Here's the full script for my idea of the possible movie.





(Show a stretch of outer space)

Wander: (narrating) My story begins here, in outer space. Of course, it's a big place, so many planets and stars...a really big endless sky. However, you won't see all of it, just as much as you can. Outer space also has different galaxies where different life forms live. (Stop on a view of the Yonder Galaxy, zooming in.) Over here you see, this is my home, the Yonder Galaxy. (Crossfade to a stretch of the Yonder Galaxy's planets.) The Yonder Galaxy is one of the greatest galaxies to visit, here almost anything can happen. A lot of the strangest but yet unusual life forms live here, Bingleborp, Zbornaks...anything. The Yonder Galaxy is full of the most amazing planets you'd always want to see. (Crossfade to Planet Opism.) Now, this planet you see right here, is Planet Opism. It's where my species live.

(Zoom in on Planet Opism, cut to its landscape and pan through.)
Wander: (narrating) The Opisms, which is my species, we do all sorts of things. We're furry, we're soft, we're kind...we even do our own business of things.
Opism 1: Good morning!
Opism 2: Nice day, huh?
Opism 3: Indeed!
Wander: We Opisms, and...all other species of the Yonder Galaxy...we're all friends. Everyone. Well, almost everyone, you'll see in a minute.

(Crossfade to Wander's house.)
Wander: (narrating) Now this here you see, this is my house. It's where my family, the Stouts live.
(Cut to inside the living room, all of Wander's family save for Wander himself are here, doing different things: vacuuming, reading newspaper, playing on the floor, and relaxing with a mug, respectively.)
Wander: (narrating) As you can see, my family is all around. (Close-up on...) This is my mother, Andie... (Pan to...) my father, Lofty... (Pan towards...) ...and my younger sisters, Dander and Shiloh. (Pan to Sylvia, lounging on the couch.) Oh, and that's my best friend Sylvia, she's a Zbornak. (Sylvia stretches and yawns, then sips her mug.) She's my steed, and we travel all over the place. As for me? I'm not in this room.

(Cut to Wander's bedroom, we see Wander asleep in bed.)
Wander: (narrating) That's me, in bed there. As you all know, I'm Waldronia Phileas Stout. (Close-up.) But the folks call me Wander. (Wander rolls over.) No idea, but I like that name. Aww...don't I look so cute when I'm sleeping? (Pan to his alarm clock, which says 6:59.) Wait just a few seconds and see how excited I am when I wake up...
(The clock changes to 7:00 and goes off. Cut to Wander as he instantly sits up in bed, smiling.)
Wander: Oh, boy! It's almost here! (Close-up on the clock, he slams the button to stop the alarm; wide shot, he jumps out of bed.) One more day! One more dayyy!!
(He skips out of frame; cut to his closet as he opens it and runs inside, his PJs flying out.)
Wander: (narrating) Told ya! (giggles) I always get a little excited like that, if I say so myself. (Wander comes out of the closet, now wearing his trademark hat and shoes.) Moving on...

(Cut to the living room stairs, Wander descends them.)
Wander: (narrating) Any reason why I'm excited? Because the annual Yonder Galaxy Celestial Celebration was the very next day! What is that event, you wonder? (Wander walks through the room.) When Yonder Galaxy species of all sorts gather together on one planet to celebrate a big party! This year, my own home planet is hosting it! But is it going to go good as I expected? Well... (Cuts to the kitchen where Wander sits down at the table, breakfast in front.) You're just gonna have to watch and find out.
(Wander starts munching at his milk-soaked cereal, Andie walks by in the background.)
Andie: Good morning, sweetheart.
Wander: Mornin', Ma! Ya excited?
Andie: Oh, would I be! Wait, for what?
Wander: The Yonder Galaxy Celestial Celebration?
Andie: Ohh! Right! Silly me! The Celestial Celebration! (pauses) Uh, when is it?
Wander: Tomorrow?
Andie: (chuckling) Oh-ho-ho! Tomorrow! Silly me! (realizes) Wait, tomorrow? Is it tomorrow? (Wander nods.) AHHHH! TOMORROW! Oh, I gotta start preparing! LOFTY!!! (Cuts to the living room, she runs up to Lofty.) Lofty, you gotta hurry out and finish hanging the bunting!
Lofty: Andie, what are you so frantic about?
Dander: (walks up) Wow, Mommy's so sweaty. Is she okay?
Andie: Are you all CLUELESS?! The Yonder Galaxy Celestial Celebration is TOMORROW!!
(All but Sylvia gasp, Shiloh giggles)
Shiloh: Celestial Celebration! Yay!
Andie: I want all of you out of the house and in Town Square, setting everything up, STAT! We gotta get everything set up! (She zips out of the room.)
Lofty/Dander: (salute) Yes, ma'am! (They also zip out.)
Shiloh: Yes! (babbles)
(Dander's hand reaches into view and grabs Shiloh's, and pulls her out of frame. Cut back to Wander in the kitchen, he stares for a moment.)
Wander: (at the camera) Wow. Mom sure wants everyone prepared.

(Cut to a close-up of Sylvia, sipping her mug.)
Wander: (offscreen) Hey, Sylvia! (Widen to frame him walking up.) You excited for tomorrow?
Sylvia: (stops sipping) Who? What? Come again?... Oh, hey, buddy. Wait, what was it you're talking about?
Wander: Sylvia, tomorrow's the annual Celestial Celebration, and this year, Planet Opism is hosting it! That means, my own home planet is hosting the Celebration, MY home planet! (Sylvia frowns.) Uh...I mean our home planet, because you live in that stable with us.
Sylvia: Wander, I know the Celestial Celebration is tomorrow, and I know you're excited Planet Opism is hosting it this year. But what you don't get is, centuries ago before that event, our races' rulers argued which started a war, which lasted until we first met and brought both sides to peace. So not only is the Celebration tomorrow, I think we should coincide it with the anniversary of the Opisms and Zbornaks making peace.
Wander: Syl, that was six months ago.
Sylvia: It was? So we have that whenever we want, it doesn't matter.
Wander: (appalled) Sylvia!! (He rounds on her.) How dare you postpone events and reschedule them at the last minute!! We Opisms have a right to plan events and schedule them for the day we want them to be on! And you postpone it?! That is so foolish of you to think that!
Sylvia: Come on, Wander. We were busy the past six months. During that, we didn't have enough time to plan the event. Now that we're here, how come you reject celebrating the event which ended our species' war? I didn't postpone it, we just had no time.
Wander: Well, you my friend, have a lot of explaining to do! (Starts toward her)
Sylvia: Oh, no. Please, no! Don't!
Wander: (anguished) Come here, you...! (then, friendly) Here comes the tickle monster! (laughs and tickles her)

Wander: Tickle, tickle, tickle! Tickle, tickle, tickle! I'm gonna get 'cha, I'm gonna get 'cha! Tickle, tickle, tickle!

Sylvia: What? No! Stop it! Stop it, Wander! Please! Stop! Get it off me!

(Both laugh, then stand up.)
Sylvia: (laughter dies down, wipes tear) Wander, what was that for? I thought you were gonna punch me in the flarf or throw me in the narber or...sell me to the grop!
Wander: Syl, why would I do that? You're my best friend, I wouldn't let anything bad happen to you, nor would I do anything bad to you. What I would do is, how 'bout we go down to the town square and finish setting up for the Celebration?
Sylvia: I'm in! But what about the end-of-war anniversary? Shouldn't we celebrate that, too?
Wander: Oh, there'll be time for that later. (He and Sylvia start toward the camera.) For now, let's focus on what's really important...

(Cuts to the front door outside. Wander slams it open, and he and Sylvia rush out.)
Wander: Preparing for the greatest celebration everyone has ever heard of, and man, it's gonna be a great day!

(Snap to an overhead shot of town square, being decorated for the big event. Bunting is being strung from the top of the fountain to poles around. Booths are being built and stocked. The food vendors are setting up their carts. Balloons, streamers and other decor are being put out. Close-up on Wander and Sylvia as they admire the display; Cut to their perspective, panning across three different parts of the decorating site. On the third, Wander steps into frame to admire the work before Sylvia enters.)
(Song: "It's Gonna Be A Great Day")
Wander: I don't wanna sound overexcited
But I'm so happy that we're invited
To a special day we can't forget

A celebration that's really amazing
Cannot help it, I'm feeling so crazy
It will be a day to remember, you bet

Sylvia: All of us will be attending
A celebration I don't want ending
Yet it only happens once a year, we know

Several species will come together
For a party to last forever
Without further ado, this'll be a great show

Wander: Counting down the days, feeling so pumped
Sylvia: Wouldn't wanna feel all grumpy and stumped
Wander: It will be the best
Sylvia: And it will be great
Wander/Sylvia: No matter what, this will be a great day

It's gonna be a great day
Not your average everyday
Nothing stands in our way
This will be great
Make it last and make it stay
Will be awesome, come what may
It's gonna be a great day

(Instrumental break, now Wander and Sylvia walk past the various booths and DJ stand.)

Wander: There will be lots of singing and dancing
Sylvia: And tons of games that we will be playing
Wander: This event will go on without a doubt

Sylvia: And there's gonna be lots of food to eat
Wander: A whole banquet, this will be sweet
Wander/Sylvia: An event that's so good, you can't sit out

Sylvia: The day is nearly here, can't hold the wait
Wander: Everybody knows this is gonna be great
Wander/Sylvia: It will be the best, And it will be great
Citizens: We know that's it's going to be a great day

Wander/Sylvia/Citizens: It's gonna be a great day
Not your average everyday
Nothing stands in our way
This will be great
Make it last and make it stay
Will be awesome, come what may
It's gonna be a great day

Wander: Lunar and Celestia will be in charge
Sylvia: As usual, they host an event at large
Wander: Ever year, a planet gets to host this thing
This year, it's here in our home, I could sing!

(During the end of this verse, in the background King Lunar and Queen Celestia descend to the ground in the background. Close-up on them.)

Celestia: All our subjects part of this plan
We'll make this day the best as we can
Lunar: This will be a day not to forget
And we know this will be an amazing day yet
Wander/Sylvia: This will be an amazing day yet
Citizens: This will be an amazing day yet
All: This will be an amazing day yet

Citizens: It's gonna be a great, great day (x8)
Wander/Sylvia: (Great day...) (x2)

(Brief instrumental break)

All: Yeah!

