When Wander is asked to babysit Sylvia's little niece Didi while she goes out to do some errands, they get locked in a shed during a windstorm where they get swept away to the mysterious planet Oz, where there are sparkly rivers, candy trees and even friendly "Binglekins". All Wander really wants is to get home, so he follows the Yellow Rock Road to get to the Diamond City so he can consult the Great and Powerful Wizard of Fun. Along with his new friends -- Scoot the Scarecrow, Scurry the Tin Man, and Scamper the Lion, Wander runs into really fun things along the way. But watch out -- Bad Witch Hater wants Wander's magical Shiny Red Boots, and will do nothing to stop them. Join Wander on an adventure that shows there's no place like home!

Act 1

(After the special opening titles, open on an overview of Wander's home planet. A lively tune starts playing, zoom in on Wander's house. Cut to the door as it opens, Wander comes out and breathes the air)
Wander: Such a beautiful day. A beautiful day to have fun, that is!
(He skips around and sings, showing actions relating to the lyrics)
(Song: It's a Beautiful Day)
Wander: It's a beautiful day to get out of the house
And to frolic and laugh and sing
I'm always up for this, oh, I just adore this
'Cause I can do most anything

It's a beautiful day to have the sun on my face
And to bathe and bask in its light
There's no clouds nor the rain that will make this day drain
Yet I'm looking for a day just right

I'm gonna have such a wonderful, funderful day, yeah
Yet there's nothing standing in my way

It's a beautiful day
It's a beautiful day
It's a day to have fun all day long
And to sing lots of songs
I consider this, really great
'Cause it's a beautiful day
It's a beautiful day
Such a day to go out and about
Looks like I wanna shout
Pretty day outside, I'd say
'Cause it's a beautiful day

It's a beautiful day
It's a beautiful da --

(Song ends abruptly as he bangs into Sylvia, carrying various papers and files. Both fall to the ground, and Sylvia's papers and files fly everywhere. Both sit up, Wander adjusts his hat and stands up on the following)
Wander: Oh! Hi, Sylvia! Ready to go to the park? It's a beautiful day for a picnic!
Sylvia: (She stands up) Sorry Wander. (Starts picking up her things) I'm afraid I'm gonna have to postpone our picnic at the park until further notice. I have loads of errands to run on other planets and my niece is visiting and well...can you watch her while I do my errands?
Wander: Why can't you watch her while you do your errands?
Sylvia: Ugh. Because she's always needy and getting into mischief! So I'm leaving her to you.
Wander: Okay, then! (pause) So...where's your niece?
Sylvia: She's right here. (Zoom in on her leg, from behind, out comes a little, off-white female Zbornak with a baby pink mane and tail) Her name's Didi.
Didi: Funny orange guy! (Giggles)
Wander: Awwww! She's so cute! (holds her) So how long will your errands take?
Sylvia: Probably three or four hours. (pause) Maybe five. (beeping noise, she looks at her watch) Oh! If you'll excuse me, I have to go. And I promise you, we'll have our picnic as soon as my errands are done. (blows an orbble around her and floats upward) See ya later, Wander! Don't let Didi get into any trouble!
(Cut to an overview of Wander waving, zooming out slowly)
Wander: I'll watch her with all my might, Syl! (Cut to him) Well, Didi, it's just you and me. What should we do first?
Didi: (points to her mouth) Ah, ah, ah!
Wander: Aww, (singy-songy) somebody's hungry!

(Wipe to a close-up of Didi drinking from a baby bottle. Zoom out to show Wander sitting on his doorstep, holding her in his arm and feeding her with it. After a few seconds, he removes the bottle, and she burps)
Wander: (pats her head, she purrs) That's a good Didi. Now here's your pacifier. (he takes out a pacifier and places it in her mouth, she sucks on it) This reminds me of the time Sylvia cared for that egg! Yes it does, yes it does! (Close-up on Didi, she yawns) Aww, looks like someone needs a nap. (puts her down, takes out his banjo) Don't worry, I have a lullaby for you! (Strums it)
Go to sleep, Didi sleep
Your eyes are feeling really heavy
You're feeling tired, that I can see
(During this, Didi gradually falls asleep. He stops abruptly to see her snoring)
That you're already asleep!
(Pause, he watches Didi snore)
Wander: (at the camera) I make such a good daddy, don't I? (sighs) This is such a beautiful day, after all.
(We hear screaming in the distance, Wander's mood changes. Didi suddenly wakes up and cries, but Wander stops her)
Wander: Shhshhshh. What is all that racket? (wind starts to blow around him) And what is with this wind?! (Turns his head and sees a mob of citizens screaming)
Citizen 1: Run for your lives! Run for cover!
Citizen 2: Windstorm a-comin'!
Wander: Windstorm? (the citizens run past) What do mean, "windstorm"?
Citizen 3: Windstorm, really big windstorm! Heading right this way! Lock your doors! Close your windows! Plug up every nook and cranny! It'll blow you all over the place! RUNNNN!!!
Wander: Oh, no! windstorm! Come on, Didi, let's go inside! (tries to open the door but can't) Oh, man! I locked myself out again! (takes off hat and feels around) Aww, and I forgot my key! Looks like we have to find a new place! (Didi flies away in the wind)
Didi: Weeeeeee!!!
Wander: (gasps) Didi! No!
(He runs after a laughing Didi, jumping up and trying to catch her. After three jumps, he takes a breath, then runs again. He jumps one more time, and successfully catches her)
Wander: Gotcha. (angrily) NEVER go out without me! (Didi whimpers, a citizen runs by) Um, excuse me? Is there any place I could hide during the windstorm? I got locked out.
Citizen 4: Oh, all the houses and stores are taken. Well, except for that old shed over there. (Pan over to an old, worn out shed, he continues offscreen) No one's ever taken it, it's very old. (back to them) Well, gotta get to the last available house! (runs off, screaming)
Wander: Old shed? Come on, Didi!
(He rushes over to the shed, Didi in arm. Instantly, he runs inside and yanks the door shut, its wooden lock slides down and locks into place)

(Cut to inside the shed where Wander takes a breath. However, everything in the shed begins shaking, even various items on the shelves)
Wander: Oh, it's much too dangerous here! We have to leave! (tries to push the door open but can't since it's locked) Oh, we're locked in! Hold on, Didi!
(He begins shaking along with the shed. He struggles around the room)
Wander: Didi, be careful!
(The items on the shelves begin falling off, an oil lamp from the top shelf falls off and hits the back of Wander's head, knocking him unconscious. He sinks to the ground on his knees, and falls over, passing out. Close-up on him as the image rocks back and forth, reverberating in images. Dissolve to outside as the shed wobbles, then instantly lifts off the ground and flies away at warp speed. Cut to a passed out Wander, he slowly wakes up and regains consciousnesses. Didi joins him, and he walks over to the window to see that they're in the air)
Wander: What -- we're flying?! Hang on tight, Didi!
(He runs over to a corner next to the window and squeezes in, Didi joins him. Both cower together in fear, cut to outside the shed as it flies through the windstorm, spinning. Cut back to Wander and Didi briefly, then back outside as the shed flies more. Brief shot of Wander and Didi again, the former's hat now a dark navy blue, though he doesn't notice it yet. Back outside as the wind around the shed slowly dies down, then begins to drop out of the sky. Quick shots of various angles of the shed falling, ending with a below shot of the shed falling into the screen. Fade to black)

(Snap up quickly inside the shed as everything drops to the ground. Close-up on Wander and Didi as they stop cowering and gradually come out of the corner)
Wander: My! That was some wind! Looks like we're safe now, Didi. But remember, do not get out my site, or you'll get in danger. Got it? (Didi giggles) What are you laughing at?
Didi: Your hat, your hat!
Wander: Huh? What about my -- (he takes his hat off and notices it's turned blue. It will remain this color until further notice) What the? How the heck did my hat turn blue?! That I have no clue. (Puts hat back on) We get stuck in a shed during a windstorm, and now my hat turns blue? Seriously, what is happening, here? (walks over to the window and opens it, noticing the landscaping is different) What the -- what happened to Planet Opism? Hey, Didi? Can you leap out the window and unlock the door?
(Didi hops up Wander's back and out the window. Cut to the door as it opens slightly and Didi comes in, Wander walks by and pushes the door open to reveal a rather wonderland esque world. The sky is a faint, the trees have candy, and there are various cottages. Cut to Wander and Didi as they stare in wonder, the latter hops into the former's arms as he slowly walks away from the shed. Cut to Wander walking through the mysterious land)
Wander: Didi, I've a feeling we're not on Planet Opism anymore.
(He continues walking for a few seconds, then stops to admire the view. A shaft of gold light bathes his body, and he covers his eyes from the intense of the glare, but lowers his hand to see what's going on. In the distance, a golden orbble flies forward, side view as the orbble slowly descends in front of Wander. Close-up of the orbble, it pops to expose Good Witch Sylvia, she is dressed in a sparkly gold gown and slippers, and is wearing a crown to match. She holds a scepter in her hand)
Good Witch Sylvia: Well, hello there. Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?
Wander: Witch? Oh, I'm not a witch at all, I'm from another planet.
Good Witch Sylvia: Hmm. Well, is that the witch? (looks at Didi)
Didi: Witch? (blows raspberry)
Wander: No, Sylvia, this is your niece, Didi.
Good Witch Sylvia: Sylvia? Oh-ho, I'm no Sylvia, I'm the Good Witch Sylvia. What's your name?
Wander: Uh, I'm Wander, from Planet Opism. Can you tell me where I am?
Good Witch Sylvia: Why, you're on Planet Oz!
(Zoom out to show the overview of Planet Oz, then zoom back in on them)
Wander: Planet Oz? No wonder that windstorm took me here.
Good Witch Sylvia: I am the guardian and protector of this place. We were relaxing as usual until we saw that shed of yours come crashing down.
Wander: We? Who's "we"?
Good Witch Sylvia: Come on out, everyone! There's no need to panic.
(In several hiding places, Binglekins -- the Planet Oz versions of the Binglebops -- come out and cheer as they run over to Wander. One of them, Mayor Binglekorp, comes over to address him)
Mayor Binglekorp: Why hello there, visitor! I am Mayor Binglekorp of the Binglekins.
Wander: Binglekins? Like the Binglebops! Do you have any idea what your home is called?
Mayor Binglekorp: Why, it's Binglekinland!
Binglekins: Binglekinland!

