An idea for a third cliffhanger special, this time focusing on Princess Demurra.

Part 1: The Date: Princess Demurra is devastated after her husband, the Dragon King, divorces her after just one week of marriage, due to that she isn't ferocious enough and that it's illegal to marry animals in her kingdom. Wander and Sylvia try to help her get over the divorce by having her go on a date with Wander, which she finds indeed successful.

Part 2: The Discovery: Continuing from the past episode, Wander and Sylvia's success at helping Princess Demurra move on is suddenly cut off when Sir Brad Starlight, the arrogant knight from "The Hero", suddenly pays a visit, which causes her to discover that he's her long lost adoptive brother -- by having the same birthmark. Wander and Sylvia see how far they've grown apart since, so they organize a reunion ball for them to help them get close again, but it's put to a halt when Brad is captured by Lord Hater and they must save him.

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