It's gonna be a great day
Not your average everyday
Nothing stands in our way
This will be great
Make it last and make it stay
Will be awesome, come what may
It's gonna be a great day

(It's gonna be a great, great day) (x6)
It's gonna be a great day
Not your average everyday
Nothing stands in our way
This will be great
Make it last and make it stay
Will be awesome, come what may
It's gonna be
Oh, it's gonna be
Yes, it's gonna be...
A great day

Citizens: It's gonna be a great, great day (x8)
Wander: It's gonna be a great day, yeah
It's gonna be, yeah, it's gonna be a great day

Sylvia: It's gonna be a great day
Wander: It's gonna be, i-i-it's gonna be a great day, yeah

Wander/Sylvia: It's gonna be a great day

(The song ends as balloons. streamers and confetti fly down on the scene. Dissolve to a shot of Wander and Sylvia walking, he is now holding a notebook and pen. Around them, the citizens have resumed their preparations.)
Sylvia: So Wander, how's everything?
Wander: Let me see...
(Cut to his perspective of pad, at top it crudely says "Celestial Celebration Checklist", along with the following preparations, in order: "Decorations", "Games", "Eatery", "Music", "Guests". To the right of each of the last five is an empty box. As Wander speaks, he puts a check next to each preparation as he names them off.)
Wander: (voiceover) Decorations, check. Games, check. Eatery, check. Music, check. Guests?
(The camera zooms to the last preparation on the last word. Cut to a front-on shot of the two.)
Wander: Not yet, they won't arrive until tomorrow. (lowering notebook, to Sylvia) Syl, who did we invite again?
Sylvia: Check the guest list.
(In close-up, Wander flips the notepad to the next page. Close-up of that: it crudely says "Celestial Celebration Guests", Below lists various species. Pan slowly down the list as Wander speaks.)
Wander: Hmm, we've got Hufflerupples, Wangdoodles, Stickwonkers...blah, blah, blah. Yep, we've invited several we could invite. (Back to him.) I even invited all the friends we met!
Sylvia: (bitterly) Yes. But we didn't invite... (whispers to him) Lord Hater. (Wander's eyes pop.) Yep, no bad guys allowed.
Wander: Syl, why not invite Lord Hater and his gang? They deserve to have fun once in a while.
Sylvia: Why would you wanna invite him, Wander? He's nothing but a bag of mean bones!
Wander: Duh, even bad guys need good things sometime.
Sylvia: Well, I say not! (hears ringing) What was that?
Wander: I'll get it. (takes off hat, reaches in and gets phone, answers it) Hello? (gibberish over phone) What? (more gibberish) Me and Syl? Right away? (more gibberish) Okay. See ya. (hangs up, to Sylvia) Sylvia, it's from King Bingleborp! He needs us right away!
Sylvia: Right on cue. We have to stop our preparations for one of our guests? What's wrong with Bingleborp?
Wander: The Binglebops are sad, and can't think of coming tomorrow! We gotta help them! C'mon, Sylvia!
(On the end of this, he hops onto Sylvia's back and blows an orbble around them, and they float upwards. Overhead shot of the town square, zooming out as they fly past.)
Sylvia: Just what I suspected, this has got to be Lord Hater's work.
(Full view of Planet Opism, panning quickly to Planet Bingleborp, grey and depressed. The orbble floats toward it.)

(Cut to an overview of the distressed Binglebopolopolis. The orbble floats toward it; Cut to the orbble and follow it as it descends to the ground and pops. Wander gets off Sylvia, and they walk towards the camera. Behind shot of them, panning upwards to the town and zooming in on the castle. Dissolve to King Binglebop on his throne, muttering sadly to himself. The doors open, and Wander and Sylvia approach him.)
King Bingleborp: Oh, Wander! Sylvia! I was waiting for you! I sure could use your help. Lord Hater has cast a depression spell on our planet, and now, all my subjects are too sad to go the Celestial Celebration tomorrow!
Wander: Aww. I don't like seeing them sad like that. How can you show us?
King Bingleborp: Look!
(He gestures to one side, and Wander and Sylvia look in that direction. Close-up of a window, zooming through it to the landscape. The Binglebops are crying and hanging their heads sadly; cut to the landscape and pan across.)
Binglebop 1: This is the worst day ever!
Binglebop 2: I want my mommy!
Binglebop 3: Who can help us now? (sobs)
(Stop on the three spectators as they come up to see this. Cut to just behind them.)
King Binglebop: See? Depression! That's what the Binglebops only think of! We're not supposed to think sadness, we think love! We're supposed to think love!
(He sadly holds a hand to his heart on each interpretation of "love".)
Sylvia: Can't you just tell the Binglebops to be happy?
King Binglebop: I try to, but they won't listen to me! HOW can I get everyone to LISTEN TO ME?! We're doomed, I tell ya! DOOOOMED!!!
(He begins throwing a tantrum; zoom in on Wander as he puts a hand to his chin.)
Wander: Hmm... (gasps, grinning) I got it! (To King Bingleborp) You know what I do when I'm very sad like this? I sing myself a song, and all my troubles go away! (Close-up) Maybe if I sing to them, they'll get happy and join in!
(He mimes playing a banjo on "I sing myself a song". Cut to Sylvia and King Bingleborp, who gasp.)
King Binglebop: Do you really think that can work?
Wander: Well, sure. You'll see.
(He walks out of frame and the camera cuts to a field of the sad, depressed Binglebops. Wander walks to the middle of the field, close-up on him.
Wander: (fake coughs) Attention, Binglebops!
(His expression gives way to confusion as he notices the Binglebops still crying. Widen to frame more in front.)
Wander (barely in distance) Hello?! Listen up!! Hello!?!
(They pay no attention to this call throughout; cut to a close-up of the exasperated Wander. He rolls his eyes and voices a rather annoyed groan, then reaches into his hat and pulls out a bullhorn. He tones it, and the scene cuts to an overhead shot of the action. The next line is very loud and amplified by the bullhorn.)
(This finally stops their tantrums. All turn to Wander and chatter incoherently, cut to a close-up of Wander.)
Wander: Thank you. (He puts the bullhorn away.) This tantruming has got to stop, Binglebops! You've been like this for too long! It's time that you all love, not loathe!
(He puts his hands over his heart while making a heartfelt smile on "love", while making a thumbs-down and frowning while shaking his head on "loathe", ending with his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth in disgust. Cut to just behind his feet, a Binglebop walks up to him.)
Binglebop 4: But we don't have that anymore! We don't even know how to love!
Wander: (offscreen) Aww, don't be sad, little fella. (Back to him.) I've got just the thing to cheer ya up: a nice, relaxing cheer-up song. (The Binglebops chatter in confusion.) When I'm sad, I sing to feel better. Maybe if you hear singing, you could join in and feel better! (Wide shot, camera tracking slowly around him.) And trust me: a song in your hearts will melt the hate and replace it with love. (Close-up.) Can someone give me a beat?

(Whip pan to a sad Binglebop holding an acoustic guitar. He sighs and tunes it, and plays a gentle intro. Pan across the Binglebops as they look up, uncertain, then cut to Wander as he starts to sing.)
(Song: "(I Just Wanna) Sing With You")
Wander: We all have times when we are happy
And times when we are sad
But this can't go on to forever
No, you all just can't stay mad

Why should you sit and frown,
And think there's nothing to make your day?
Well, I have something that just might help you,
Something that might come your way...

(The music gets a little faster with a pop-rock feeling, Wander dances around the Binglebops and encourages them.)

I think I'll share this little song
And then you'll get into the groove
Serenading make me real happy,
And maybe you'll be happy, too

When I'm sad and really lonely,
I simply sing and dance away
Singing always soothes my sorrows,
And maybe, yours will go away

And I know it's very easy when you do
When you want, just join with me, I'll take you through

I just wanna sing with you
And maybe it will all come true
I just wanna share the words with you
And maybe you will join with me too
I just wanna sing with you
And maybe you will harmonize with the ways I croon
'Cause I just wanna sing with you


A song will lead you through the bad times
And take you straight into the good
Think of something nice and wonderful,
You'll feel so happy as you should

When you're feeling down, don't just sit there and stare
Just close your eyes and count to ten, I will be there

I just wanna sing with you
And maybe it will all come true
I just wanna share the words with you
And maybe you will join with me too
I just wanna sing with you
And maybe you will harmonize with the ways I croon
'Cause I just wanna sing with you

Binglebops: (La la la)
Wander: We always love to sing together
Binglebops: (La la la)
Wander: And music comes to you whenever
Binglebops: (La la la)
Wander: The music in you heart will guide you
And I know I'm there to help you,
'Cause I really just wanna sing with you!

I just wanna sing with you
And maybe it will all come true
I just wanna share the words with you
And maybe you will join with me too

(The sun shines brightly across the restored Binglebopoloplis; the Binglebops vocalize throughout.)

I just wanna sing with you
And maybe it will all come true
I just wanna share the words with you
And maybe you will join with me too
I just wanna sing with you
And maybe you will harmonize with the ways I croon
'Cause I just wanna sing with you

I just wanna sing with you
And maybe it will all come true
I just wanna share the words with you
And maybe you will join with me too
I just wanna sing with you
And maybe you will harmonize with the ways I croon
'Cause I just wanna sing with you

(As he holds the last word, zoom out to show him over the sun on top of a mountain; cut to the Binglebops as they applaud happily; cut to Wander as he bows; flowers fly down on him.)
Wander: Thank you. Thank you. You're too kind. (blows kisses)
King Binglebop: (skips up to him) Oh, thank you, Wander! Your singing worked! (Cut to the happy Binglebops and pan across; he continues offscreen.) The hate is gone, and all my subjects are happy again! We are saved! (Back to them.) And now, we are happy enough to attend the Celestial Celebration tomorrow! (Close-up, he bows.) Oh, how can I ever praise you enough?
Wander: Well, you could start by...well, you know...resuming your love duties.
Sylvia: You ain't lovin' if you aren't feelin' it.
King Binglebop: Well, now that I do feel it, I feel loving a whole lot more!
(He blows a kiss, and Wander and Sylvia follow suit. All gather together for a three-person group hug, then Wander gets on Sylvia and blows an orbble around them. As they float upwards, the Binglebops shout goodbyes as the camera cuts to them floating away while they wave back.)
Wander: Alright, now, back to the preparations.
(On the end of this, he reaches into his hat and takes out his notebook and pencil, and goes back to his examinations. Behind them, a familiar skull-shaped ship passes by in the background. Sylvia silently looks back, then, in close-up, turns to the camera with worry. Wander, however, seems not to notice as the camera widens to frame them both as they fly off.)