(Song: Binglekinland)
Mayor Binglekorp: We Binglekins would like to welcome you
To a place that we call home
There are no rules, those are just old fools
Yet we consider this a rhelm of our own

There are rivers that sparkle and there's trees with candy
Almost everything here is out of place
We're so glad that you're here, make your visit dandy
Mayor Binglekorp/Binglekins: We would love to bring a smile to your face

(Wander's confused expression gives way to a smile, just like they predicted. They begin to dance around him)

You're welcome here in Binglekinland
A place that's ever so grand
We hope your trip goes as planned
Just reach on out, lift your hand
We're always glad for a visit
Oh, we don't want you to miss it
'Cause you're in Binglekinland
Yes, you're in Binglekinland

Good Witch Sylvia: Every Binglekin, near and far
They are always friends of me
Young and old, bright and bold
Happy that you're here, you see
(They gather in a circle and toss Wander in the air several times)
Mayor Binglekorp/Binglekins: We're happy that you've come to see us
Not a minute too late
Good Witch Sylvia: And we've always looked forward
For a welcome so warmer
All but Wander: Help yourself in town, hope your visit goes great

You're welcome here in Binglekinland
A place that's ever so grand
We hope your trip goes as planned
Just reach on out, lift your hand
We're always glad for a visit
Oh, we don't want you to miss it
'Cause you're in Binglekinland
Yes, you're in Binglekinland

Good Witch Sylvia: (gasps) What is this?
(All but Wander gasp. Zoom in on the shed where Wander and Didi came out of, we see a pair of legs sticking out under the floorboards just next to the door. On each foot bears a small, red rubber boot with a little sparkle)
Good Witch Sylvia: Did you just...
Mayor Binglekorp/Binglekins: Squish Little Witch Westley?!
Little Witch Westley: (muffled) I'm okay!
Wander: I what?
One of the Binglekins: Little Witch Westley, is one of Bad Witch Hater's most favorite Flydogs. He was flying around, and we hid. It was only until your shed crushed him flat, causing him to stop watching us!
Wander: Wait, wait, wait. Who's Bad Witch Hater? He sorta reminds me of Lord Hater, much.
Good Witch Sylvia: He's my evil cousin, always trying fruitlessly to seize control of Planet Oz's throne. But we always foil his plans.
One of the Binglekins: How did you ever fly in like this, squishing Little Witch Westley, oh, mighty Wander?
Wander: Well...

The breeze picked up
And the winds came down
Me and Didi went to hide
Didi: Hide!
Wander: We hid in here
Soon, the shed rose high
Taking us for one big ride
Didi: Ride!
Wander: And the wind went whoosh
And the thunder boom
Taking us places here and that
Didi: That!
Wander: Soon, the wind grew weak
And we all dropped down
Leading us -- to -- one -- big...
Didi: Splat!

(Pause, loads of chatter from the Binglekins, then it turns into cheering)
Mayor Binglekorp: Oh, we thank you for that splat, Wander! By smooshing Little Witch Westley, no longer will he ever trap us to our doom! We dub you: Binglekinland's hero.
Wander: Hero! Wow...
Didi: Hero! (giggles)

All but Wander: You're welcome here in Binglekinland
A place that's ever so grand
We hope your trip goes as planned
Just reach on out, lift your hand
We're always glad for a visit
Oh, we don't want you to miss it
'Cause you're in Binglekinland
Wander: Yes, I'm in Binglekinland
All: All together here in Binglekinland

(Song ends with loads of cheer, Good Witch Sylvia steps up)
Good Witch Sylvia: Thank you so much.
Wander: You're welcome!
Little Witch Westley: (muffled) Um, hello?! Can someone get this stupid thing off me?!
Good Witch Sylvia: NO!
Wander: He's even more malicious and annoying than the one back home. No wonder this is happening.
Bad Witch Hater: (offscreen) NOT SO FAST!
One of the Binglekins: Witch!
Binglekins: Witch! Witch! Witch!
(A huge, dark red cloud of thunder explodes not far from them, it fades to reveal Bad Witch Hater, cackling madly)
Bad Witch Hater: Well, well. Who do we have here?
Wander: (Waving) Hi, Hater!
Good Witch Sylvia: (puts her hand over his mouth) This is no smiling matter. (to Bad Witch Hater) What are you doing here, Hater? In to drop in on our hero's honoring ceremony for squishing Little Witch Westley?
Little Witch Westley: (muffled) Oh good, it's you, Bad Witch Hater. Could you spare me a moment and get this shed off me?
Bad Witch Hater: How very kind of you to ask. I would thank all of you for squishing him, but I can't, because I'm bad! All I want is those shiny red boots from his feet!
Wander: Shiny red boots?
Good Witch Sylvia: Those are special footwear that carry a huge source of power.
Bad Witch Hater: (reaches out) Just let me get these boots from Little Witch Westley's feet -- (the boots disappear) WHERE DID THEY GO!?
(Cut to Wander and Good Witch Sylvia, just from waist up)
Good Witch Sylvia: They left Westley's, and they're now Wander's.
(On the end of this, Wander looks down in wonder and Good Witch Sylvia points her scepter at his feet. Close-up of Wander's feet on the last word, now bearing the shiny red boots)
Little Witch Westley: (muffled) Aww man, now I'll get foot bites!
Bad Witch Hater: GIVE ME THOSE BOOTS!!!
Good Witch Sylvia: You can't have these boots, not even in this part of Planet Oz.
Bad Witch Hater: Ohhh, that's what you think, but I will get those boots real soon! (To Wander) As for you, I'll be watching everything you do. I'll get you my yokel, and your little Zbornak kid, too.
Didi: Bad witch! Bad bad bad witch! (blows raspberry)
Bad Witch Hater: Bad Witch Hater out! (He disappears in a puff of red smoke)

Good Witch Sylvia: Oh, my. The sooner we get you home, the sooner we can take care of this bad witch business!
Wander: I'd have to agree. Your home counterpart is running some errands, and we have a picnic after she's done! Oh, what will she say? Is there any way you can get me home?
Good Witch Sylvia: Oh, I wish there was, but I'm afraid I don't know. The only one who can help you is our planet's leader: the Great and Powerful Wizard of Fun!
Wander: The Great and Powerful Wizard of Fun?
Good Witch Sylvia: Yes. The wizard knows everything. If there's ever something in need, you'd go and see him.
Wander: Wow! This is getting better by the minute! By the way, what should I do with these boots?
Good Witch Sylvia: You must never take them off, Wander. They contain a huge source of power Lord Hater is going after. So I want you to hold onto them until he gives up or such.
Wander: I promise I'll wear these boots with all my might! And to think of it, they look sorta cool. (Close-up of the boots on the end of this, he shows them off) So, where is the wizard?
Good Witch Sylvia: He lives all the way up in the Diamond City. To get there, all you have to do is follow the Yellow Rock Road.
(Pan quickly to a yellow path with a rocky texture going over a hill, in the distance is a huge city with pastel colored polygonal buildings. Cut back to Wander)
Wander: The Yellow Rock Road?
Good Witch Sylvia: The Yellow Rock Road.
(She forms the same golden orbble with her scepter and flies out of sight)
Mayor Binglekorp/Binglekins: Follow the Yellow Rock Road! (cheer)
Wander: Follow the Yellow Rock Road...
(Pan slowly down to his feet, standing on a spiral lining next to the Yellow Rock Road. His feet touch the road, and he begins following it in the spiral shape)
Wander: Follow the Yellow Rock Road?
(A shout-out to the movie. One by one, the Binglekins stop him)
Binglekin 1: Follow the Yellow Rock Road!
Binglekin 2: Follow the Yellow Rock Road!
Binglekin 3: Follow the Yellow Rock Road!
Binglekin 4: Follow the Yellow Rock Road!
Binglekins: Follow the Yellow Rock Road! Follow the Yellow Rock Road!
(Song: Wizard Song)
(Music begins playing as Wander continues walking and Didi follows him. The Binglekins begin bobbing back and fourth to the beat. Close-up on the Binglekins, panning across, then cut to Wander, marching down the Yellow Rock Road in time)
Wander: Follow the Yellow Rock Road!
Binglekins: Follow the Yellow Rock Road
You're on your way to see
The Wonderful Wizard of Fun
He's the greatest wizard yet
We know he's number one
If ever, oh ever the wizard knows
The Wizard of Fun, knows where you will go
The Wonderful Wizard of Fun
You're going to, he's the one
Wander: The Wonderful Wizard of Fun
I'm going to, he's the one
Binglekins: You're on your way to see
The Wonderful Wizard of Fun
(They cheer, cut to a behind shot of Wander marching down the Yellow Rock Road with Didi following him. He turns back and waves, then walks out of sight. Snap to black)

Act 2

(Fade up on the sun in the sky, now a normal blue, then pan downwards to Wander and Didi walking down the Yellow Rock Road)
Wander: Wow, a journey to meet the Wizard of Fun, Didi! Isn't this exciting? I wonder what he'll do, I wonder what he looks like. Does he dress good? Do his eyes sparkle? Does he have a nice accent?
Didi: Hm?
Wander: (pauses) Just thinking.
(They continue walking towards a field of giant sunflowers)
Wander: Wow, look at all these sunflowers! I had no idea they could grow that large. (Cut to them walking through) Huh, I wish the flowers in Mom's garden did that somehow.
(They end up coming to a four way crossroads)
Wander: Oh, no, Didi. Now which way do we go?
(Didi shrugs)
Off-Screen Voice: I think this is a good way to go.
Wander: (looking around) Hey, who said that?
Off-Screen Voice: Over here!
(Point of view shot from Wander at a scarecrow that looks very much like Scoot. He is standing between the two paths in the middle and is pointing to the right)
Wander: Oh, that's crazy. Everyone knows scarecrows can't talk.
Scarecrow (Scoot): I do! I would also go that way. (he points left)
Wander: What the...I thought you said --
Scarecrow (Scoot): If you'd like, you can choose either way! (he points to both paths)
(Close-up on a rather deadpan Wander)
Wander: Wow, this is getting crazier by the minute! Come on, Didi! (starts running) We have to get to the wizard before it's too late!
Scarecrow (Scoot): Wait, did you say "Wizard"?
Wander: (stops running, turns around) Uh, yes, talking scarecrow. I'm going to the Diamond City to see the Wizard of Fun.
Scarecrow (Scoot): The Wizard of Fun? Well, why didn't you say so? I wanna come with you, too! Could you just get me down from here? It's awfully bad to be stuck up here all day long with a pole up your back!
Wander: (pauses, smiles) My pleasure.
(He walks over to the scarecrow, takes off his hat, feels around and pulls out a pair of sissors. He snips the threads fastening the scarecrow to the pole one by one, and he flops down onto him. Close-up of the two in a heap, they gradually stand up. The scarecrow stuffs some straw coming out of his chest back in)
Scarecrow (Scoot): Oh, thank you so much. I thought I'd be up there forever! So, what are you going to the wizard for?
Wander: To ask him to take me home to Planet Opism.
Scarecrow (Scoot): Planet Opism? I haven't heard of that place, yet I've never. Nor do I know which path to take, yet they seem right to me. I don't have a brain. Only straw in my head. (lifts up part of his hat showing a bit of straw sticking out of his head) See?
Wander: can you talk if you don't have a brain?
Scarecrow (Scoot): Don't know, but some people without brains can do a lot of talking! Don't they?
Wander: (scratches head) I suppose they do. Hey! Maybe the wizard can get a brain for you! What would you do if you even had a brain?
Scarecrow (Scoot): Well...

