really sparkly! Oh, they sparkle just like my eyes!
Sylvia: Don't you mean the stars?
Prince Rednaw: Yes! I meant that! (sees Lord Hater's ship in the distance) Oooooh, a giant skull head! Sylvaya, head towards that floating skull head!
Sylvia: (does as said, oblivious) Oh, okay.
(Sylvia trots offscreen. Shift to inside Lord Hater's ship, Lord Hater can see the orbble approaching them)
Lord Hater: Wait, this is unusual. Wander and Sylvia are coming to my ship, right here?
Peepers: Seems like they want to annoy us more, sir.
Lord Hater: No! Look, Peepers! (his perspective of them) They are heading right towards us! This means I can have him to myself! You got the trap ready?
Peepers: Already under control, sir.
(Camera pans upward revealing a cage on the ceiling)

(Shift outside, the ship's "tongue" rolls out, the orbble lands on it and pops, and Prince Rednaw and Sylvia walk inside)
Prince Rednaw: We go in through there!
Sylvia: Uh...prince? You do realize we're heading for danger here.
Prince Rednaw: Oh, stuff and nonsense! This will be astonishing! (in the ship) My oh my! Look at this place! It's even better than the castle's spell room back home! (sees an apple on the ground) Ooh, and it even left a snack for me! (bends down to pick the apple up)
Sylvia: Prince! No!
(The prince picks up the apple, releasing a rope underneath it. The rope flies upward, the cage falls down from the ceiling and lands over Sylvia and the prince, trapping them)
Prince Rednaw: A cage? Now, this is not what I had in mind. Who would put a cage in a giant skull head?
Sylvia: This "giant skull head" is a ship, and the ship belongs to LORD HATER!!!
Prince Rednaw: Lord Hater? Who would be named Lord Hater?
Lord Hater: (offscreen) ME!!! (lightning flashes, he walks up to them) Ah, Wander and Sylvia. What a surprise, you came to visit me. FOR SOMETHING!
Prince Rednaw: Now, what are you talking about, you skeleton man?
Prince Rednaw: (looks at Peepers) And what's with you, eyeball guy?
Peepers: The name's Peepers.
Sylvia: Lord Hater, this "Wander" you invited onto your ship, is not Wander, but Prince Rednaw of Fuzzywuzzington.
Lord Hater: (gasps) You are?!?!
Prince Rednaw: Why, yes. Take my birthmark for example. (shows the scar on his chest)
Lord Hater: I caught Prince Rednaw and not Wander? (pauses) This is even BETTER!!! (laughs mainically, lightning flashes behind him)
Prince Rednaw: (he and Sylvia are shocked) Not...good...

(Scene shifts to a view of the moon, pan downwards to Wander outside the door)
Wander: Oh, where are you?! How long is it taking, prince?! (the clock chimes, he gasps) 6:30! Oh, the coronation starts in thirty minutes! Where, or where could you be, Prince Rednaw?! You said you'd meet me here to switch back!
(King Hairball and Queen Dusty come out)
King Hairball: Son, your coronation is in thirty minutes! We must get you ready!
Wander: (gasp) The coronation! (at King Hairball) Uhhhhh...I was wondering...can you...hold it for a sec, I have uh...a delivery for new shoes in a few minutes. (under his breath) At least.
King Hairball: Sorry son, but this ceremony cannot wait any longer!
Queen Dusty: You must be ready to receive the crown!
Wander: But --
King Hairball: No buts! To the royal dressing room with you! (walks Wander with them)
Wander: No no, wait, no! (going down the hallway) Oh, no, I can't be king! I can't rule the kingdom! Being a prince is even harder than it should be! Oh, Prince Rednaw, where are you?!
(Shift to Prince Rednaw on Lord Hater's ship, he and Sylvia are handcuffed and are marching with the Watchdogs)
Prince Rednaw: Oh, being an intergalactic space traveler seems more intense than I imagined! Oh, Wander, I don't know when I'll get back, but whatever you do, DON'T GET THE CROWN!!!
(Shift back to Wander, being pushed to the royal dressing room)
Wander: No, no, no! I don't want to be king! I don't want the crown! Why isn't anyone listening to me! No, no, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
(He gets pushed into the room, cut to black)