(Cut to a long shot of them flying out of site and pan slowly to the left. Stop on Lord Hater's ship, which has passed by Sylvia from earlier. Dissolve to a closer shot of the ship and track slowly around it, before zooming in slowly on the closed "mouth", which opens slightly. The camera passes through and cuts to the main hallway, zooming through before Lord Hater pops up, roaring in anguish.)
Lord Hater: This cannot be!! (longer shot, framing him.) How DARE he undo my depression spell! Everyone knows I hate the Binglebops, and I also hate their love and kisses! I HATE IT! HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE IT!!! Oh, That Wander... and that Sylvia... they have got a lesson to learn about the Hater Army! PEEPERS!! FRONT AND CENTER!!
(Cut to just behind his head and pan upwards; we hear panting as someone comes rushing down the hall. A closer shot shows this is Peepers; he screeches to a halt in front of Lord Hater.)
Peepers: Sir, yes, sir!
Lord Hater: Haven't you noticed what just happened the past five minutes or so?
Peepers: I was just in the middle of teaching the Watchdogs how to make people argue. Wait, I know that face...
(His shouting is so loud it produces wind, and nearly causes Peepers to fall over. He manages to stand himself upright.)
Peepers: Ohhhhhh, now I've seen that face somewhere – (Close-up of Lord Hater, he continues offscreen.) It's the "Oh, no, my scheme has been foiled and I can't take it anymore" face! (Back to him.) Who would've guessed that? And I think I know who foiled your plan, it's –
Lord Hater: (shouting) WANDER AND SYLVIA!!!
(Again, more wind, and Peepers struggles to stay standing upright.)
Peepers: Oh-ho-ho! I understand right now! And –
Lord Hater: (shouting) I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!
(Wind as before, this time it's so strong it causes Peepers to fly off the floor and hit the wall, before falling to the ground on his front. Close-up on him as he gets up.)
Peepers: (groaning) Oh, good one, sir.
Lord Hater: Wander and Sylvia have foiled my plans, for the LAST TIME! And right now, it's time now that we come up with a plan that is completely...Wander-proof.
Peepers: But sir, there's no way we can think of a plan that is Wander-proof! He'll just find a way to foil it anyway, anyhow!
Lord Hater: (mocking) Oh! Wander can foil the plan no matter what! Well, this...can'!
(With each word, he leans closer to Peepers until his face squishes completely into his. He finally leans out of frame leaving Peepers' face squished, before it unsquishes itself back to normal. Cut back to Lord Hater and zoom in slowly.)
Lord Hater: Well, Peepers, I'm gonna find a Wander-proof plan, and it's gonna go perfect! That Wander will no longer get in the way of my plans! NOT! ON! MY! WATCH!!!
(On each of the last four words, the camera jumps closer to his face, stopping on an extreme close-up of his bloodshot eyes. Cut to Peepers, he holds up a notebook and writes in it as he speaks.)
Peepers: Well, sir, that was your fifty-seventh foiled plan this month. You keep this up, you're gonna end up as the villain who almost never gets his wish. Not to mention you always –
Watchdog: (offscreen) Hey, Peepers! (runs up, calendar in hand) Look at the date!
Peepers: Oh, thank you. (The Watchdog runs off, he studies the calendar and gasps) Sir! Guess what's tomorrow!
Lord Hater: Let me guess. Is it Wander Beats Hater Day?
Peepers: No, even better. The Yonder Galaxy Celestial Celebration!
(Right on cue, he faces the calendar to the camera, which shows February as the month. All dates are crossed off except for the 23rd. The camera zooms in on the box in three steps, the third showing it in extreme close-up, close enough to pick out the star drawn inside the box, along with three poorly drawn balloons inside it. Cut to Lord Hater, he grabs the calendar and studies it.)
Lord Hater: Did you say "Celestial Celebration"? (lowering calendar) Oh, everyone knows that's one of the days I hate the most! (A thought bubble appears, showing citizens enjoying the festivities.) All those citizens smiling and singing and dancing and having fun! (It changes to show Lunar and Celestia.) Not to mention it's organized by the power of Queen Celestia and King Lunar, the rulers of this very galaxy! (The bubble disappears, zoom in on him.) Man, if I could just take them and steal their power, this wouldn't happen at all!
(A pause, something clicks inside his head as he mutters to himself, remembering the last sentence. Suddenly, he comes up in a big grin.)
Lord Hater: (singsong) Peepers! I have an idea!
Peepers: (gasps) An idea! (shouting) Watchdogs! Gather round!
(Right on cue, the Watchdogs crowd around him, chattering with excitement. Cut back to Lord Hater.)
Lord Hater: Hater Empire, I've thought of the greatest plan that is completely Wander-proof, and will be absolutly 100% successful at becoming the ruler of the galaxy! (zoom in on him.) We're gonna capture the king and queen, and steal their power, so there's no way the galaxy can exist!
(A round of applause from the Watchdogs.)
Lord Hater: Celestia and Lunar have a special power, that is given to the Yonder Galaxy so it lives its normal, happy life. (Slow pan across the Watchdogs, he continues offscreen.) But, if they don't have the power to do so, the galaxy will disappear one after another. If the king and queen do not use their power to restore the galaxy before it fully disappears... (Back to him.) then it will be gone forever, with no trace of it left.
Peepers: (to a Watchdog) Ooh, he's good.
Lord Hater: That Wander will have no way to foil this plan! It will be successful, and so successful, I can take over the galaxy in no time! Why? 'Cause I'm a number one superstar!

(Song: "Number One Superstar")
Lord Hater: No matter what I try, I can't seem to get it
Everything I do, Wander always has to thwart it
Well, that is over, I have a better plan
And I'm sure I'll do the best that I can

I'm the greatest evildoer known by everyone
We'll do our best to get the job done
My ultimate goal is very near
We'll rule the universe, am I making it clear?

I'll make my move
The plan that we'll make will be fully approved
We'll make it right, win it all in site
Get it done by far...

'Cause I'm a number one superstar!
Watchdogs: A number one superstar!
Lord Hater: The one that sets the bar!
I'm a number one superstar!
Watchdogs: A number one superstar!
Lord Hater: The one you see strumming on his electric guitar!
Watchdogs: Ahh...
Lord Hater: Working my swing, doing my thing
I can be the best at anything
I can get my victory done by far...

'Cause I'm a number one superstar!
Watchdogs: He's a number one superstar!
Lord Hater: I'm a number one superstar!
Watchdogs: He's a number one superstar!

Lord Hater: You'll see me walking down your favorite block
You think I'm just a kidder, but that's a shock
They say I'm a bully, but I'm better than that
What they're oblivious to, is that I'm nothing but bad!
Peepers: He's always up to something, he makes it best
He'll never give up, this is the ultimate test
We're sure he'll ace this, I know that he can
Peepers/Watchdogs: He's the number one superstar man!

Lord Hater: I'll make my move
The plan that we'll make will be fully approved
We'll make it right, win it all in site
Get it done by far...

'Cause I'm a number one superstar!
Peepers/Watchdogs: A number one superstar!
Lord Hater: The one that sets the bar!
I'm a number one superstar!
Peepers/Watchdogs: A number one superstar!
Lord Hater: The one you see racing by in his favorite car!
Peepers/Watchdogs: Ahh...
Lord Hater: Working my swing, doing my thing
I can be the best at anything
I can get my victory done by far...
'Cause I'm a number one superstar!

I can do anything
Make my mark, and tie that string
This will be the day
Where I fulfill my goal
And rule this very place
I'm gonna do what I can
Number one superstar man
Number one superstar man
Number one superstar man

'Cause I'm a number one superstar!
Peepers/Watchdogs: A number one superstar!
Lord Hater: The one that sets the bar!
I'm a number one superstar!
Peepers/Watchdogs: A number one superstar!
Lord Hater: The one you see causing nothing but loads of bizarre
Peepers/Watchdogs: Ahh...
Lord Hater: Working my swing, doing my thing
I can be the best at anything
I can get my victory done by far...

'Cause I'm a number one superstar!
Peepers/Watchdogs: He's a number one superstar!
Lord Hater: I'm a number one superstar!
Peepers/Watchdogs: He's a number one superstar!
Number one superstar!
Lord Hater: Working my swing, doing my thing
I can be the best at anything
I can get my victory done by far...
I know that I can get my victory done by far...
Peepers/Watchdogs: He can get his victory done by far...

Lord Hater: 'Cause I'm a number...
Peepers/Watchdogs: Number one superstar!
(Final guitar riff)
Lord Hater: Number one superstar.
(Song ends on stinger)
Lord Hater: Yeah. (Maniacal laughter)

(A rousing round of applause from the Watchdogs; Lord Hater bows as flowers fly over to him.)
Lord Hater: Thank you, thank you. (blows kisses) You're too kind.
Peepers: (walks up to him) Sir, you're right! That is a really good plan! (Close-up.) If we kidnap the king and queen and steal their power, you could use that power to become the new ruler! Wander and Sylvia will never find a way to stop this one!
(Cut to Lord Hater and zoom in slowly on his face.)
Lord Hater: Yes, Peepers. With every single inch of no doubt this will work, I'll become the ruler of the galaxy, and everyone has to adore me! (snickers)