(Song: I Wanna Be Smart)
Scarecrow (Scoot): I have always wanted a brain
So I could know anything
To say what I could do with it
Oh boy, just let me think...

I wanna be smart like the others
And find my way
So many things to do,
Like I just wanna say

I would know entire chapters
Of novels and books
I'd excel in lots of reading
And know all the looks

I would know the science methods
The elements, indeed
I would win a scholarship
Thanks to all I'd succeed

Math, History, Literature
I would even win the prize
In a spelling bee

Scarecrow (Scoot): Mississippi: M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I.
Announcer: Correct!

I wanna be smart like the others
And find my way
So many things to do,
Like I just wanna say

I wanna be smart like the others
It's never enough
For so many things to do,
Nothing will go rough
All I have to do is get a brain
Intelligence and smartness I'll gain
And I'll know my stuff

Wander: Well, come on, scarecrow! Just follow the Yellow Rock Road with me, and we'll go to the Diamond City together!
Scarecrow (Scoot): Okay!
(They link arms and begin marching. Didi begins running happily)
(Song: Wizard Song (reprise))
Both: We're on our way to see
The Wonderful Wizard of Fun
He's the greatest wizard yet
We know he's number one
If ever, oh ever the wizard knows
The Wizard of Fun, knows where we will go
The Wonderful Wizard of Fun
We're going to, he's the one
Wander: The Wonderful Wizard of Fun
Scarecrow (Scoot): We're going to, he's the one
Both: We're on our way to see
The Wonderful Wizard of Fun

(Fade to a peaceful forest glen, the twosome and Didi come around the bend)
Scarecrow (Scoot): And I'd get an A+ in Physics, an A++ in Sign Language, and even an A+++ in English!
Wander: Wow. Those are really hard subjects! Maybe someday when you have your brain, you'll be able to know everything!
Scarecrow (Scoot): Totally! (Some of his straw falls out of his chest) Oop! There goes the straw! (Bends down to pick the straw up, notices a trail of oil) Hey, what's this?
Wander: (bends down) Hmm... (feels it) Oil. I wonder where it's comin' from.
(They slowly follow the oil trail, eventually coming to a tree stump with an oil can on it. Both look up at the oil can, then stare in wonder at something just ahead of it. Wander walks over to what he sees; a man out of tin, that looks much like Scurry. He is standing tall and proud, holding an axe. A few portions of rust are placed randomly over his body. Wander bangs a fist on the tin man's chest)
Wander: Scarecrow, look at this!
Scarecrow (Scoot): (runs up) Wow. What is this thing?
Wander: (banging fist) Why, it's a man! A man made out of tin!
Scarecrow (Scoot): Oh, I wish I could use one of these!
(They bang their fists, feeling the tin man's hard body. They suddenly stop at the sound of a muffled voice, obviously coming from the tin man himself)
Wander: Huh? What was that? (more indiscernible sounds) What? (more sounds, to Scarecrow) He said "Oil can".
Scarecrow (Scoot): Oil can what?
Wander: Ugh, just oil can. (walks over to the oil can and picks it up, to the tin man) Okay, what should we oil first? (responds to his indiscernible noises)
Scarecrow (Scoot): I think we should get his mouth.
Wander: Okay.
(He squeezes the oil can's plunger, testing it so that oil comes out the spout. He then aims the plunger at the tin man's mouth and oils it all over. After a few squirts, the tin man's jaw begins moving, squeaking a bit. Camera shows a close-up as he does this, then the squeaking dies out as he begins to speak)
Tin Man (Scurry): Oh...ah...oh...ah...I can talk again. Oh, get my arms, and my elbows. Neck, too. (Wander does so) My hands, too. And the legs and feet. (More oiling) Oh, thank you. (His arm holding the axe comes down)
Wander/Scarecrow (Scoot): Whoa!
Wander: Are you okay? Did that hurt?
Tin Man (Scurry): No, I'm okay. Thanks for oiling me, I've been holding that axe up for ages.
Wander: How did you ever get like this?
Tin Man (Scurry): Well, exactly one year ago, I was chopping trees, when a big rainstorm hit. And right when I was about to chop, I rusted all over. Oh, that wasn't good.
Wander: But now you're oiled, and able to move again.
Scarecrow (Scoot): Yeah, that's perfect, ain't it?
Tin Man (Scurry): Perfect? I don't think so, bang on my chest if you do.
Wander: Why bang your chest?
Tin Man (Scurry): Oh, I don't know. Just bang on it.
Wander: (rolling his eyes) Oooookay...
(He bangs on the tin man's chest, which produces a loud echo from inside)
Scarecrow (Scoot): Wow! Man, that's the loudest echo I've ever heard!
Tin Man (Scurry): That means I'm empty. The tinsmith forgot to give me a heart.
Wander/Scarecrow (Scoot): (totally shocked) No heart?!
Tin Man (Scurry): Yep. No heart, all hollow.
Wander: Whataya mean, he forgot to give you a heart?!
Tin Man (Scurry): No idea, it's that...I just wish I would care more like you. Without a heart I'm...empty.

(Song: A Heart for Me)
Tin Man (Scurry): With no heart inside me, I'm hollow and void
Everything I think, is like love destroyed
I wish I could love, and care, and yearn
A heart for me is what I'd earn

Everybody has a heart
All but me, ain't that smart?
All I am is made of tin
Metal and all, rust within

I would be half-human
I'd have a heart that's bloomin'
What would be sweet
If there was a heart for me

I hope I'd get one soon, 'cause all I think is nothing
It would be lots of fun, to have to just feel something
I know that out there somewhere, out there past the breeze
And to several parts unknown
There is a heart for me

Wander: Well, if you wish you'd want a heart, you're in luck! We're going to the Diamond City to see the Wizard of Fun!
Tin Man (Scurry): The Wizard of Fun? Is it true you're going to see the Wizard of Fun?!
Wander: Mm-hmm. He's gonna help me go home!
Scarecrow (Scoot): And he's gonna give me a brain!
Didi: Wizard! Yay!
Tin Man (Scurry): Wow! Count me in! (he joins them) I bet he has a heart to give me!
Wander: The more, the merrier! Let's go, guys!
(They link arms and begin marching down the Yellow Rock Road, leaving the glen. Didi follows in front)
(Song: Wizard Song (second reprise))
All: We're on our way to see
The Wonderful Wizard of Fun
He's the greatest wizard yet
We know he's number one
If ever, oh ever the wizard knows
The Wizard of Fun, knows where we will go
The Wonderful Wizard of Fun
We're going to, he's the one
Wander: The Wonderful Wizard of Fun
Scarecrow (Scoot)/Tin Man (Scurry): We're going to, he's the one
All: We're on our way to see
The Wonderful Wizard of Fun

(They walk out of sight. The scene changes to a crystal ball viewing the same place in a dark room)
Bad Witch Hater: (offscreen, snickering) Go as fast as you can, you yokel. (zoom out, he is staring at the crystal ball) You may be on your way to the wizard, but I'm stopping at nothing to steal those boots, and use their power to seize its throne! (snickers again) Sargent Weepers! Front and center!
(Sargent Weepers -- the Planet Oz counterpart of Peepers -- zips up to him)
Weepers: What can I help you with, oh, mighty bad witch sir?
Bad Witch Hater: I want you to increase security to my castle. There's very few Flydogs here, so I want more.
Weepers: Already on it, sir! (calling to the Flydogs) You heard him! Increase the castle security!
Flydogs: (marching past) Hate's great! Best witch man! Hate's great! Best witch man! Hate's great! Best witch man! (continues under)
Bad Witch Hater: Excellent. (at the crystal ball) You may be on the right path, Wander, but nothing can stop me, Bad Witch Hater, the future ruler of Planet Oz!
(He lets go with a very loud evil laughter as thunder flashes. Suddenly, his left eye pops out -- a glass eye -- and he stops laughing all of a sudden. Cut to the floor as the glass eye bounces across, then stops)
Bad Witch Hater: Oh, must have popped an eye out. Literally. (puts the eye back in the empty socket) That must have been a good chuckle.
(Rock sting, snap to black)