Part 3

(Snap up on an extreme close up of giant heralding trumpets blowing a fanfare. This goes the same for a second set, on the other side. Cut to an overview of the throne room, decorated for the coronation. Between a long red rug stands a myriad of creatures from all over the galaxy. At the thrones sit King Hairball and Queen Dusty, along with a bunch of royal guards, one of them holding a golden crown with a red felt cover and has multicolored jewels and a gold ball at the top)
King Hairball: May I present, my son and new heir to the ruler of the kingdom: Prince Rednaw!
(Everyone turns towards the door and gasps. Close up on the door, it opens to reveal Wander, now wearing the coronation attire and holding a gold scepter with jewels all over it. The crowd cheers, he slowly strolls down the isle)
Wander: Ohhhhh...Prince Rednaw...where could you be?

(Shift to the prince and Sylvia on Lord Hater's ship, they are hanging from the ceiling held up by handcuffs)
Prince Rednaw: Now this is strange. We enter a giant skull head slash ship, and this skeleton man locks us in really big hand thingys --
Sylvia: Handcuffs.
Prince Rednaw: And now we're hanging from the wall in these! Oh, what will happen now?!
Lord Hater: Oh, that is way ahead of you! I'll just sit here and watch you, while you enjoy your last minutes together! (laughs)
Prince Rednaw: You do realize that Wander is gonna soon take the throne, which he does not like! Is it like you want him to rule the kingdom?!
Lord Hater: No, it means I get to see the real prince disappear for good, while Wander takes over for you!
Prince Rednaw: But he doesn't know anything about being king, and he's not of royal bloodline!
Sylvia: He cannot take the throne, the prince here can!
Lord Hater: Oh, that doesn't matter to me at all! (laughs evilly, places a bomb in front of them) This atomic bomb is set to go off in five minutes. When it explodes and you two disappear along with it, I won't have to worry about either of you again! Then again, when Wander is ruling Fuzzywuzzington, he doesn't have to leave the castle to bother me EVER AGAIN! (laughs evilly, exits) Later!
Prince Rednaw: Oh, Wander, how am I ever gonna make it back now?

(Scene shifts to the throne room)
Archbishop Henri: We are gathered here today in celebration of something special. Prince Rednaw, son of King Hairball and Queen Dusty, is now going to take the position as king of Fuzzywuzzington, in place of his retiring father, who has ruled the kingdom for fifty straight years. And you here, Prince Rednaw, are willing to take the throne as long as you can live. Do you wish to follow in your father's footsteps and rule the kingdom with his encouragement?
Wander: Uhhhhhhh...yeah?
Archbishop Henri: Excellent, that's what I would say. Right here, right now, Prince Rednaw will soon receive his crown and title as the new king of Fuzzywuzzington.
Crowd: Oooooooooh!

(Shift back to Sylvia and the Prince on Lord Hater's ship)
Prince Rednaw: Oh, whatever will we do?! I don't wanna spend time getting blown up by an atomic bomb while being strapped to giant cuff bracelets! What would Wander do if he were like this??!!
Sylvia: Well, he'd think of a way to pick the trap.
Prince Rednaw: But how? (nudges his head hard enough for Wander's hat to fall off, a spare bottle of orbble transporter juice falls out) Hmm. A spare bottle of that bubble liquid used to travel the galaxy...hmm...
(He manages to pick up the bottle up with his feet, he suddenly squeezes the bottle hard enough that its top pops off, causing him to shriek and throw the bottle upwards. It lands in his left hand, spilling out some orbble juice in the process. The juice slides through the handcuff, making his hand slide out)
Prince Rednaw: Hey! My hand is free! This bubble juice seems slippery enough! (frees his right hand) Now if I do the same to you... (frees Sylvia) There!
Sylvia: Way to think like Wander would do!
Prince Rednaw: Now to get back to the castle, and stop the coronation!
Sylvia: But what about the bomb?
(The bomb says :30, Lord Hater starts to come in)
Lord Hater: Oh, I can't wait to -- HEY! How did you escape?!?!
(He gets on Sylvia and she sets off at top speed, just as the bomb's timer wears down and explodes, leaving a wide gap in the wall. Lord Hater enters)
Lord Hater: NO! How DARE they get out!
(Cut to outside the ship, Prince Rednaw blows an orbble around he and Sylvia and they rush off)
Lord Hater: (from inside the ship) AFTER THEM!!!
(The ship takes off after them, cut to an overview of the Fuzzywuzzington planet as the prince and Sylvia rush toward with Lord Hater's ship following)