(Dissolve to an extreme close-up of Wander's banjo; his arm strums the song "Wander Over Yonder End Title Theme", and he hums along to it as the camera zooms out slowly, revealing he is sitting on the edge of the town square fountain. He stops strumming and giggles.)
Wander: Music, check.
(He goes back to strumming the song; cut to Sylvia walking up.)
Sylvia: Hey, buddy. How's the music?
(Cut back to Wander.)
Wander: Going well. The citizens will love it when I jump in at random points and play a riff to match their mood! (giggles)
Sylvia: Speaking of music, I've booked the band to play over there.
(On the second half of this line, cut to an empty area of land next to the DJ stand.)
Sylvia: (offscreen) They're not here yet, but they will be soon. (Back to her.) I'm sure they'll play the greatest hits.
(Cut back to Wander, he finishes strumming.)
Wander: I do hope they play some of my songs. (He puts his banjo away.) After all, I do have a tendency to sing a lot.
Sylvia: No idea, but I hope so.
(A fanfair sounds, which brings them to attention. Cut to a trio of hearlding trumpets and pan down to a guard.)
Guard: Presenting King Lunar and Queen Celestia!
(Pan slowly to the right; two small balls of light fade up out of nowhere, then they grow and slowly change shape, before fading out from the center to reveal the king and queen. When the lights fully fade, they proceed forward; side view of the action; a line of Opisms and other species bow one by one as the king and queen pass them. Close-up of Wander and Sylvia, zooming in slowly; cut to side view as the king and queen step up to them.)
Lunar: Wander and Sylvia. (They bow; Wander and Sylvia follow suit.)
Celestia: Our subjects. (Wander and Sylvia stand; they do moments later.) We are glad to have your own home planet hosting the Celestial Celebration this year.
Wander: (blushing) Oh, it was nothing, queen.
Celestia: The reason we chose Planet Opism to host the Celebration this year, is because of all the good deeds and helpings you and Sylvia provided to us all this time.
Sylvia: (walks up) Hey, no need to thank us.
Celestia: We just did. (chuckles)
Lunar: Wander, Sylvia, the Celebration is tomorrow, and I hope this is to go well as you both planned.
Wander: Well, of course, it will! (He shows him the list.) I made a list!
Lunar: Woah, that's a lot.
Celestia: He's got a lot up his sleeve.
Wander: Always prepared! (He puts the list away.)
Sylvia: King, queen, in just one day, we are about to host one of the most amazing events we ever hosted. Oh, and can it coencide with the anniversary of the day Wander and I met and stopped the Opism-Zbornak war?
(Long pause.)
Lunar/Celestia: (Questioned murmurs)
Sylvia: Oh, come on!! When do rulers ever learn?! Oh, I'm so mad I could...
(She goes ballistic in an unintelligible gibberish.)
Wander: She has it whenever she wants, mostly because we have too much time with our duties. (Listens to her rant) I'll get her. (Walks up to her) Sylvia?...Sylvia?!...SYLVIAAA!!!!!
(She finally stops her rant.)
Sylvia: Yeah?
Wander: We'll take care of that later. The Celebration is what we're really focused on.
Sylvia: (sighs) You're right, buddy. Besides, what could possibly ruin this thing?
(The ground begins to rumble.)
Wander: That?

(All the citizens begin to scream and panic. Lightning begins to flash, and clouds begin to block the sky, casting darkness everywhere as wind begins blowing. Lord Hater's ship appears in the distance as a shadow; the rulers and two space travelers look up and see this. Back to the ship as it resolves into itself, and slowly lands. Cut to each fear-in-face spectator and zoom in slowly; ground level as the ship's "tongue" rolls out. Pan up slowly to show a silhouetted Lord Hater, who walks down the "tongue" to the ground as he resolves into himself. On Wander, whose mood instantly brightens.)
Wander: Lord Hater! What a surprise!
Sylvia: (puts her hand over his mouth) Shh.
(Back on Lord Hater, walking slowly. Slow pan across the onlookers, left and right, as they cower in fear. Full shot of Lord Hater as he approaches the quartet. Close on them for a moment, then cut to Lord Hater and zoom in slowly.)
Lord Hater: Are you King Lunar and Queen Celestia, rulers of this very galaxy?
Lunar: Uh...yes! Yes, oh mighty Hater, sir!
Celestia: W-w-what are you here for?
Lord Hater: Obviously, you have no idea I would just fly in and crash the festivities.
Lunar: Well, I uh --
Lord Hater: (As the Watchdogs and Peepers gather round him) Well, that's that! Surly, you realize that the Celestial Celebration is tomorrow, and this is one of the events I hate the most!
Peepers: He does have a point there.
Lunar: Lord Hater, we will not let you ruin our Celebration!
Celestia: We have all the power we can to stop you, and we're not afraid to use it!
(On the second half of this line, they slowly hold up their arms which glow blue and pink for each ruler. Their hands fire out long beams, but Hater manages to produce a shield to protect himself from that attack. The beams reflect off the shield and goes back to their producers causing them to be flung backwards to the ground. Wander and Sylvia turn to see this and gasp.)
Wander: King? Queen?
(On the two rulers as they groan and stand up)
Lunar: What is it that you want, Hater?! Name it!
Lord Hater: I've come here for what I truly want. To become ruler of the entire universe, and have everyone listen to ME!
(Thunder flashes, leaving him in silhouette. The citizens gasp, so do Wander and Sylvia.)
Wander: Have everyone listen to you?!
Sylvia: I told you we can't invite him!
(Back to Lord Hater, he now gets up to the king and queen.)
Lord Hater: That Wander and Sylvia have foiled my plans one too many times!
Wander: Oh! You mean the depression spell you cast upon Bingleborp and I broke it with my singing? That was so –
Lord Hater: SILENCE!
(His shouting leaves Wander dumbstruck, nothing else to say. Sylvia approaches him.)
Wander: (to Sylvia, scared) You're right, let's not invite him.
(Sylvia folds her arms and shoots a vexed look to the camera, as if she were right all along. Back on Lord Hater, now he fires up his hand with green lightning.)
Lord Hater: Since you have the power to rule this universe, it's time that you come with me to the ship – (The petrified rulers, he continues offscreen.) so I can take your power and use it to rule the universe!
(A big lightning flash, Lord Hater laughs evily. On the ship, more Watchdogs come out.)
Watchdogs: Hate's great! Best villain! Hate's great! Best villain! Hate's great! Best villain! Hate's great! Best villain! Hate's great! Best villain!
(The chant continues under the following.)
(He continues laughing as the camera cuts to Wander and Sylvia, jaws dropped open and staring in horror. Cut to the king and queen and zoom out slowly; the chanting Watchdogs knock them over so they can lie on their raised hands, and begin to run off with them. They scream; cut to Wander and Sylvia and zoom in slowly, hands now on heads.)
Wander/Sylvia: NOOOOO!!!
(Cut back to the captive rulers.)
Celestia: WANDER!!!
Lunar: SYLVIA!!!
Lunar/Celestia: HELLLLLP!!!
(The Watchdogs stop chanting as they bring the rulers up the ship's "tongue" and disappear inside it. Hater joins them and stops laughing for a moment to speak the next line.)
Lord Hater: Remember this day, citizens. (The citizens, he continues offscreen.) It was your last to live your own, happy selves. From then on... (Back to him.) the galaxy will be no more, I will be your leader, and the entire universe will be MINE!
(The last word is accompanied by his hands blazing green while a final flash of thunder occurs. He lets off one final laughter; cut to a close-up of the disbelieving Wander and zoom in slowly. Back to the ship; the "tongue" rolls back into the "mouth" and it slowly hovers upward before zooming out of sight. The clouds clear, revealing a normal sky, and normal lighting resumes.)

(Slow pan across the shocked and disbelieving citizens as they murmur for a moment, then burst into a long ranged cry of sadness, similar to the depressing spell Lord Hater put upon Bingleborp moments earlier. Cut to Wander and Sylvia, the only ones not crying, but looking up in disbelief.)
Wander: Sylvia...the king and queen are... (sniffs) gone!
Sylvia: Oh, without the king and queen to use their power to control everything, how will we ever live?
Wander: I don't know, but... (sniffs) I guess we're gonna have to cancel the Celebration. (sniffs, tears in eyes) Without the Yonder Galaxy, we're gonna have to live elsewhere and forget this event.
Male Citizen: He's right. Come on, fellas, let's remove everything. The Celestial Celebration's canceled.
(The sad citizens prepare to take down all the decorations.)
Wander: Well, I guess it's all over. The Yonder Galaxy will be no more, there's no Celestial Celebration, and I guess we're gonna have to find another place to live. (sighs) With Lord Hater already ruling this galaxy, I guess there's nothing to do except follow his orders and...not live our natural happy lives.
(Sadly, he starts walking off.)

(Dissolve to an area of town where everyone is going inside and closing doors, making everything deserted. Cut to Wander in close-up, looking rather depressed.)
(Song: "Wander's Lament")
Wander:  I'd do anything to try my very best
But now, I'm feeling oh, so depressed
All my life, I've waited for this event
But it's not happening
Nothing is the same anymore

I'd love to make you smile
I'd always make you laugh
And give you the best day you'd ever have
But now the fun is gone
It never will come back
Nothing nice will happen this time on
'Cause it's not the same anymore

(As he walks through the city, the background colors take on a gloomy, muted appearance and the sky becomes cloudy which blocks the sun.)

I try what I can
And I always make it through
But there's nothing left to make it
I don't know if I'll ever start anew

No matter what goes on
I'll always be right there
But as the sadness dawns
I cannot help but bear
There's nothing left to try
Right now, the fun will die
Nothing is the same anymore...
No, it's not the same anymore...

(Sylvia watches on the end of this. By this point, Wander walks up a mountain and looks out at the depressed town. Eventually, he sits down on the edge.)

I'd do anything to fix up this mess
But for now, all I can do is guess
The fun is gone, good times no more
All that has been thrown out the door
Everything done now is a bore
No longer will our hearts ever soar

There's nothing left to do
It's all gone, that's the truth
Nothing is the same anymore

(As he hums the last three notes, the scene dissolves to a behind shot of him, zooming out slowly. Sylvia walks up, and the camera cuts to a teary eyed Wander as she approaches and sits next to him.)
Sylvia: Wander, I know how sad you are and how much you're gonna miss this place.
Wander: I know. (sniffs) Nothing's the same anymore.
Sylvia: But you can't just sit here all day. There has to be a way to fix this.
Wander: No. (sniffs) There is no way. Look at them, Syl... (Slow pan across the distant city, he continues offscreen.) All wallowing and whining in pity because our galaxy rulers are gone and it's all Lord Hater's fault! (Back to him.) Oh, it's never the same! Never!!!
(He goes into a tantrum, leaving Sylvia speechless.)
Sylvia: Uh, Wander? (He doesn't respond.) Oh, for grop's sake. (shouting) WANDER!
Wander: (stops crying) Yeah?
Sylvia: The only way to find an answer to this is to do some researching on the galaxy. I know a lot about it, but there may be some things I never heard of.
Wander: (starting to brighten up) You know what, Sylvia? I think you're right. Maybe there is a way we can fix this. And I know just the man to do it... (Extreme close-up.) Professor Knowitall.