Act 3

(Fade up on a crow cawing on a tree branch in a dark forest. Pan slowly downwards to Wander, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Didi walking down the Yellow Rock Road)
Wander: (terrified) I -- I don't like this forest, it's really dark and scary.
Scarecrow (Scoot): Neither do I, it's making my straw all shivery! (some of his straw starts to fall out, he stuffs it back in)
Wander: you suppose we'll meet any wild animals?
Scarecrow (Scoot): Are there animals that eat straw?! (stops more straw falling out)
Tin Man (Scurry): Well, maybe. But there's mostly lions, and tigers, and bears.
Wander: Lions?
Scarecrow (Scoot): And tigers?
Tin Man (Scurry): And bears.
Wander: Whoa. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.
All three: (walking slowly) Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
(Their mantra is interrupted by an offscreen roar, causing them to scream in fear. Cut to a rock, out comes an humanoid lion that looks very much like Scamper. He leaps on top of the rock, roaring, then leaps off and runs toward them. Cut to the three as they run off, screaming. Wander hides behind a tree, Scarecrow hides behind a bush, and Tin Man hides behind a hollow log. Cut to the lion on the Yellow Rock Road, looking quite angry. Slowly, he stands on his hind paws and gets in fighting position)
Lion (Scamper): Alright, who goes there? I know you're here somewhere! (sniffs) I know there's prey when I see one. (hears clanking metal) YOU THERE! (Tin Man shrieks) You rusty old teapot, what are you up to? (no answer, hears the sound of straw) AND YOU! (Scarecrow shrieks) You're nothing but a living bag of hay! (No answer, he hears a raspberry) Wha? (He looks over at Didi, mocking him) Oh, a little Zbornak, huh? (gets in fighting position) I'll get you anyway, pee-wee!
(He roars and rushes after Didi, who screams and runs away. Cut to Wander behind the tree, he gasps)
Wander: No, not Didi! (comes out) Hang on, Didi, I'm coming! (runs off)
Scarecrow (Scoot)/Tin Man (Scurry): Wander, no!
(Wander runs up to the lion and spanks him; he lets out a howl of agony, and he picks Didi up)
Wander: Bad big kitty! NEVER go near Didi like that! (he begins sobbing) Huh? (more sobbing, Scarecrow and Tin Man join him) Why the tears, lion? (takes a handkerchief out of his hat) There, there. (wipes his streaming face) There's no need to cry. No wonder you're trying to pick on someone much smaller than you, we won't hurt you! Why, you're nothing but a coward! A great, big coward!
Lion (Scamper): You're right, I am a coward! I've no courage at all, I'm scared by everybody! I even scare myself! Observe. (roars, screams, cowers)
Wander: No need to be scared, lion. I'm here. I wish you had the courage.
Lion (Scamper): So do I. (stands up) You know what means being brave? (pause) Courage! What means I', not afraid of anything? Courage! What means I'm able to face my fears? Courage! You have ANY idea, what it means to stand up in the face of danger, not wanting to run away and chase away the enemy?!
Other three: Courage!
Lion (Scamper): Heh, you can say that again.
Wander: Well, we're going to see the wizard in the Diamond City. Maybe you can ask him for courage? Scarecrow (Scoot): Yeah, like I'm gonna ask him for a brain!
Tin Man (Scurry): And I'm gonna ask him for a heart!
Wander: And I'm gonna ask him to take me home!
Didi: (jumping excitedly) Yeah!
Lion (Scamper): Courage...I suppose that's something I need...

(Song: When I'm Brave)
Lion (Scamper): I'll be the bravest lion everyone's ever known
I will show all the animals and leave their minds blown
When I'm brave, I will fight the fight
When I'm courageous, I will do it right
Not another scare will get in my way, not a fright

Wherever I go, I will be the best
I'll be brave everywhere, north, south, east, west
When I'm fearless, I will face my fears
No matter the danger, I will be in gear
When I'm brave, I'll stand for everyone, and hear their cheers

It's my time to be courageous
It's my moment to shine
I'm gonna be the greatest
The best lion on the line

When I'm brave, I'll be the best
When I'm fearless, I am strong
When I am courageous, I'll be great
That's what I'll be when I am brave!

(Pan from one character to another as he names his desire)
Scarecrow (Scoot): Brain!
Tin Man (Scurry): Heart!
Wander: Home!
Lion (Scamper): Be brave!

(Song ends, close-up on Wander)
Wander: Come on, everybody! (They link arms) Let's go!
(They begin marching down the Yellow Rock Road together, Didi runs ahead)
(Song: Wizard Song (third reprise))
All: Oh, we're on our way to see
The Wonderful Wizard of Fun
He's the greatest wizard yet
We know he's number one
If ever, oh ever the wizard knows
The Wizard of Fun, knows where we will go
The Wonderful Wizard of Fun
We're going to, he's the one
Wander/Scarecrow (Scoot): The Wonderful Wizard of Fun
Tin Man (Scurry)/Lion (Scamper): We're going to, he's the one
All: We're on our way to see
The Wonderful Wizard of Fun
(They march out of sight)

(Dissolve to the same scene being shown on Bad Witch Hater's crystal ball, camera zooms out to frame him as he growls)
Bad Witch Hater: I cannot believe this! At any second rate, they'll reach the Diamond City and I'll be ruined! I've got to get those boots! But how...?
Weepers: (offscreen) Sir?
(Widen to reveal Weepers next to him)
Bad Witch Hater: Weepers! About time!
Weepers: Sir, I've heard that Wander's gang is almost to the Diamond City, but I think I have to tell you something.
Bad Witch Hater: Yeah?
Weepers: Well, there's an entire daisy field before it. Daises are Wander's favorite flower, and I've heard you've learned that sleeping spell last week?
Bad Witch Hater: (pauses, shakes head) Light bulb! You've just given me the most ultimate plan, Sargent Weepers. I'll cast a sleeping spell on the daisies, causing Wander to fall into a deep, deep, sleep. Then, I'll send the Flydogs to steal the boots off his feet! This is gonna be a great day for the bad witch!
Weepers: Hey, I'm just saying, sir.
(He walks over to a cauldron and gets out his spell book, then opens it to the sleeping spell)
(Song: The Witch's Trap)
(He goes to work, performing each action relating to the lyrics)
Bad Witch Hater: A lush of this and a sprinkle of that
And now the smell of an old house rat
(Instrumental, two beats)
In goes a liquid of sour and sap
This is the plan for the witch's trap
(Instrumental, four beats)

Now a little bit of this and a little bit of that
The cough of a lizard and the blood of a bat
The fur of a leopard and the whiskers of a cat
The last is the sleeping dust, to recap
That is the plan for the witch's trap
(Instrumental, two beats)

Now to stir it all and make it fresh
The sleeping potion's ready, like the smoothness of flesh
(He dips his hands into the cauldron
That yokel's boots will be kidnapped
As soon as he steps into the witch's trap

(He walks over to the crystal ball and makes it show the daisy field in front of the Diamond City)
Bad Witch Hater: (warming up his hands with lightning) Daisies, sleep tight, there's no morning light!
(He zaps the crystal ball and roars. Zoom in quickly on the crystal ball and snap to the daisy field. Green smoke falls down to them, and they absorb into the petals in close up)
Bad Witch Hater: Step right into the witch's trap

(Cut to the other side, Wander and the gang walk out of the forest laughing, Didi leads. Close-up on them as they gasp with wonder)
Wander: Look, guys! There it is!
(Cut to Wander's perspective of the Diamond City: A cityscape identical to New York City with polygonal shaped buildings in several shades of silver, yellow, pink and blue, and are pulsing in the sunlight)
All four: The Diamond City!
Didi: Diamond City! Woohoo!
Wander: We made it, guys! We're gonna see the wizard any moment, now! Soon, I'll be home in no shakes of a lamb's butt!
Scarecrow (Scoot): I can't wait to get my brain!
Tin Man (Scurry): And my heart!
Lion (Scamper): And my courage!
Wander: (walking into the daisy field) All we have left to do is cross this field of daisies, and we'll -- (stops) Hey. These daisies look nice, don't they? (picks up one) Maybe the wizard would love one or two? (sniffs it) Ah, fresh from the garden.
(This gives the cue for the daisy to release green smoke courtesy of Bad Witch Hater all over Wander's face. He moans to himself, passing out. He finally falls over. Cut to ground level as he hits the ground, deep sleep. Cut back to his friends and Didi as they gasp)
Scarecrow (Scoot): Oh, no! What happened?
Tin Man (Scurry): I have no idea.
Scarecrow (Scoot): This has gotta be the work of Bad Witch Hater, must be one of his sleeping spells again!
Lion (Scamper): We've gotta wake him up, somehow! (leaving) I'll get him!
Scarecrow (Scoot)/Tin Man (Scurry): No!!
(Cut to Lion making his way across the daisy field, they release green smoke)
Lion (Scamper): Don't worry, Wander! I'll get you! (slowing down) I'll help you if it's...the last...thing...I' (falls over in a deep sleep)
(Cut back to Scarecrow and Tin man)
Tin Man (Scurry): Oh, no! Not again!
Didi: Sleeping spells! (blows raspberry) Bad witch!
Tin Man (Scurry): I wish there was a way.
Scarecrow (Scoot): Hmm. (a light bulb appears over his head, he gasps) Light bulb! (to Tin Man) I think there is a way.
Tin Man (Scurry): Yeah?
Scarecrow (Scoot): Okay, this has to be one of Bad Witch's sleeping spells. There's a side effect to the spell, however.
Tin Man (Scurry): What?
Scarecrow (Scoot): The spells are not waterproof! So, the only way to break the sleeping curse is to make it rain over the victim!
Tin Man (Scurry): Wow! Scarecrow, you are smart!
Scarecrow (Scoot): Seems like I'm learning without a brain, huh? (praying) Oh, please, make it rain. Good Witch Sylvia, do your best, let the rain come down, and wipe the sleeping spell away!
(Pan slowly up to the sky as Good Witch Sylvia's golden orbble floats into view. Close up on it, Good Witch Sylvia becomes visible through the orbble, eyes closed, as she spreads her arms wide and casts her spell as sparkles fly out of the orbble as the camera widens to frame it. The orbble slowly floats away as rain clouds gather, and it begins raining heavily. Cut to Scarecrow and Tin Man, the latter using the former's hat to shield himself so he doesn't rust up again. Close up on Didi who skips happily, then to the two sleeping victims as their bodies get wet in the rain. Close up on Wander, his eyes flicker open. Widen as he sits up and yawns, then rubs his eyes)
Wander: Wha...where am I?
(Lion follows suit)
Lion (Scamper): Uh...unusual weather we're having, ain't it? (Cut back to Scarecrow and Tin Man as they cheer, Didi jumps happily)
Didi: Yeah!!!