(Shift to the coronation)
Archbishop Henri: It is now time that Prince Rednaw is ready to be crowned Fuzzywuzzington's new king!
(While saying this, he takes the usual crown off Wander's head. Crowd cheers)

(Shift to outside the castle, the orbble Sylvia and the prince are in pops as they hit the ground, they rush towards the castle and run inside)

(Shift to the coronation)
Archbishop Henri: Ladies and gentlemen...

(Shift to Sylvia rushing down the hallways, Prince Rednaw is worried and indignant)

(Shift to the coronation)
Archbishiop Henri: (grabs the crown from one of the guards) I present to you...

(Shift to Sylvia heading for the throne room)

(Shift to the coronation)
Archbishop Henri: (raises the crown over Wander's head) King Rednaw of Fuzzywuzzington!
(Wander gulps, Archbishop slowly lowers the crown as Wander winces in fear. A fanfare plays as the crowd watches. The crown is just about to be placed on Wander's head when...)
Prince Rednaw: (offscreen) STOP THE CORONATION!!!
(The music stops, the crowd gasps)
Archbishop Henri: Huh?
King Hairball: Oh, what now?!?
(Camera shows Prince Rednaw in front of Sylvia, angry)
Prince Rednaw: He's not Prince Rednaw, I am!
Archbishop Henri: Prove it.
(Prince Rednaw shows his birthmark, the crowd sighs of relif)
King Hairball: Son, why are you dressed like someone from the South?
Prince Rednaw: Long story.
Archbishop Henri: Well, if you're the prince, then who's this?
Prince Rednaw: That is Wander, my mythological twin!
Wander: Prince Rednaw! (jumps off the throne and rushes up to him) Oh, I knew you'd come for me! (they hug) What took you so long, I was so worried!
Prince Rednaw: Well, let's say I was in a giant skull head with a skeleton man and his eyeball guy.
Wander: Giant skull head...skeleton man...eyeball guy...are you talking about Lord Hater and Peepers, and their skull ship?!
(Prince Rednaw nods, suddenly, Lord Hater barges into the throne room with the Watchdogs)
Lord Hater: Stop that prince!
(Everyone gasps and faints)
Wander: Lord Hater?!
Sylvia: Lord Hater?! I knew he'd crash the fun.
Lord Hater: (at Prince Rednaw) I CANNOT believe you escaped from by atomic bomb trap! You are a very naughty prince, a horrible little prince, a prince who never follows his own rules! You even remind me of Wander, but you're even WORSE!!! In fact, now that there's two of you together, I suggest you all COME BACK TO MY SHIP! And this time, BOTH OF YOU will be atomic bomb trapped! Because I am Lord Hater, the AWESOMEST EVILDOER IN ALL THE GALAXY!!! (laughter)
(Zoom in on Prince Rednaw as his scared expression gives way to anger)
Prince Rednaw: NO! I see it all now! You're not just any skeleton man, you're Lord Hater, the universe's evildoer who lured me onto your skull ship just to trap me and Sylvaya here just to bomb us to death! You're nothing but a big hunk of bones, and I know it! Wander and I are innocent, you're not! This is the reason why I didn't invite you, and you don't deserve to be invited! In fact, you don't deserve to come to ANY ONE of my events, you are BANNED from ever being INVITED to ANY events I plan out, FOREVER!!!
Lord Hater: No!!! That's not fair!!! And I thought you were uncertain about me!
Prince Rednaw: I totally knew who you were all along, I just faked being surprised of seeing you to impress you. (looks over at Sylvia, she gives a thumbs up and winks, he winks back) As my first order as king, early, I command you leave at ONCE! Guards, SEIZE 'EM!
(The royal guards come out and start leading Lord Hater and the Watchdogs out of the room)
Lord Hater: No! No! Stop this! Let go of me at once! I command you to let go!
Peepers: They can't listen to you, sir.
Lord Hater: SHUT UP, PEEPERS! I'll get you, Prince Rednaw, and to a larger extent: Wander! I'll get you, if it's the last thing I do!!! (yells, fades as he leaves)