(Dissolve to an old shack somewhere on the outskirts of the planet. Sylvia rushes up to it, Wander on her back. In close-up, they reach the door and Wander gets off. As he heads toward it, cut to a close-up as he knocks three times and listens.)
Shrill Voice: (from inside) Come in.
(Wander slowly opens the door and walks inside; Sylvia follows him. Cut to just inside the door as they approach and stop just before the camera. Head-on view of an old man humanoid meditating on the floor; this can be identified as Professor Knowitall. Wander walks up to him and bows.)
Wander: Oh, great and mighty Professor Knowitall, we have come here for your assistance.
(He stands up and places his hands together on the second half of this. Cut to Knowitall, he has the same shrill voice as of earlier.)
Knowitall: Oh, assistance, you say? (He stands up.) Well, why didn't you say so? I am by far, the smartest man than any other organism in the galaxy.
(Cut to him in close-up on the end of this; he puts his hand on his heart in addition. Cut back to Wander and Sylvia.)
Sylvia: Huh. Smart man to turn to, isn't he?
Wander: Of course. (whispers) He's over a thousand years old.
(Sylvia's eyes pop wide on this. Back to Knowitall, he slowly walks forward, cane in hand.)
Knowitall: I know all odds and ends, all twitches and snitches, all ups and downs. (Close-up.) I am also known to learn about every single event in the galaxy: every party, every season, every gathering! I also know...every disaster.
(During the enumeration of his descriptions, he throws out confetti, then he wraps an arm around Sylvia's neck, and then taps the center of Wander's face with one finger, and Wander giggles in return. Finally, in close-up on the last word, the screen contracts to a narrow, horizontal strip, leaving only his narrowed eyes visible. Back to Wander and Sylvia as the screen returns to normal; they gasp.)
Wander: You know everything?
Knowitall: Yes, everything. Come now, follow me.
(He gestures on the end of this, and walks off. Widen a bit as Wander and Sylvia follow Knowitall over to a small rug on the floor. Knowitall double claps, and the rug slowly lowers into the ground.)

(Snap to a laboratory-esque room that looks a lot like an observatory. A small door opens in the distance, and the three walk out.)
Knowitall: Welcome to my Space Laboratory, where I study every single thing that has to do with this very galaxy and far out.
(He pronounces "Laboratory" as "La-boar-a-tory". During the second half of this line, cut to a close-up shot of Knowitall as he walks offscreen. A smiling Wander and Sylvia pass by, heads turning to admire everything. Front-on shot of Knowitall as he stops walking; the two spectators stop walking as well.)
Knowitall: What is the problem I would like you to assist you with? (He turns around; full shot, he is in front of a control panel.) Does it have to do with something fun? Something dangerous? Something fun and dangerous? Fun-angerous?
Wander: "Fun-angerous"! (giggles)
Sylvia: We really need your help on researching more on the Yonder Galaxy and learning about the backstories of Lunar and Celestia, the rulers. (Cut to Knowitall; she continues offscreen.) Most importantly, the absence of them and their loss of power.
Knowitall: Well, I have just what you wanna talk about. Stand back, this is gonna be breathtaking.
(On the end of this, he approaches the control panel. In close-up, he pulls down a large, red switch. Pan slowly across the panel as its lights begin to flash. On Wander and Sylvia as their jaws drop at this; around them, the lighting darkens as they look around. Cut to Knowitall; he points upward and looks in that direction, as if he were telling them to look up. Cut to Wander and Sylvia as they follow suit; first in a normal perspective, then in an above shot as they slowly raise their heads. Long shot of the laboratory and pan upwards; the panels of the round roof flip around to produce a digital view of the space sky, planets panning across. Back on Wander and Sylvia.)
Wander/Sylvia: Whoa...
(Pan out a bit to frame Knowitall.)
Knowitall: In the beginning of time... (Close-up on the sky, he continues offscreen.) the Yonder Galaxy was nothing but a black endless void. (A moon and sun pass by and glow in turn.) Until one mysterious man, born by the light of a moon, and one mysterious woman, born by the radiance of a sun... (Cut to Wander and Sylvia, turning heads simultaneously; first left, then right, then back to the center.) ran into each other and fell in love at first sight. Together... (Ground level, pointing upwards at the sky.) they used their love to make their powers so strong, it created a galaxy unlike any other. (The stars twinkle; above shot of the trio.) And thus, the Yonder Galaxy was born.
(Snap to an extreme close-up of Wander's widening eyes.)
Wander: Whoa... (The sky, Planet Opism passes by; he continues offscreen) Hey, look! It's my home planet, Planet Opism! (Back to he and Sylvia, he waves.) Hi, Planet Opism!
Knowitall: (offscreen) But after some time... (Back to the sky, which shows Lord Hater's symbol.) an evil skeleton, Lord Hater, whose heart was as black as the dark sky, (More symbols appear in the sky.) arrived in his unstopping attempt to take our galaxy over. (Cut to Wander and Sylvia, heads turning as before.) Today, it would seem his plan has succeeded, (Back to him.) and has kidnapped Lunar and Celestia in return. In just a matter of time... (Back to Wander and Sylvia.) he will steal their power.
Sylvia: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get that. He told that to us. What will happen then?
Knowitall: Ugh!! Be patient, woman!
(In close-up, Sylvia rolls her eyes and slams a hand to her face. Cut to a behind shot of Knowitall looking up at the sky.)
Knowitall: Without the king and queen present or their magic to keep the galaxy going... (The planets and stars begin to vanish, one by one.) every single thing in the galaxy will vanish. If they don't use their magic – (Front-on shot of a jaw dropped Wander and Sylvia.) to re-vitalize everything before the entire galaxy disappears... (Long shot of the laboratory, the stars and planets continue disappearing.) then it will be gone forever.
(They all disappear, leaving nothing but a blank sky. Back to Wander and Sylvia; as they begin to speak, the lighting around them comes back up.)
Wander: Oh, no. If the entire galaxy disappears, than that means...
Sylvia: We're gonna have to find another galaxy to live!
Wander: But we can't live in another galaxy! I remember staying at the Salzburg Galaxy one time, and neither of its inhabitants were nice to me. Then I visited the Porkus Galaxy, and everyone there would do nothing but be dirty! BLEH! Syl, we're gonna have to find a way to save our own home, otherwise there'll be no more home!
Sylvia: But how? Lord Hater has kidnapped the king and queen! I don't even know where he is right now.
Knowitall: What I know is, Lord Hater is somewhere above us at the moment. At the moment he steals the rulers' power, he'll use that power that power somewhere else in the universe to make a world of his own!
Wander: I do hope the rulers are okay... (looking up) Maybe...
(The camera pans slowly up to follow his gaze, stopping on a shot of the digital sky showing one of Lord Hater's symbols.)

(Dissolve to a shot of Lord Hater's ship in the sky.)
Lord Hater: (from inside) HA HA! Finally, I've done it! My plan has succeeded for the first time in history! (Close-up.) I have managed to kidnap the king and queen of this very galaxy, and they're all mine! (Cut to the imprisoned rulers, arms bounted together with handcuffs; he continues offscreen.) And there's nothing you can do about it!
Celestia: You let us go, you wicked bucket of bones!
Lunar: We'll never let you ruin our home!
Lord Hater: Oh, yeah? Well, too bad! I've got you right in my grasp, and I'll never let you go! You're all worthless and cowardly victims – (Cut to the dissatisfied rulers; he continues offscreen.) who are all here to fall for my evil scheme! (Back to him) I've got you now, and I know just what to do next. (singsong) Oh, Peepers! (double claps)
Peepers: (runs up to him) I'm right here, sir! (holds up the blueprint he is holding) Oh, and this is for you to show them.
Lord Hater: (takes it) Thank you, Peepers. (to the king and queen) As you can see by this blueprint here, (opens it) I have been working on this (close-up on the blueprint, showing it to be the "Power Stealer 900".) little gizmo that steals the power from anyone here in the universe. (Cut to Lunar and Celestia.) And now, please behold what I'd like to call...
(Cut to Peepers as he brings out a case. Lord Hater opens it revealing a gun that resembles a paintball cannon, with a glass sphere at the top.)
Lord Hater: THE POWER STEALER 900! DUN DUN DUUUUN! (at the camera) I totally enjoy making the background music, it adds to the scene.
(Cut to Lunar and Celestia as they gasp.)
Lunar: What are you ever going to do with that?!
Lord Hater: Hello?! It's steals power, doesn't it?! And once the power is stolen, (He attaches it to his wrist.) it will absorb into my DNA, combining with the powers of my hate, thus creating a power nobody has ever heard of hate combined with the powers of the king and queen!
(There is a long, awkward pause.)
Lord Hater: Yeah, I haven't come up with an official name for it. Anyway, onward with the stealing! Powering!
(In close-up, he turns a switch on the gun to the "on" position. The glass sphere on the top lights up; cut to a shocked Lunar and Celestia and zoom in slowly.)
Lord Hater: (offscreen) 5...4...3...2...1...COMMENCE STEALING!
(On the number 3, cut to a shot of Lord Hater as Peepers rubs his hands next to him. At the last two words, cut to a close-up of him as he aims the gun as it begins to spark and he starts cackling. Extreme close-up of the gun's mouth; it glows green and fires. It connects dead-on as the scene cuts to a long shot of the room and zooms in on the king and queen as if the camera was following the laser. In close-up, the king and queen are engulfed in its green light; Close-up of Lunar, zooming in on his chest as a blue light shines within it and slowly seeps out. Same goes for Celestia, but the beam is pink. Wide shot of the rulers and pan slowly to Lord Hater as the blue and pink beams slowly spiral around the green laser and begin to spin slowly around him. Peepers runs up, holding a hexagonal amulet with a big red jewel, and he places it around Lord Hater's neck in close-up. Zoom in on the amulet as the pink and blue beams curl around him and connect at it; the red jewel begins glowing brightly. Cut to Peepers as he begins to snicker while the Watchdogs gather round; the green beam then slowly sucks its way away from the king and queen and returns to the gun, while the pink and blue beams finish making their way into Lord Hater's amulet. He begins to surge a little as a white nimbus of light glows around him. Cut to the following and zoom in slowly – first the anticipating Watchdog leader, then the shocked and now powerless rulers, and finally the evildoer. In a flash of light, Lord Hater glows vivid green, eyes blazing white and hands flaming white auras while the red jewel in his amulet glows. Zoom out fast as he laughs evilly; cut to the Watchdogs bathed in the ethereal glare as they applaud, then to the shocked rulers. Back to Lord Hater as he lowers to the ground and stops glowing.)
Lord Hater: At last! (Close-up.) The power of the king and all mine! MIIIIINE!!! (laughs evilly)
(As he laughs, Lunar and Celestia hold out their arms and attempt to fire beams as before their kidnapping from earlier, but nothing comes out. They look at their hands and gasp – now they have no power to do so.)
Lunar: Our's...gone!
Celestia: How dare you!
Peepers: Oh, you are too clever, sir! So, what are you gonna do with your new power?
Lord Hater: What to do? Well...I have so many plans. Whaddya say we go build a new lair somewhere? But not here, 'cause it will be gone soon!
(Another evil laughter, cut to the exterior of the ship as it turns around and blasts out of sight.)