(Cut to Bad Witch Hater watching the scene from his crystal ball, he growls angrily)
Bad Witch Hater: OH, SWEET HAROLD OF ITCHING TRAITORS!!! (his glass eye pops out, he puts it back in)

(Cut back to Wander and Lion as they stand up while the rain stops. Scarecrow, Tin Man and Didi join them)
Scarecrow (Scoot): Wander, are you okay?
Tin Man (Scurry): We were so worried!
Wander: Don't worry, I'm alright. You too, lion?
Lion (Scamper): Gotta admit, yes.
(They shake the water off themselves at rapid speed, and their fur coats puff up. Everyone laughs, and they smooth their fur out)
Wander: Well, guys, we're almost there! Diamond City dead ahead! Who's with me? (Everyone cheers, Didi jumps excitedly and giggles)
Wander: Then, let's go!
(Everyone laughs and joins arms as they skip out of the daisy field with Didi leading and back onto the Yellow Rock Road. Behind shot as they skip up the path, pan upwards to the Diamond City as it pulses before the view fades to black)

Act 4

(Fade up on a view of the Diamond City buildings from top, then pan downwards to the gang walking up to the gates. Close-up as they approach, and Wander sees a button with a label reading: "If you wish to enter, please push". Wander presses it, a buzzer sounds, and the camera cuts to a window in one of the gates as it opens and someone peeks their head out. It is Reeza, the Planet Oz counterpart of Beeza, she looks very much like her home counterpart, but her skin is lemon yellow and her hair is apple green. She wears a dark purple metallic robe with a silver belt)
Reeza: Good day, nice to see you. I am Reeza, keeper of the Diamond City gates. How can I help you?
Wander: We'd like to see the Wizard of Fun, please
Reeza: (Shrieks, jumps up) Wha -- wha -- the wizard?! He isn't expecting any visitors at all! No one can see him, in fact, nobody's seen him! Even I've never seen him!
Scarecrow (Scoot): Well, how do you know he's here?
Reeza: Oh, I've just heard of him. I wouldn't let you see the wizard, he's quite not a nice one when it comes to visitors.
Wander: But ma'am, you have to let us in! We have to see the wizard! Good Witch Sylvia sent me!
Reeza: Oh, yeah? Prove it.
Wander: I'm wearing the shiny red boots!
(All but Wander and Didi gasp)
Reeza: The shiny red boots? Did you say you're wearing the shiny red boots?
Wander: (nodding) Mmm-hmm.
Tin Man (Scurry): Wow, the shiny red boots!
(Reeza leans out the window a little to examine Wander's feet. Close-up of the boots, she gasps)
Reeza: (offscreen) So you are! (cut to her) Why didn't you say so in the first place? Come on in!
(She ducks inside the window, and it closes. Zoom out as the gates open slowly, zoom in to the busy streets of the Diamond City. Various fleas -- bearing the same skin and hair color as Reeza's, but wearing solid dark purple robes with white belts -- are doing their jobs. Cut to the group sharing looks of awe as the music starts)
Reeza: Right this way!
(She leads them on a tour through the city)

(Song: Here In The Diamond City)
Reeza: Here in the Diamond City,
We laugh and sing and play
There is nothing wrong, nor disaster such
That will ruin this whole day

Here in the Diamond City,
There is loads of things to do
We have swimming here and there's baking there
Lots to set your minds to

Scarecrow (Scoot): There's a farm with a hay themed funhouse
Tin Man (Scurry): And a statue garden there
Lion (Scamper): It feels so nice and there's lots of warm air
Didi: (jumps excitedly) Yeah!

Wander: This place is just fantastic
Haven't seen one like this before
All five: Full of fun, like a barrel full of sun
There is simply nothing that can be a bore

(They get into a horse carriage and Reeza rides it through the city until further notice)

Fleas: Here in the Diamond City,
Make your visit here the best
We do not wear frowns, there are smiles around
It's amazing, as you guessed

Here in the Diamond City,
We're active day and night
It's a special place, by a woman's grace
We will set apace to put a smile to your face
In the Diamond City, you will see the light

(The carriage approaches a place, and it comes to a stop in side view. And all but Reeza gets off one by one and run inside. Camera shifts to behind them as they run through the doorway; pan upwards to the top of the door showing the name of the place they entered: Wash and Brush Up Co.)

(Dissolve to Scarecrow lying on his back on an operating table while three male fleas work on stuffing him with better straw)
Straw Stuffing Fleas: Here in the Diamond City,
You'll be filled with brand new straw
Add a bushel here and a bushel there
Yet this fills you with guffaw
(Pan left to Tin Man, also on an operating table but on his back, one male flea moves a giant wheel back and forth on his back while another male flea oils him and uses a rag to polish his metal skin)
Tin Cleaning Fleas: Here in the Diamond City,
You'll be shiny and brand new
With an oil here and a buffing there
No more rust spots right on you
(Pan left to Wander in a salon chair, Didi sitting on his lap. He now sports a red bow tie the same color as the boots. To his left, a female flea files his nails. To his right, another female flea holds a fragrance bottle and sprays it on him. Next to her, a male flea brushes his fur. Cut from one singer to another in this next part)
Fragrance Flea: Here in the Diamond City,
Nail Filing Flea: We treat the sweetest ones
(Close-up on Wander)
Wander: It's more than a city, it's a place full of dreams
(Widen to frame everyone)
Fur Brushing Flea: You'll be shining like the sun
(Pan left to Lion, also in a salon chair and now wearing a dark red bow tie on his head. Around him, four female fleas trim his fur, while one behind him tightens his bow)
Fur Trimming Fleas: Here in the Diamond City,
A lion must be brave and bold
With fur all smoothed and a roar so loud
Not to mention with a heart of gold

(He gets out of the chair, and the other three salon patrons walk up. Tin Man no longer has any rust spots)
All Fleas: The Diamond City never gets old
Wander: A place we all behold
Everyone: A city that's increased fourfold

(They exit the store and return to the city, marching down the streets into the city square)
Here in the Diamond City,
You might not know where to start
There is not one place that's like another
Even though we stand apart

Here in the Diamond City,
Our help here is the key
You can rest all day til it's time to play
So we shall make way, it's a city parade
We will jump and sway and we'll all shout "yay!"
To the city that's the place to be!

We love our Diamond City!

(The scene dissolves to an overview of the city square as they hold the last note. Right when the music ends though, the fun is broken up by the evil laugh of Bad Witch Hater as the camera cuts back to Wander, whose mood changes. His three friends and Didi cower up to him, and they look up. Pan across the fleas as they look up in horror and point. Cut to Bad Witch Hater, laughing and riding his broomstick. The bristles on the back spray out black smoke, and the scene widens to reveal the smoke making a message: "Surrender Wander")
Wander: (offscreen) "Surrender Wander"?! (Cut back to him) Oh, I hate that Bad Witch Hater!
Lion (Scamper): Oh, if I had the courage, I'd take him down!
Tin Man (Scurry): I don't care what he says at all.
Scarecrow (Scoot): Ugh! If only I knew what he was doing!
(A flea guard walks up to them)
Guard: The Wizard of Fun is waiting for you in his throne room. It's just up this tunnel.
(He points at a tunnel behind him, and the group begins walking into it, Didi sticks with them instead of leading)

(Cut to the gang walking inside the tunnel)
Lion (Scamper): (Starting to get scared) Oh, I think I've changed my mind! I don't want courage after all, I'm scared!
Wander: Oh, relax, lion. It's just one visit to the wizard, and we're done.
Lion (Scamper): Are you sure? The wizard is really scary, he has a loud voice and...he's almost never nice to everyone!
Wander: Calm down. I'm sure the wizard will listen to us. Let's all just stick together, okay?
(Everyone links their arms together and begins walking slowly, a booming voice stops them)
Booming Voice: COME FORWARD!!!
(On the end of this, cut to Wander's perspective as the doors to the throne room open. Back to the group)
Lion (Scamper): Tell me when it's over!
(The nervous gang work their way towards the doors slowly)

(Cut to inside the throne room as the gang enters, everything is various shades of pale blue, and on a dais at the end sports a big silver throne with torches between it. Everyone stops before the dais)
Wander: Wizard? We're here to see you!
(There is a boom as the lights go out and everyone screams. The torches light full force, and big green smoke begins rising up above the throne. Everyone stares in awe as the smoke changes shape until it makes a smoky variation of Sir Brad Starlight's head. The wizard is Brad's Planet Oz counterpart, he speaks in the loud, booming tone as before)
Wizard (Brad): I AM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL WIZARD OF FUN! (cut to the gang, shivering in fear) WHO ARE YOU? (no answer, cut back to him) I SAID, WHO ARE YOU?!
Wander: Uh... (walks forward) I'm Wander the Small and Furry, and...we've come to ask you --
Wizard (Brad): SILENCE!!! (Wander shrieks and runs back to the group) I, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL FUN KNOW WHY YOU HAVE COME! SCARECROW! FRONT AND CENTER! (Scarecrow slowly approaches the dais) YOU'VE ASKED FOR A BRAIN, DID YA NOT?
Scarecrow (Scoot): (shivering, straw falling out) Uh...yes, oh Great and Powerful Fun, sir...I am --
Wizard (Brad): ENOUGH!!! (Shrieking, Scarecrow goes back to the group) YOU! TIN MAN! (Tin Man slowly comes forward) YOU WISH YOU HAD A HEART, YOU METAL, RUSTY HUMANOID?!
Tin Man (Scurry): (shivering, metal rattling) Uh...y-y-y-y-yes, your majesty, we've been following the Yellow Rock Road a few minutes ago, and --
Wizard (Brad): QUIET!!! (shrieking, Tin Man goes back to the group) AND YOU, LION! (Whimpering, Lion limps forward, no answer) WELL?!?
(Still no answer, Lion groans and faints)
Wander: Lion!
(Everyone kneels down and try constantly to wake Lion up, Wander is furious)
Wander: (to the wizard) You should be ashamed of yourself, wizard! You frightened him when he came to you for help! Don't you know how scared he is?!
(Cut to the gang on the end of this, Lion wakes up)
Lion (Scamper): What's that?
Wander: Really? (Everyone stands up) You're going to help us?
Wander: What the -- his glass eye?!
Scarecrow (Scoot): I didn't know he had a glass eye.
Tin Man (Scurry): But...but if we do that, we have to take on him, and --
Lion (Scamper): But..but he's --
Wizard (Brad): I SAID, GO!!!!!
(The last word is accompanied with one final blast of fire and smoke, and everyone screams. The wizard's head disappears, and the lights come back up)
Wander: Oh...bring the wizard Bad Witch Hater's glass eye? I don't know if I'm ready for that, it's too much for me!
Scarecrow (Scoot): But Wander, we've been following the Yellow Rock Road for hours! We have to do this for the wizard if he wants to help us!
Wander: I know! But Bad Witch Hater is nothing but trouble! Not home trouble, but really trouble.
Scarecrow (Scoot): He is trouble, Wander! But it's the wizard we're doing this for. Either we do this, or he won't give me my brain!
Tin Man (Scurry) Nor my heart!
Lion (Scamper): Nor my courage!
Scarecrow (Scoot): Nor will he take you home.
Wander: Wha...? Not take me home? (pauses) NO! Of course, I wanna go home! We ARE doing this for the wizard, am I right?!
Other three: Yeah!
Didi: (jumps excitedly) Yeah!
Wander: I guess the wizard is being helpful after all! Either we bring him Bad Witch Hater's glass eye, or we don't get what we want at all! Who's with me?!
(All cheer, Didi jumps happily and giggles)
Wander: Besides, what could be bad about this?