Wander: Rednaw, thank you for coming back for me, if it weren't for you, I would've suddenly become ruler of the kingdom.
Prince Rednaw: Please, do not thank me, it's yourself who knew the right thing to do. So, how did you enjoy your short life as royalty?
Wander: Well...I could say it was fun, until the part where I almost became king.
Prince Rednaw: And I could say your life as an intergalactic space traveler was fun too, but when I got caught by that nasty Lord Hater, that's another story.
Sylvia: Well, that was quite a strange day. Two mythological twins trade places to see what their lives are like...
Wander and Prince Rednaw: But both of them are stranger than expected! (laugh)
Wander: Being royalty is fun, but I would rather be my old self as an intergalactic space traveler, it's my thing.
Prince Rednaw: And being my old self as royalty is my thing!
Wander and Prince Rednaw: I see what you mean! (gasp) Jinx! (laugh, hug)
King Hairball: Ah, my son has learned the ways of the outdoors. You were right all along, son. We should've believed you.
Queen Dusty: You may explore the kingdom as you wish.
(Prince Rednaw smiles, then runs up to hug his father and mother, Wander and Sylvia eventually join)
King Hairball: Now, who wants to see my real son get crowned?
(Crowd cheers, Prince Rednaw grins)

(Crossfade to an extreme close up of the new crown. Archbishop Henri picks it up)
Archbishop Henri: I present to you...
(We see Prince Rednaw, now dressed in his coronation attire and beaming brightly. Archbishop Henri walks up to him)
Archbishop Henri: King Rednaw of Fuzzywuzzington!
(A fanfare plays, Archbishop Henri raises the crown over Rednaw and slowly places it on his head. The crowd cheers)
Crowd: Long live King Rednaw! Long live King Rednaw! Long live King Rednaw! (repeats)
(The now king Rednaw looks over at King Hairball and Queen Dusty crying tears of joy, then at the crowd)
King Rednaw: Thank you.
(The crowd continues chanting and cheering as King Rednaw holds his staff upward and walks down the isle as people throw rice and flowers over him. He arrives at the end of the hallway, there stands Wander, now back in his trademark hat and shoes with the addition of a red tuxedo. Both bow at each other)
Wander: Way to go, King.
(Both hug, then Wander gestures to follow him outside. Scene shifts outside as King Rednaw walks across the bridge and crosses the drawbridge. On the other side stands Sylvia, equipted with a ceremonial float. Wander motions for King Rednaw to climb up the staircase to the float. King Rednaw walks up the staircase and Wander follows him. He gets into the float and sits in it, Wander closes the float's door and hops into the driver's seat in front of it. He grab's Sylvia's rein and whips it, and Sylvia trots away. Shift to the village as Sylvia trots through for several seconds. Everyone in the village chant and cheer as they throw rice and roses; King Rednaw sits in his float and waves. Eventually, Wander turns to look at him, smiles and winks, and he winks back)

(Song: I Wish I Had Your Life (reprise))
Wander: If you see
The royal life that I had seen
I wore your suit and crown
But it turned upside down
I guess that it is hard being royalty

King Rednaw: I traveled all across the stars
I saw the planets near and far
However I just flipped
When trapped on Hater's ship
Wander and King Rednaw: (in harmony) Well, that was not so fun at all

I wished I had your life
I thought your life is great
But switching lives was not a perfect way
It's best to stick to the lives
That what we have
I wished I had your life
But it was not the best
I'd rather be myself, that is my guess

I wished I had your life
I wished I had your life

I wished I had your life
I wished I had your life
I wished I had your life
I wished I had your life
I wished I had your life
I wished I had your life

King Rednaw:
I wished I had your life
I wished I had your life, yeah
Oh, I wished that I had your life
I really wished I had your life
Oh, I wished I had your life...yeah

Wander and King Rednaw: I wished I had your life

(Sylvia trots out of sight as both Wander and Rednaw giggle, a fanfare plays, cut to black)

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