(Snap to Wander and Sylvia walking through town. It is sunny again, and normal colors have resumed.)
Wander: Oh, what are we gonna do, Syl? The galaxy's gonna disappear any minute, and I don't know how this will work! (Close-up.) The Celestial Celebration's cancelled, and everyone's gonna evacuate soon!
Sylvia: Wander, I know there's a way. Remember what Knowitall showed us earlier? If the king and queen don't have their power to control this place, it will be gone. But, I'm sure we're able to go out and save them. We're space travelers, right?
Wander: You're right, Syl. We can do this. (noticing the depressed citizens) But we're just gonna have to let everyone else know first...
(Both continue walking until they reach town square, now completely devoid of decorations. In close-up, they approach the fountain and Wander climbs up the edge to stand on it. He reaches into his hat and pulls out his bullhorn from earlier; it gives off a brief tone, and he speaks into it. His next line is amplified.)
Wander: Attention, everyone! Gather round! I have something to say!
(The citizens do so; they now gather in a crowd around Wander and Sylvia. In close-up, Wander puts the bullhorn away and addresses everyone.)
Wander: Citizens of Planet Opism, I've called you all here today because of something important. (Close-up, pause.) We can't abandon the Yonder Galaxy. (Questioned murmurs from the crowd.) I know all of you are confused at what I'm talkin' about. The thing is...y'all shouldn't just sit around and do nothin'! You should do somethin'!
Citizen: What "something" should we do? Something important, perhaps?
(The crowd starts shouting questions to Wander; cut to him and zoom in slowly. Gradually, his cringing expression changes to anger; zoom out quickly.)
Wander: ENOUGH! (The crowd stops talking; close-up.) You're spending so much time wallowing about the Yonder Galaxy's imminent disappearance, that you're forgetting about the thing you have the most! (Slow pan across the crowd.) That thing is your love for this galaxy and every planet within it. It's more than a galaxy, it's our home! (Back to him.) We were born here, not in a different galaxy! (Wide shot, tracking slowly around.) If you would all just think to yourselves how much this galaxy has done for you, you would make the Yonder Galaxy a special place to be! (Close-up.) I know the Yonder Galaxy will vanish soon, but I can assure, it will always be right here... (Pan slowly down to his chest as he rests on hand on it.) deep inside your hearts.
(Cut to the crowd as they voice chatters of understanding. Cut back to a smiling Wander and zoom out to frame Sylvia.)
Sylvia: If we work hard, we can save the Yonder Galaxy from disappearing. Wander and I are space travelers who can do anything, and I'm sure this is a task we can complete.
(The crowd voices chatters of approval.)
Wander: Sylvia's right, everyone. We can save the Yonder Galaxy from disappearance, and I just know it. Me and Sylvia are a team, and we can do anything, and I mean anything to help you guys out. This time, we're helping the entire galaxy, which is at our own stake! Are you with me?!
Crowd: YEAH!
Sylvia: Can you count on me and Wander to stop this madness?!
Crowd: YEAH!!
Wander: Do you want the Yonder Galaxy to fade out of existence so we have no special place to live?!
Crowd: NO!!!
Wander: Why?!
Wander: That's what I'm talkin' about!
Wander/Sylvia: Go, Yonder Galaxy! Go, Yonder Galaxy!
Crowd: Go, Yonder Galaxy! Go, Yonder Galaxy!
Wander: Now, let's go out and save our home!
(Overhead shot of the town square, balloons, streamers and confetti fall down as before.)

(Snap to ground level; we see Wander's feet march past the camera, followed by Sylvia's. Front-on shot of both pairs of feet marching in time before the camera pans slowly up on the two determined space travelers.)
(Song: "For The Win")
Wander/Sylvia: Oh, we're the best space travelers known
Known by almost everywhere that we go
Nothing stops us, nothing loses us
Nothing ever gets in the way of us
When there's something, we will be there
When you ask for help, we won't just sit and stare
We're always active
We do most anything

(Brief instrumental break as they overlook the town, then show a montage of their many helpings.)

We travel space, you know it
We visit planets, and help you show it
Ask for help and, we'll be right there
Whatever we can do, we'll always make it fair
If you need help, we will do it
When there's something wrong, we'll make it
We'll always be there
We're gonna do it right!

Don't look back, set it in
Make it right, make it win
Don't give up, just let it in
Gonna do it for the win
Never slack, always in
Win the fight, have that grin
Working hard to set it in
Gonna do it for the win

(Another brief instrumental break.)

Wander: Oh, we're the greatest space travelers in town
We're working fast, we never wear a frown
I love to help you, I love to soothe you
And I always love to serenade you
Sylvia: You have something bad or tragic?
Do not worry, it won't seem so erratic
If there's bad guys, or there's mean guys
I will kick their butts and hear their cries

Wander: I'll always help you
Sylvia: And I will fight for you
Wander/Sylvia: We'll always be there
We're gonna do it right!

Don't look back, set it in
Make it right, make it win
Don't give up, just let it in (Wander: Just let it in )
Gonna do it for the win (Sylvia: Do it for the win )
Never slack, always in
Win the fight, have that grin
Working hard to set it in (Sylvia: To set it in )
Gonna do it for the win (Wander: Do it for the win )

Wander: Yeah, we're gonna do this right
Sylvia: We're not gonna sit in fright
Wander: We'll make the good
Sylvia: And face the bad
Wander: We're feelin' bright
Sylvia: Not feelin' sad
Wander/Sylvia: We'll save our home
And we'll be glad!

Sylvia: We will be glad
Wander/Sylvia: Don't look back, set it in
Make it right, make it win (Sylvia: Yeah...we'll make it win )
Don't give up, just let it in (Wander: Just let it in )
Gonna do it for the win (Sylvia: Do it for the win )
Never slack, always in (Wander: We're always in )
Win the fight, have that grin (Wander: We have the grin )
Working hard to set it in (Sylvia: To set it in )
Gonna do it for the win

Wander: Do it for the win
Sylvia: We'll do it for the win, yeah
Wander/Sylvia: Don't give up, just let it in (Wander: Just let it in )
Gonna do it for the win (Sylvia: Do it for the win )
Wander: We'll it for the win (x2)
Sylvia: Yeah, it for the win
Wander/Sylvia: Working hard to set it in (Sylvia: To set it in )
Gonna do it for the win (Wander: Do it for the win )

(Song ends with the two standing atop a Saturn-like planet. Snap to the two back at the town square fountain.)
Wander: With all your help, we're sure to get the Yonder Galaxy back to its usual self. (Cut to just behind his shoulder at the crowd.) Tell me, what do think you should do to help us?
(Close-up of one of the citizens, panning to another as each one speaks.)
Citizen 1: I'll protest the villainy!
Citizen 2: I'll shield off any intruders!
Citizen 3: And I'll fight those bad guys! Pi-cha-kaw!
Sylvia: Um... you should leave the fighting to me. (The citizen frowns.) Just saying.
Wander: The Yonder Galaxy might be at stake now, but with all our bravery and courage, (The fountain begins to waver and fade away under him, sparkling slightly.) it will be saved in a matter of time. (The fountain completely fades away, he hits the ground.) Ow! What just happened?
(Everyone gasps.)
Citizen 4: The fountain disappeared! That can only mean one thing...
Sylvia: (gasps) What Knowitall said! Because of the king and queen's absences, the galaxy is fading away!
Wander: Guys, don't panic. I know it all seems crazy now, but I suggest you all just stay calm, and –
(Right on cue, all the citizens begin panicking and running around like mad. Cut to a close-up of a house as a citizen runs inside it. After the door slams, the house wavers a bit and sparkles, and slowly fades away like what the fountain did. The citizen screams and runs off, suitcases in hand. Cut to two other citizens sitting on a bench; the bench wavers and sparkles, then fades away as well. The sitters stand up and scream then rush off. Cut back to Wander and Sylvia; from this moment on, whenever something disappears, it will waver and sparkle, while fading away.)
Wander: Oh, this is bad, really bad! The galaxy is fading out!
Sylvia: Wander...
Wander: It's happening! All of us have to evacuate, and find a new galaxy to live in! (We hear the sound of a whistle blowing; whip pan to a close-up of one being blown by a police lieutenant; zoom out to frame him as he takes out a police radio and speaks into it. His lines are slightly amplified by it.)
Lieutenant: This is Lieutenant Lonnie XI telling you: The Yonder Galaxy is fading out. I suggest you'd all leave immediately.
(Cut back to Wander and Sylvia.)
Wander: What Lonnie said, Syl! It's the moment of evacuation!
Sylvia: Wander...
(Back to Lonnie.)
Lonnie: All citizens on this planet and others must pack up and prepare for your evacuation.
(Cut to an overview of Planet Opism, now sparkling and starting to glow faintly.)
Lonnie: (offscreen) That means all citizens...

(Whip pan to an ice cream planet, also sparkling and glowing.)
Lonnie: (offscreen) Whether it has to do with sweet ones...
(Cut to the landscape of the planet. Several jellybean citizens are enjoying themselves when suddenly, the foliage disappears. They start screaming; pan through the landscape showing the jellybeans packing up and blowing orbbles to leave, while the surroundings slowly disappear.)

(Whip pan to a planet with Draykor's castle on top, sparking/glowing.)
Lonnie: (offscreen) Royalty...
(Cut to an overhead view of the Labyrinth of Delusion; it slowly vanishes from sight. Pan upwards to Draykor's castle as it begins to disappear as well. Cut to inside; Brad and three other knights begin leading visitors and staff out.)
Brad: Right this way, everyone! Get out before the castle disappears!
(Draykor walks up, Demurra sits on his back.)
Demurra: Oh, whatever shall we do?
Draykor: I don't know, beloved. But no matter what comes next... (he embraces her.) I'll keep you close.
Brad: No time for chit-chat! Get outta here!
(His words throw slight irritation into the dragon's head, but he manages to rush out of the castle and take wing, right before the castle vanishes from sight.)

(Whip pan to Phunulon, sparkling/glowing.)
Lonnie: (offscreen) Tourism...
(Cut to a rollercoaster going on at full swing; just as the cars with passengers head up a third hill, the tracks vanish, and the cars fall to the ground. After a moment of silence, the passengers scream and rush off before the cars vanish as well. Cut to a long shot and pan across as the following attractions disappear: Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, fun house, spin drop, swinging ship. For each attraction that disappears, the citizens hit the ground, stand up, then run off screaming. Stop at the vanishing zoo; cut to several animal habitats as the animals escape, in order: Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Hippo. As each animal escapes, they let out a shocked noise; this ends with all the animals rushing out the gate as the zookeeper comes up.)
Zookeeper: Looks like it's gonna vanish soon, which means we're closed permanently.
(He sets up a "CLOSED" sign and runs off, not noticing it disappearing behind him.)