(Scene cuts immediately to a swarm of bats flying through a dark forest as crows caw in the background. Cut to the gang walking slowly, Wander carries Didi in his arm)
Wander: Whoa...this forest is even scarier than the one Lion came from.
(They walk until they see a sign. Close up of it, at the top it reads "HAUNTED FOREST". Underneath it reads "Bad Witch Hater'z Castle 1 Mile" along with a pointing hand. To the bottom left is another notice reading "Id turn back if I were u!". Back to Wander)
Wander: One mile to the castle, do you think it's okay...?
(He looks over, pan slowly to the right revealing Bad Witch Hater's castle. Thunder strikes)
Lion (Scamper): Whoa...I don't think this is a good idea!
Scarecrow (Scoot): Oh, calm your furs, Lion, we're doing this for the wizard!

(Snap to Bad Witch Hater in his potion room)
Bad Witch Hater: Ohhh!! I cannot believe this, Weepers! No matter what I try, I can't get those boots!
Weepers: Oh, don't worry, sir. You'll have them soon.
Bad Witch Hater: Soon?! I want those boots NOW!
(He stomps on the ground hard at the last word, the room vibrates)
Weepers: (shrieking) Of course you'll get those boots, sir!
(An alarm sounds)
Bad Witch Hater: Great witches of Waterton! (Cut to the crystal ball which shows Wander and the gang entering) They're here! (Back to him) You did ask the Flydogs to increase the security as earlier, right?
Weepers: Yes I did, sir!
Bad Witch Hater: Good. Ask them to snatch up Wander and bring him here!
Weepers: Got it! (zips off)
Bad Witch Hater: Yes, it's working now. He'll be captured, and the shiny red boots will be MINE! (laughs evilly, glass eye pops out) Oh! (reinserts it) One day, I've gotta ask my docter to permanently attach this.

(Cut back outside the castle as Wander and the gang gather at the door)
Wander: Well, this is it.
Tin Man (Scurry): Go on.
(Wander slowly walks toward the door and knocks)
Wander: Hello? Anyone?
(This moment is interrupted by the laughing of the Flydogs, and they look up and gasp. Brief shot of the Flydogs flying through the air on broomsticks, one of them flies toward the camera and reaches out his hands. Fade to black as it fills the screen at the same time)
(Snap up immediately, the Flydog grabs up Wander still holding Didi, he screams. The next lines overlap each other)
Scarecrow (Scoot)/Lion (Scamper): Oh no!
Tin Man (Scurry): Wander!
(Cut to Wander being carried away by the Flydog)
Wander: Helllp!!! Please, help me! (to the Flydog) Put me down, you!
Flydog: We're taking you to Bad Witch Hater, so he'll take your boots and use its power to rule Planet Oz!
Flydogs: (marching past) Hate's great! Best witch man! Hate's great! Best witch man! Hate's great! Best witch man! (continues under)
Wander: (overlapping) HEEEELLLLLP MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
(He flies into a tower, cut back to the trio)
Scarecrow (Scoot): Wander's been Oz-napped!
Tin Man (Scurry): What are we gonna do now?!
Lion (Scamper): Well... (gulps) I guess we're gonna have to follow them in!
Scarecrow (Scoot): No time for fears, Lion! We've gotta go in there! Wander is held captive! Bad Witch Hater has him! HE'S GONNA RULE PLANET OZ ANY MINUTE!!!
(Something clicks into Lion's head on the end of this, he instantly becomes ferocious)
Lion (Scamper): Not that mean witch! I HATE BAD WITCH HATER!!! We're gonna have to break in! Follow me! (he runs offscreen)
Tin Man (Scurry): Wow. That's very brave of him.
(He and Scarecrow run offscreen, and the view snaps to black)

Act 5

(Fade in to a view of the window to Bad Witch Hater's potion room, zooming in. Bad Witch Hater is muttering to himself)
Bad Witch Hater: I've got him, now he's mine
No longer will Planet Oz live fine
(He chuckles. Cut to Wander and Didi, the former's arms tied up around his body by a rope, the latter having cinderblocks strapped to her feet. He continues offscreen)
That yokel and his Zbornak are kidnapped
They have entered the witch's trap
Wander: You bad witch! Let me out of this thing!
Didi: Bad witch! (blows raspberry)
Bad Witch Hater: Too late, yokel! I have got you held captive, and there's nothing you can do about it!
Wander: Oh, yeah?! Well...uh...if you rule Planet Oz, there won't be any happiness around, and without me, it's unable to be spread!
Bad Witch Hater: Well, we'll see about that! You're nothing but a sly, cunning, and devious trickster! Wimpy! Repulsive! Sneaky! Sarcastic! (Cut to Wander who rolls his eyes disgustedly, he continues offscreen) And you don't shower every so often! (Cut back to him) Now that you're here, and there's no way you can escape, I'll just simply take these boots from you. (he reaches for the boots, but just as he was about to touch him they shock his hands) YOW! (sucks his hand) What is going on?!
Wander: Sorry, bad witch, but these boots wield the good magic of your cousin, you can't take them off.
Didi: Yeah! (blows raspberry)
Bad Witch Hater: Well, if I can't take the boots from you, I'll just find another way myself! You stay right here, I'm gonna go get a shoehorn. (leaving out the door) Enjoy your last moments of peace! (cackles, door slams)

Wander: Oh, Didi, what am I gonna do? If Bad Witch Hater takes my boots, Planet Oz will be doomed! And unless I get his glass eye and bring it to the wizard, he won't give Scarecrow the brain he requested! And Tin Man's heart, and Lion's courage, and my wish to go home! Oh, Sylvia! What are you doing right now?
(On the end of this, the crystal ball lights up. Zoom in as Sylvia appears in it, she no longer holds the papers and files)
Sylvia: (in crystal ball) Wander? Wander, where are you? I've finished my errands! What is taking you so long?
Wander: I'm in here, Sylvia! In Bad Witch Hater's castle! I'm trying to get home to you! Do you hear me?!
Sylvia: Wander?
Wander: Sylvia, I'm here! Sylviaaaaa!! (Sylvia's image fades out) Sylvia, don't go! I'm right here! Sylviaaaaaa!!! (Bad Witch Hater briefly appears in the crystal ball, laughing) Someone help meeeeee!!!!
(The wall next to him bursts down, the three friends dash through)
Lion (Scamper): With courage. (blows fist)
Wander: Guys! You're here! And just in time, Hater left to get a shoehorn!
Tin Man (Scurry): We'd better get you out, and fast!
Lion (Scamper): Allow me.
(He walks up to Wander and slashes his claws across the rope, causing it to fall down, freeing him. He then stomps on Didi's cinderblocks, breaking them and freeing her. She jumps and giggles)
Wander: Wow, that's really brave of you, Lion! But how are we gonna get Hater's glass eye?
Lion (Scamper): (pauses) Follow me!
(He runs off, and everyone runs after him. Cut to the door as Lion opens it for everyone to run through. He runs through as well, and the door slams)

(Cut to Bad Witch Hater in a hallway searching through various jars, Weepers and the Flydogs surround him)
Bad Witch Hater: Oh, where could it be? I should've stocked up on shoehorns years ago!
Weepers: (hearing footsteps) Sir, with all due respect, I think --
Bad Witch Hater: Not now, Weepers! I gotta find that shoehorn if I wanna --
Wander: (offscreen) STOP!
(Gasping, Bad Witch Hater jumps, his glass eye detaching before he reainserts it. Point of view shot from him at the doorway, Wander and his three friends, lined up, hands on hips and looking serious. L to R: Scarecrow, Wander, Lion, Tin Man. Wander is further ahead than the others)
Wander: You are not gonna get away with this, Bad Witch Hater! Not even if it's the last thing I do!
Bad Witch Hater: Wha?! How did you get out of your prison?!
Lion (Scamper): I was brave enough. I don't believe in your spooks at all. (Bad Witch Hater growls, he shrieks and shivers) I-I mean I do believe in spooks. I do believe in spooks, IdoIdoIdoIdoIdoIdoIdoIdoIdo!!! (Tin Man slaps him) I mean... (growls)
Wander: Playtime is over for you, Hater!
Bad Witch Hater: Really? ATTACK!!!!
(The Flydogs charge at the gang, they fight. After a while, the Flydogs are in a lump)
Wander: (between pants) You...won't...get...away...with...this!!
Scarecrow (Scoot): Planet Oz will never be yours, Hater!
Bad Witch Hater: (lighting a match) Or...will it?
(He slowly brings it forward to Scarecrow, who backs up in fear. When he reaches the wall, the match touches his arm, which begins to light up in flames. Scarecrow screams)
(During this, cut to Bad Witch Hater as he looks on evilly. Cut back to Wander)
Wander: Scarecrow! NO!
Tin Man (Scurry): (holding a bucket of water) Here, take this! Filled it in the bathroom! Careful not to rust me!
(Wander takes the bucket from Tin Man and runs up to Scarecrow)
Wander: Don't worry, Scarecrow! I'll help!
(He reaches Scarecrow on the end of this and throws the water over his shoulder, extinguishing the fire. Cut to Bad Witch Hater as some of the water splashes on him, and he screams loud and very long as he begins to steam. Cut back to Wander and Scarecrow, the latter smiles at his extinguished arm)
Scarecrow (Scoot): Oh, thank you.
Tin Man (Scurry): (pointing at Bad Witch Hater) Guys! Look!