(Whip pan to Buster, sitting around. He is not sparkling/glowing, hence he's not a planet.)
Lonnie: (offscreen) Even those who live on an animal.
(A planetoid slowly disappears in front of Buster, and he lets out a horrified whimper. Cut to the landscape on his back and pan across; the fleas are screaming and panicking while their city slowly vanishes. Beeza walks up, only she isn't panicking.)
Beeza: Oh, my. Things are vanishing, that means we have to evacuate.
Flea: (runs up to Beeza) Beeza! Things are vanishing everywhere! (shakes her) WE HAVE TO EVACUATE!
Beeza: Okay, calm down! I'll get Buster running. (Snap to her on Buster's snout.) Onward, Buster! Hyah!
(Right on cue, she stomps hard on the shout, and Buster stands on his hind legs while howling. He turns around and runs out of sight.)

(Whip pan to Bingleborp, sparkling/glowing.)
Lonnie: (offscreen) Not to mention the love creatures as well.
(Snap to Binglebopoloplis and pan across, things disappearing as the Binglebops scream in terror.)
Binglebop 1: Oh, it's horrible!
Binglebop 2: Even more horrible than the depression spell!
(Cut to the castle; King Bingleborp makes it out before it disappears.)
King Bingleborp: Oh, Wander and Sylvia, please help us!...Again!
(Cut to an overview of the landscape and zoom out slowly; the Binglebops blow orbbles and flying away. Cut back to the overview of the planet as orbbles flit away from it; the planet slowly disappears from sight. Pan slowly across several other planets behaving the same way, stopping on Planet Opism.)
Lonnie: (offscreen) Once you've left immediately, you cannot return to your homes until the king and queen return to restore it all back to its former state.

(Cut back to Lonnie.)
Lonnie: If the king and queen do not use their magic to revitalize the galaxy before the final planet fades out, then the galaxy will be gone forever. So make the most of your time to leave this galaxy and find somewhere else to live until further notice...maybe forever. That's all for now, this is Lieutenant Lonnie XI signing off.
(He turns off the radio and puts it away; after a few moments of silence, he ends up panicking like the others. Cut to Wander and Sylvia.)
Wander: (starting to panic) Oh, no. He's right...we have to evacuate! I don't like evacuations –
Sylvia: Wander...
Wander: But this is for the best. We have to pack our things and leave like crazy...while at the same time, the planets disappear!!
Sylvia: Wander...
Wander: Oh, this can't be happening! Everything is fading out, out of entire life is shattering before my eyes! Someone wake me up from this horrible nightmare!!
Sylvia: WANDER!
Wander: (pauses) Yeah?
Sylvia: Do we have to explain this all over again?
Wander: Uh, no. I...
Sylvia: Remember our speech? We can do anything. If we work hard, we can save our home, if you just believe in yourself.
Wander: But how, Sylvia? The galaxy is disappearing!
Sylvia: Well, we can start be heading home and packing up, like everyone else.

(Wipe to an exterior of Wander's house, glowing faintly. Cut to inside the house, everyone is packing things in boxes; Shiloh cries uncontrollably.)
Shiloh: No Celestial Celebration! (keeps crying)
(We hear the sound of a door opening; cut to the open door, Wander and Sylvia have entered, stoic expressions on their faces.)
Andie: (offscreen) Oh, there you are, Wander and Sylvia. (Cut to her.) You're just in time to help us pack up.
Wander: Well, that's what you say, Mom. (Takes off his hat and begins putting needed things in it.) What Syl and I say, we're gonna find a way to save our home.
Lofty: But how can you do that, son? The Celebration's cancelled, and our home will fade out!
Wander: Well, we'll find a way somehow.
Sylvia: You weren't present at our rally to the town earlier, were you?
Lofty: Uh, "Rally"?
Wander: They weren't there.
Dander: (zips up) Big brother, what are you talking about?
Wander: Well, a few minutes ago, we convinced the town to do their best to fight for our home, but the disappearance began moments later. So, until further notice... (hangs head) We have to evacuate.
Andie: I see how sad you are, son. We all wanted to celebrate this big event, but, I'm afraid we can't. Our home is gonna disappear soon, so we have to prepare.
Wander: (putting hat back on) But we can't just sit around and weep over the disappearance, we have to fight! I repeat: FIGHT!
(A moment of silence, everyone just goes back to their usual business, much to the surprise of the two space travelers. Wander rolls his eyes.)
Wander: Ugh, listen! This could depend on your life!
Sylvia: What will happen later on, if we don't save ourselves?
Lofty: It will all be gone.
Wander: Can't you just be yourselves, and do your thing?
Andie: We are doing our thing, preparing for the evacuation.
Wander: No, not THAT thing! The thing where we –
(Before he could finish his sentence, the house begins to fade out. Everyone gasps.)
(Right on cue, everyone grabs all the boxes they carry and go out. Wander takes Shiloh and gets on Sylvia as they get out. Cut to outside the house as all line up just before the house disappears from sight. Close-up on the gang, Wander gives Shiloh to Andie as she starts to sob.)
Andie: Stouts, it's time we go. (Prepares to blow an orbble around everyone)
Wander: No, you guys go on without us. Sylvia and I are gonna find a way to save this galaxy no matter what happens next!
Lofty: But Wander, it's very dangerous out there! You could get hurt! A matter of fact, you could die!
Dander: I should go with you, just to be safe!
Wander: No, Dander, you're not suited for this.
Dander: (annoyed) Hmph.
(She grumpily goes over to the family, and Andie blows an orbble around the others save Wander and Sylvia. They wave slowly.)
Andie: Be careful out there, my son.
(Wander and Sylvia wave back, eyes quivering with sadness as the family floats upward. Wander and Sylvia blow their orbble, and they start upward in the opposite direction. Zoom out slowly to frame Knowitall.)
Knowitall: Good luck, my friends.

(Cut to the overview of Planet Opism as the orbble floats away, camera following it. Close-up of the two, Wander turns back and waves slowly.)
Wander: Goodbye, Yonder Galaxy. (His perspective of the receding planets, disappearing one by one, save for Planet Opism; he continues offscreen.) We'll find a way to save you... (Back to him.)
(Sylvia continues walking as Wander takes one last look at the receding planets. Eyes tearing up, he wipes one of them before the orbble floats out of sight and disappears in a small wink of light.)

(Wipe to the exterior of Lord Hater's ship.)
Lord Hater: (from inside) HA HA! I have it, the power of the king and queen! (Close-up, looking at his surging hands.) Of all the possible things I can do, I don't even know where to start with it!
Peepers: You are too good with this, sir! I can't believe you actually succeeded with your plan for the first time ever.
Lord Hater: I can't believe I have all the power I can use, Peepers! Oh, what to do, what to do? Maybe replace that old furnace in the basement with a better improved one that even my own power can't fix? Or maybe switch out that water bed with an even better mattress that I can't find in stores? Or even better, change this entire place so it doesn't even seem so larger on the inside than on the outside, making it an even, better lair!
(During the enumeration of his ideas, he zips over to a broken furnace, gestures toward the water bed in his bedroom, and walks through the main hallway in the ship as the camera shows a long shot. Cut to the dissatisfied king and queen.)
Celestia: Hmph. No wonder he wants to make a better lair. (Hater rounds on her.)
Lord Hater: Don't you complain to me! I say, this is going to be a perfect idea, and when I mean perfect, I mean perfect, as in "perfectly evil"!
Lunar: You said "perfect" four times.
Lunar: Nononono! No, I'm silent!
(The king lets loose with a rather innocent, yet strange smile. Cut to a close-up of Lord Hater, raising an eyebrow slowly. There is silence for a moment.)
Lord Hater: Okay, I'm convinced. (Wide shot, framing all of them.) Anyway, I am going to make this a new lair, and when I mean new lair, I mean a new lair where I can do my ruling business.
Celestia: You said "new lair" three times.
Celestia: Nothing, nothing! You're just hearing things!
Lord Hater: Are you sure?
Celestia: Yup, positive!
(She too, gives an innocent smile, and Lunar goes away with his. In close-up, Hater rolls his eyes and voices a disbelieving scoff, before walking off.)
Lord Hater: No wonder they're convincing me that much. Anyway, on with the new lair! Come, Peepers, let's begin the ritual.
Peepers: Already right behind you, sir.
(They walk offscreen. In close-up, the king and queen share looks of disbelief and annoyance.)

(Dissolve to the exterior of the ship and zoom in on Lord Hater standing on the roof. He brings his fists together, eyes squeezed shut while the jewel in his amulet glows brightly. His hands begin to surge green, followed by them glowing brilliant white. He waves them around a bit before thrusting them upward, releasing a big, sonic green beam that rockets upward, then shines as it slowly expands downward to bathe the entire ship in a forcefield as the camera zooms out and rotates a bit to frame it. The forcefield flashes and glows brighter to cover it so it cannot be seen. Cut to Peepers and the Watchdogs as they shield their eyes; they are standing on a platform nearby. Cut to the king and queen, also on a platform; their jaws drop open in disbelief. Back to the forcefield as it flashes a bit and produces a lightning induced shockwave to white out the screen.)

(Fade in to the main hallway; a green wave of light passes by bottom to top. The hallway has become that of an old castle, with an updated staircase and entryway, and torches on the levels as well. Snap to the prison level, the light passes by, and the cells/floors become stylized after a castle dungeon, complete with flames hanging on the walls in between. The next shot shows Lord Hater's bedroom, which becomes stylized after a room fit for a king at a castle. More rooms are shown – the Watchdogs' sleeping bay, the food court, the bathroom, and finally Lord Hater's throne room, which become stylized after a medieval castle. Finally, snap to a shot of Lord Hater, arms raised and floating in the air as the camera zooms out to frame his new lair as its glow slowly fades away – A stylized castle with the original ship's skull face in the center.)