(Cut to Bad Witch Hater, screaming in agony and steaming)
Bad Witch Hater: You cursed yokel! Look at what you've done to me! I'm melting! And it's all your fault! I am not waterproof and this is what happens! (Brief shot of the gang on the end of this, back to him, he begins to sink and melt) Now I'm melting into oblivion and it's all your fault!!! (Back to the gang) All your fault!!! (Back to him, he's almost completely melted) Ohhh, look out! I'm going away!! Ohhhhhhhh...
(Bad Witch Hater melts completely. Close up of the gang, point of view shot of the remains of Bad Witch Hater, his rope and hat lay lifelessly in a puddle of grey goo. Silence)
Wander: It's over. Bad Witch Hater is finished. He's gone for good!
Scarecrow (Scoot): Ugh, witch goo.
(Wander slowly walks up. Close up of the remains as he lifts up the hat revealing Bad Witch Hater's glass eye underneath. He picks it up)
Wander: Bad Witch Hater's glass eye!
Weepers: (walks up) He's...he's dead! You killed our master?!
Wander: I--I didn't mean to, I just wanted to help Scarecrow. He was on fire.
Weepers: All hail Wander! Bad Witch Hater's dead!
Flydogs: (bowing down) All hail Wander!
Wander: What's happening?
Weepers: Oh, we're so glad you did it. Bad Witch Hater was manipulating us to be his sidekicks, but now he's gone all thanks to you. Now we're free, and can do anything!
(The Watchdogs cheer)
Wander: Oh! The glass eye, can we keep it?
Weepers: Please. And take it with you.
Wander: Really? Thanks! Now we can go back to the wizard, and he can help us!
Weepers: So what should we do in the meantime?
Wander: could start by tearing this castle down and replacing it with a...water park?
Weepers: Oh! I always love water parks. (to the Flydogs) Let's hear it for Wander!
(Everyone cheers for Wander)

(Dissolve to the wizard's throne room, just outside the doors. Zoom in as the gang enters, the lights are already out, and the wizard's head is back)
(A short pause, Wander walks up to the dais, glass eye in hand)
Wander: Your majesty, we did what you told us! (shows the glass eye) We brought you the glass eye of Bad Witch Hater! We melted him!
Wander: Yes, sir. And you made a promise to help us after we did so. Isn't that right, sir?
Wizard (Brad): NOT SO FAST! NOT SO FAST!!! (everyone shivers during this, cut to him, the torches flame larger) I'VE SUDDENLY HAD A SECOND THOUGHT OF THAT TASK WHILE YOU WERE OUT! GO AWAY AND COME BACK TOMORROW!
Wander: Tomorrow?! But I wanna go home now!!!
(The other three walk up to him)
Tin Man (Scurry): You've had plenty of time, already!
Scarecrow (Scoot): Yeah, we deserve your help!
(On the middle of this, cut to the gang's shivering feet as Didi runs off. Camera follows her to a small grey curtain, she goes behind it. Back to Wander and the gang, zooming out slowly revealing the curtain as it jiggles)
Wander: (anguished) If you were really great and powerful, you would keep your promises! Especially when it means helping us!
(On the end of this, close up of the curtain as Didi pulls it back revealing a man with his back turned. He looks very much like Brad. He wears a tuxedo of metallic silver, and does not wear his headband. He is speaking into a microphone amplifying his voice to a booming tone, while operating a series of controls. This could be none other than the real wizard. Brief shot of Wander and the gang as they notice this on the following)
(The man turns around, revealing he wears a white dress shirt underneath his tux with a silver tie to match. He now speaks in a normal tone of voice)
Wizard (Brad): Uh... (into microphone, booming tone) THE GREAT FUN HAS SPOKEN! (normal tone) Uh... (pulls curtain forward, booming tone) PAY NO ATTENTION TO THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN! (Wander walks over on the end of this and pulls back the curtain)

(Close-up on the wizard)
(The other three join Wander)
Wander: Who are you?
Wizard (Brad): (normal tone) Oh, I... (into microphone, booming tone) I AM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL -- (normal tone) Wizard of Fun. What you saw up was just an illusion. I just do it to make my announcements louder's been scaring everyone.
Wander: (pauses) You're the wizard?
Wizard (Brad): Yup. I've been doing this for years, and yet, it's been frightening every one of my subjects. I couldn't help but get used to it. There's no other wizard except me, and yet I'm nothing but a humbug.
Wander: Oh, you've been a very bad man.
Wizard (Brad): No, no, I'm a very good man. I've just been very loud to everyone. But don't worry, it'll work out eventually.
Scarecrow (Scoot): Okay, so...what about the heart you promised Tin Man? And Lion's courage?
Tin Man (Scurry)/Lion (Scamper): And Scarecrow's brain?
Wizard (Brad): Why, anyone on this planet can have a brain. Anyone in the entire universe! Any animal, any human, any anything! Back where I came from, we go to schools and universities, where we become great thinkers. We think as hard as we could, and yet become very smart and develop our brains! However, there is one thing you don't have, a diploma. (He reaches into something in the control panel and presents a rolled up diploma with a red ribbon around it) Therefor, thanks to all you have done out there, by using your ability to think and be smart, I present you with... (unrolls diploma) the honary degree of THD!
Scarecrow (Scoot): THD? What's THD?
Wizard (Brad): That's Doctor of Thinkology.
Scarecrow (Scoot): (talking fast) The square root of 538 is 23.194827009486403! (gasps) Oh joy! Rapture! I have a brain after all! How can I thank you?
Wizard (Brad): You don't have to. (to Lion) You, my furry friend! (Walking with him, everyone follows) You've been worrying so much about not having courage that your thinking is disorganized. You're under some stress that when you ran away you though you didn't have courage. You were confusing courage with wisdom! Back where I came from, we had men who were called heroes. (On the end of this, he stops at a closet. He reaches inside and pulls out a large satchel and feels around in it) Every year, they set out proving how mighty they are, and parade for everyone down the main street in the city. But however, they had no more courage than you! But, they do have one thing you haven't, and that is a medal. (On the last word, he presents a platinum cross medal reading "Courage" on the center, and is attached to a red ribbon) Therefor, for showing your braveness and your help to every one of your friends out there, and learning to face your fears against anything bad, especially Bad Witch Hater and the Flydogs, I award you this medal of courage. (he tucks it into his fur) Congratulations, you are now the bravest lion everyone's ever heard of! (hugs him)
Lion (Scamper): (blushing) Aww...shucks, folks, I'm speechless! (chuckles)
Wizard (Brad): (to Tin Man) As for you, my shiny friend of metal, you want a heart. You don't know how lucky you are not to have one, in reality, hearts won't ever be practical until they are made unbreakable.
Tin Man (Scurry): Okay, but I still want one.
Wizard (Brad): Back where I came, we had men who did almost nothing but very good deeds. They are something I Deed Doers.
Wander: I like doing good deeds!
Wizard (Brad): Their hearts are not bigger than yours, but -- they have one thing you don't, a testimonial. (reaching into his satchel and pulls out a small mechanical heart on a chain with a clock on the front) Therefor, for the caring and goodness you gave to your friends out there, and showing your good friendship in others, I take this time to present you with this heart, a token of my establishment and my appreciation. (he puts the heart in his hand) And remember my friend, a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.
Tin Man (Scurry): Aww, thanks. (holds heart up to his ear, hears clock ticking) Oh, it ticks! (passing it around) Look, it ticks! My heart is beating! Oh, thank you wizard! Thank you so much!
Lion (Scamper): Look at what my medal says, "Courage"! What could possibly go wrong?
Scarecrow (Scoot): I'm smart and I didn't even know it! What a surprise!
Wander: Oh, they're all very wonderful. Thank you, wizard.
Scarecrow (Scoot): Hey! What about Wander?
Wander: I suppose there's nothing in that bag for me, is there?
Wizard (Brad): No, but I do know you and Didi want to go home. Why, the only way to do that is to take you to Planet Opism myself! Why, I was a Planet Opism resident like you were! I've been living on it for years until I flew my balloon to search for a new place I call home, which was when I came here, and became the Great and Powerful Wizard of Fun.
(They begin leaving)
Wander: You have a balloon?
Wizard (Brad): Of course! What else could I take you home in, then?
(They exit)

(Dissolve to the blue sky and pan downwards revealing a rainbow striped hot air balloon. Stop at the bottom, the wizard and Wander are in the basket, the latter carries Didi. Wander's three friends stand around the launching platform holding the strings that keep the balloon in place, Tin Man now has the heart hooked on his chest, Lion still wears his medal. Fleas are surrounding the launching platform all around. Zoom in slowly)
Wizard (Brad): On behalf on all I've done here, I would like to thank all of you for your care and support. (Close-up) It is now today, I will use my balloon to briefly return to the one place I lived before, Planet Opism. (applause) While I am gone, Scarecrow here will use his smart skills to take over for me, becoming a replacement wizard. But this trip is not just any trip. It is a trip where I drop off the one man who's longing to go home to Planet Opism itself: (cut to Wander, who waves) Mr. Wander Stout! (applause, cut back to him) May the light and love of Planet Oz shine down on all of you!
(Applause, both wave goodbye. Pan across the fleas as they cheer. Close-up of Didi, giggling. She suddenly stops and notices something. Point of view shot from Didi at the floor, a small, white bird stroves the ground. Back to Didi as she gasps, then cheers as jumps out of Wander's arms. Zoom out as Wander gasps)
Wander: Didi! (gets out of balloon basket and runs down the launching platform) You get back here, right now!
(As he gets out, the others gasp, suddenly letting go of the strings that hold the balloon. Frantic chatter from them as they try to grab the string as the balloon slowly rises up. Cut to Didi as she chases the bird, Wander grabs her)
Wander: Bad Didi! NEVER run off on your own!
Scarecrow (Scoot): Wander! The balloon!
(Wander turns around, he gasps. Point of view shot from him at the launching platform, the others jump and try to catch the ropes as the balloon flies up further. Wander gasps)
Wander: Oh no! (back to him) Stop! (He runs up the launching platform and jumps repeatedly) Come back! Don't go without me! Please! (overhead shot of him, zoom out slowly) Come back here!
(Close-up of the wizard)
Wizard (Brad): I can't, Wander! I don't know how it all works! The wind is lifting it! I take to the sky! Goodbye, folks!
(Back to Wander on the end of this, his friends gather round)
Wander: No! Come back!
(Cut to behind Wander's shoulder as the balloon flies out of sight)
Wizard (Brad): Goodbye! I'm free!!! (drains out)
Wander: It was only chance! (pause, he begins to sob) Now how am I gonna get home? (sniffs) There's no other way!
Scarecrow (Scoot): Stay with us, Wander. We have plenty of homes for you here. And we even like you here.
Wander: I know, but... (sniffs) Sylvia is waiting for me! How am I EVER gonna get home now?!
Good Witch Sylvia: (offscreen) I think I can help.

(This lifts the moods of everyone. Point of view shot from Wander as Good Witch Sylvia's golden orbble comes out of the sky. Brief shot of everyone staring in awe, zoom out as the orbble lands on the launching platform beside Wander and pops, revealing Good Witch Sylvia)
Wander: Good Witch Sylvia! I'm so glad you're here. The wizard's balloon took off without me, ruining my only chance to go home! Is there any other way?
Good Witch Sylvia: Of course there is, Wander! In fact, you've had the power to go home with you all along!
Wander: I did?! What was it?
Good Witch Sylvia: It was all in the power of the shiny red boots!
(Wander looks down on the end of this, and Good Witch Sylvia points her scepter at his feet. Close-up of the boots, Wander gasps)
Wander: My boots can take me home?!
Good Witch Sylvia: Well, of course! (back to her and Wander) They can take you home in like, two seconds!
Wander: Didi, too?
Good Witch Sylvia: Didi, too.
(Everyone gasps and chatters with wonder, Wander puts Didi down)
Wander: Wow! I don't believe it! I had the power to go back home with me this whole time, and I didn't even know it! Thank you, good witch! (hugs her) I can't wait to go home! (he looks at his friends, mood suddenly changes) But this also means...I have to leave all of you. All the friends I made on Planet Oz. You've been so nice to me this whole time, and now's the time for me to go. You've always been there for me, you're like friends to me no matter what, and...I'm sad to say goodbye.

(Song: A Friend on Planet Oz)
Wander: You've been out there for me all this time
What a great adventure this was
Now it's time I should be leaving
I should be going now because...

There's someone back home who needs me
And I can't wait to go there soon
But right now, I have to say this,
Before I go, this song I croon

(He walks down the launching platform and greets the fleas)

You're a friend on Planet Oz to me
And you've always cheered me on
You have blessed me with the love of everyone
Everything I have experienced, I loved because of you
You're a friend on Planet Oz, yes, that's true

You have showed me many things
And you have showered my heart with fun
I would like to thank this all for everyone
You have opened up my eyes to a world I'd idolize
But I'm sad to see it go,
I have to leave soon, you know

You're a friend on Planet Oz to me
And I thank you for all your help
I'm so happy that this trip went so well
Now I have to go, but right now, I have to say
You're a friend on Planet Oz
All you've had for me was great

(He walks back up the launching platform)

You're a friend on Planet Oz
And I thank you for this day

Wander: Well...I guess it's goodbye. (to his friends) I know we've only been friends for a short time, but I'm gonna miss all of you so much. You've been really great friends, and I'm sad to see you go. (sniffs) I just can't believe I'm leaving you. (Walks up to Tin Man) Goodbye, Tin Man. Please don't cry, you'll rust up again. (Hands him an oil can) Here's your oil can.
Tin Man (Scurry): Now I know I have a heart... (sniffs) ...because it's breaking...
Wander: (walks up to Lion) Goodbye, Lion. Hope that medal suits you. I'm gonna miss you, especially the way you used to whimper for help before you found your courage.
Lion (Scamper): I never would've found it... (sniffs) ...if it hadn't been for you...
Wander: (Walks up to Scarecrow) I think I'm gonna miss you most of all...
Scarecrow (Scoot): Yeah, I agree...
(They share a calm, embraced hug)
Wander: (to the fleas) And to all of you, I'm gonna miss you, but I'll always remember you. Goodbye Diamond City! Goodbye, Planet Oz! Goodbye, everybody!
(Loads of goodbyes from the crowd, close-up on Wander as he tearfully waves goodbye. Good Witch Sylvia approaches him)
Good Witch Sylvia: Are you ready, now?
Wander: Yes. (to Didi) Say goodbye, Didi.
Didi: (waving) Bye bye!
Wander: (to Good Witch Sylvia) Okay. I'm ready to go home now. So, how do these boots of mine work?
Good Witch Sylvia: It's simple: Just close your eyes, tap your heels together three times, (softly claps her hands three times) and think to yourself: "There's no place like home, there's no place like home".
Wander: "There's no place like home"? Well, that's interesting. (Wide shot of him, framing Good Witch Sylvia, Didi, and his three friends. He faces forward) I sure hope this works... (he closes his eyes)
Other three: (Simultaneously) Goodbye, Wander!/See you soon!/Goodbye!/We'll miss you!/Happy trails!
(Close-up of Wander, he silently inhales, and the camera pans down to his feet bearing the shiny red boots. He taps his heels three times; on each tap, a "chime" plays, increasing in pitch with each tap, and a magic sound effect is heard under it. After the third tap, the boots begin to shine red and a nimbus of red and gold light glows around them. Cut to Wander's three friends as they look on in awe, then cut back to a close-up of Wander as he begins his mantra. Zoom in slowly)
Wander: There's no place like home. There's no place like home.
(Cut to Didi, watching his boots glow, the other three can be seen in the background)
Wander: (offscreen) There's no place like home. There's no place like home.
(Back to Wander, zooming in slowly. His expression slowly yields to a confident smile)
Wander: There's no place like home. There's no place like home.
(Cut to Good Witch Sylvia, who looks on, smiling. Wander's tone of voice slowly increases in volume as his mantra continues)
Wander: (offscreen, slightly louder) There's no place like home. There's no place like home.
(Close-up of the boots on Wander's feet, now glowing brighter. A trail of sparkles begins to spiral around them)
Wander: There's no place like home. There's no place like home.
(The sparkles grow bigger and expand outward to spin rapidly around Wander and Didi, and eventually becomes a golden vortex which nearly hides them from view. Wander now speaks loud and clear)
Wander: There's no place like home! There's no place like home! There's no place like home! There's no place like home! There's no place like home!
(The vortex blazes out from the center, and gold light expands outward as a magic explosion sound plays. Fade to white)

(Fade in to Wander, asleep on the floor of the shed he and Didi hid in before, and in the same position as he was when he was knocked out -- the whole adventure was just a dream. His hat has returned to its regular light green color, and he no longer wears the red bow tie. However, he still sports the same shiny red boots from the dream, though he does not notice it yet)
Wander: (muttering in sleep) There's no place like home...there's no place like home...there's no place like home...
(Close-up of the door as it opens partway and Didi runs in, having opened it on the outside. She runs in and looks at the sleeping Wander. She sniffs him, then licks his cheek. He wakes up moaning at first, which turns into giggling)
Wander: Didi! Stop it! (giggles more) You little Zbornak, you! (standing up) My. That was a strange dream.
(He goes to the window and looks out at the beautiful, sunny day. Cut to Didi as Wander's feet come into view and he picks her up)
Wander: Come on, Didi. (petting her) Let's go find your aunt. (He walks offscreen)

(Dissolve to Sylvia at the park, zooming in slowly. She is sitting on a picnic blanket with a basket next to her. Cut to her, looking at her watch)
Sylvia: Ugh. What is taking him so long?
Wander: (offscreen) Sylvia! I'm here!
(This makes Sylvia smile with wonder. Cut to her perspective of Wander, waving and approaching her. Didi walks next to him)
Sylvia: (offscreen) Wander! Didi! (back to her as the two come up) There you are! And just in time for the picnic! I've been waiting here for an hour, where the flarf have ya been?!
Wander: Oh, Didi and I were just having fun. We were hiding from a windstorm, and was long.
Sylvia: Well, I'm very glad you're okay. And thank you for taking care of Didi. (Didi rushes up to her) Looks like she enjoyed having fun with you.
Didi: Wander was fun! Weehee!
Wander: (sitting down) So Syl, how were your errands?
Sylvia: Oh, they were long. Had to visit various planets and help with their inhabbitants' chores, I even had to file taxes for them.
Wander: (setting a meal in front of him) Wow. No wonder they took long! (eats a small sandwich)
Sylvia: So Wander, you said there was a windstorm before, right? What happened during it? (sips a cup)
Wander: Oh, well...we hid in a shed, and I passed out. But guess what? Syl, I had the most incredible dream, and you were in it! And Lord Hater was there, too. You were witch cousins!
Sylvia: Lord Hater was my cousin?!
Wander: You were the good witch, and Hater was the bad witch, and I went on an amazing adventure down a Yellow Rock Road to a Diamond City to meet a wizard!
Sylvia: Wow. Such an amazing imagination.
Wander: (Stands up) And you wanna know the most amazing part? I was also wearing these boots, and they were red and shiny!
Sylvia: Speaking of boots, (pointing at Wander's feet) where did you get those boots?
(This suddenly puts a surprised expression on Wander's face. He looks down in wonder, noticing he is still wearing the shiny red boots. Close-up of them, Wander gasps)
Wander: The boots from my dream! (Back to him) I have no idea. But what I do know is, I'm glad to be out here on a beautiful day like today with you!
Sylvia: I'm so glad you said that.
Wander: And the best thing about it, is that it's here, on my home planet, with you next to me, and everyone we know all around!
Sylvia: And I'm so glad I've decided to have this picnic with you, (Wander sits next to her) 'cause I knew it would be a beautiful day sooner or later.
Wander: I know, right? (close-up of him, he sighs) Oh, Sylvia. (widen to frame Sylvia) There's no place like home.
(Sylvia smiles warmly at her friend. The two share a hug, and they put their arms around each others shoulders. Both gaze calmly up toward the sky as the camera pans upward to follow. Stop on a view of the sun as a rainbow arches across the screen. Fade to black)

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