Lord Hater: I give you: Castle Hatecula.
(Close-up of him on the end of this. Cut to the Watchdogs and pan across as they applaud and share voices of amazement. Cut to the king and queen, staring in total disbelief, then dissolve to the main hallway as the group proceed.)
Lord Hater: This is it: My new lair! It's similar to my original lair, but even better. What do you think about it? Celestia: It's not what we'd think is amazing, Hater! It's horrible!
Lunar: Why would you even do this?!
(The evildoer gives them a ruthless yet nasty glare, and both are forced to act. Their next lines are said in a rather stilted manner.)
Lunar: I mean, man, wow! What a nice castle!
Celestia: Yeah, it gets better by the minute! (They put on cheesy smiles.)
Lord Hater: Thank you. Moving on... (Cut to the doors of the new throne room as he slams them open.) Here's my new throne room! Ain't it good? (He walks toward his new throne and sits on it.) It's amazing to have a better version than the last one.
Lunar: Uh, yeah! It's great!
Celestia: Totally fine!
Lord Hater: I'm glad you two powerless rulers – or even better, powerless former rulers agree with me! Now that I'm the new ruler, there's endless possibilities! Best of all, Wander and Sylvia are out of the way, and that means –
Peepers: (offscreen) Hold that thought, sir! (runs up to him) You think Wander and Sylvia out of the way, well, think again! (He drags him over to a green crystal ball flashing on a table.) According to your new crystal ball here... (Close-up on it, Wander and Sylvia appear inside it.) It appears Wander and Sylvia are coming to stop you.
Lord Hater: That can't be! Well, that won't matter, 'cause I have the power to stop him! And there's no way he'll get here now!
(Close-up on the rather angered king and queen on the end of this, and cut back to the startled evildoer on the start of the next.)
Lord Hater: Uh...I'm just saying he'll never make it. Since he'll fall for my power, now!

(Snap to a long shot of an empty area of space, Wander and Sylvia's orbble floats into view. Close-up on them, Wander lies on her back playing his banjo while she strolls.)
Wander: Going to save our galaxy... it's the best home in the worldxy... Sylvia and I are on the wayxy... 'cause we lend a helping handxcy!
Sylvia: Wander, those aren't real words. And there isn't anything that even rhymes with "galaxy".
Wander: Yeah? So, I make words up! It's no big deal, really.
(He smiles and she gives him a funny look before she continues strolling. As Wander continues playing, something clicks inside Sylvia's head as she suddenly stops.)
Sylvia: Oh, no. My "Something's happening with Lord Hater" sense is tingling. It would seem that Lord Hater has made a better lair!
Wander: New lair? What did he do with his old lair? Sell it? Trash it? Sell it and trash it? S'rash it? (giggles) "S'rash".
Sylvia: No, even better than that. He must've used his new power – you know, his own power combined with the magic of the king and queen – to transform his lair into an even better version of his past one. (Close-up.) And he decided to call it... (Zoom in on eyes.) Castle Hatecula.
Wander: "Castle Hatecula"? Who would come up with a name like that?
Sylvia: Hello?! Lord Hater?!
Wander: (pauses, realizing) Ohhhhhhh, Lord Hater! Now I get it! Lord Hater...Castle Hatecula. He named it after himself, which gives a better form as "Hatecula", and not just "Hater"! In other words, he named it Castle Hatecula! Right? (Widen to frame a glaring Sylvia.) I was just guessing.)
(Sylvia rolls her eyes and walks off. Wide shot of the two, walking through the empty sky.)
Wander: Uh, Syl? Any idea where we are, 'cause... (Close-up.) I have no clue where we are. And I know we're not in a galaxy, since there's no planets.
Sylvia: I know there isn't any. (pauses, pointing) Except for that one.
(Cut to her perspective of a planet, all brown and muggy.)
Wander: (offscreen) Huh. Not in a galaxy, yet that's a planet. (they float towards it.) Let's go check it out.

(Cut to the planet's landscape, it is nighttime, and it appears to be stylized after a graveyard, most noticeable with the creaky trees and heavy dirt. Close-up on the orbble as it lands and pops; Wander and Sylvia get off.)
Wander: Syl, what is this place?
Sylvia: I don't know, we've never been to this planet before, and it's not even in a galaxy!
Wander: Could this mean we're... (gulps, terrified) Lost?
Sylvia: I haven't the slightest clue. But... (looks around) I say we'd split up!
Wander: (tips hat brim) Good plan!
(They head their separate ways; dissolve to Sylvia walking through an area of the landscape. Sylvia worryingly creeps along; there is silence for a moment, until we hear a snap. Sylvia shrieks and looks around, before sighing to herself and continuing on. More silence; we hear a thump. Again she shrieks and looks around, then sighs and starts off again. More silence; we hear the sound of loud footsteps as she stops and chatters a bit. Close-up on her.)
Sylvia: Wander? Is that you?
(Silence; snap to Wander walking through a different portion of a landscape, worry written all over his face. We hear owls hooting, bats shrieking, and wolves howling as Wander turns to see each respective animal. After another moment of silence, he begins hearing the same loud footsteps from earlier.)
Wander: S-S-S-Sylvia?
(He continues on slowly. We hear rustling, and Wander begins to chatter. Wide shot of him, backing away slowly.)
Wander: Hello? Anyone here? (silence.) Hello?
(More rustling/footsteps, he startles a little. Wide shot of him, tracking around slowly.)
Wander: Hello! Is that you, Sylvia?
(More rustling, Wander looks around in fear. Cut to his perspective, zooming in on a bunch of tall grass. We see a shadowy figure as more rustling is heard and it gets progressively louder; cut to an extreme close-up of Wander's eyes as they widen in fear; cut to frame all of him as he jumps up and screams, then rushes off. Snap to Sylvia, she screams as well and runs away.)

(Snap to Wander, now rushing his way through tall grass. Close-up on him as he looks back; his perspective of the figure coming towards him. He shrieks and speeds up; cut to Sylvia, also running as well; close-up on Sylvia, she too looks back. In a wide shot, she and Wander run into each other and hit the ground, shaking heads rapidly before standing up.)
Sylvia: You okay, buddy?
Wander: Okay?! There was a strange something heading right towards me! Oh, this place is too scary! What are we gonna do?! I don't know where Lord Hater's ship is! If this keeps up, I'm gonna EXPLODE!!!
(He sets off an explosion around himself on the last word, and begins heaving for breath. Sylvia puts her arms around him.)
Sylvia: There, there, Wander. There's no need to panic. What was this "strange something" you saw?
Wander: I don't know. It was all shadowy, I had no idea what it looked like either.
Sylvia: Well, I'm glad all of that's over. You know what? I think we should settle down for the night, we've had a rough time today, it's gonna be okay tomorrow.
(While saying this, she lies down into her sleeping position, and Wander walks onto her back.)
Wander: (sighs) You're right. (yawns) I sure could use a little shut-eye anyway. (He takes off his hat and crawls inside it.) Maybe we can ask for directions tomorrow.
(Close-up of Sylvia.)
Sylvia: That if anyone lives on this planet.
(Overhead close-up of Wander.)
Wander: Either someone does, or I'm just hearing things. (closes eyes) Good night, Sylvia.
Sylvia: Good night, Wander.
(She closes her eyes, both having drifted off to sleep as the camera zooms out, dissolving in steps. Stop on an overview of the planet, then cut to Castle Hatecula. Close-up on the new door, Lord Hater stands on the drawbridge, watching with a stoic expression, arms folded. Close-up on him, his glower is replaced with an evil grin as he looks down at his amulet as the camera follows his gaze and zooms in on it; glowing brightly. The view fades to black except for it, which fades away moments later.)

(Fade up on the sky of the planet stopped at; now it is morning. Pan slowly down to Wander and Sylvia and zoom in slowly; cut to a close-up of Wander. His eyes slowly flicker open; Side view as he sits up, yawns and rubs them.)
Wander: Mornin', Sylvia.
(Pan down to Sylvia, now awake.)
Sylvia: Morning, Wander. (Wide shot; he walks off her back as she stands up.) Sleep well?
Wander: Yeah, kind of. (He puts his hat on.) Did you?
Sylvia: Oh, I was – (Hears rustling/footsteps) What was that?
Wander: (gasps) That's the noise I heard last night! It's that of the strange something! (looks forward and gasps) Look!
(Sylvia looks in that direction and gasps; cut to her perspective of the tall grass, rustling with the shadowy figure. Back to Sylvia as she shrieks.)
Sylvia: Someone does live here!
(Back to her perspective of the rustling grass; two hairy hands reach out, ready to pry them apart. Cut to a screaming Wander and Sylvia, zooming in fast while rotating slightly; and back to the grass. The hands part the grass away, and the figure reveals himself, a humanoid hillbilly dressed in farmer's attire and laughing crazily. He has two large buck teeth pointing away from each other, the farthest one gold colored, and one of his overall straps hangs down.)
Hillbilly: Oh, man! Last naght was lawd, ain't it?
(Close-up on a confused Wander and Sylvia; widen as the hillbilly comes forth.)
Hillbilly: Well, how do? (shakes Wander's hand and tips hat) Name's Clam. Ah live here on this darn planet!
Wander: Hello, Clam! I'm Wander, and this is Sylvia.
Clam: My, yer one purty lady!
Sylvia: Uh...thanks?
(Clam holds Sylvia's hand, gargles, and spits on it. In close-up, Sylvia looks at her saliva-coated hand and shakes it while making a disgusted noise while her tongue lolls out the side of her mouth. Cut to Wander and Clam.)
Wander: Were you the strange something that was chasing me last night?
Clam: You bet 'chur durned spanky ah was!
Wander: Wait, why were you chasing me?
Clam: Well, ah was tryin' to tell ya that yer stranded with me and ma friends. but ya kept runnin' off!
Wander: (confused) Um..."your friends"?
Clam: You don't know ma friends? Well, come raight this way! (He zips away, laughing.)
Wander: Clam, wait!
(Side view long shot of the three as they follow a laughing Clam. Front-on shot as they run toward the camera, Clem stopping ahead of them.)
Clem: Heeeere they are!
(Point of view shot of three animals; L to R: a muddy pig chewing on hay, a donkey standing up scratching its belly, a rooster standing idle.)
Clem: (offscreen) These are ma friends! (Close-up of the pig.) This 'ere's Abigail... (An oink, pan to the donkey.) That's Bud... (A bray; pan to the rooster.) And that 'ere is Cletus.
(A really loud crow; cut to Wander and Sylvia as they shield their ears. The animals; now Clam sits on the ground as they gather around him.)
Clam: Well? Whaddya think? Ya like 'em?
(Cut to the speechless space travelers.)
Wander: Uh...well...
Sylvia: Hey, why does Abigail have that strange looking twitch thingy on her eyes?
(Cut to Abigail on the end of this; both her eyes have dimples underneath, the one nearest to us is twitching. Clam comes forth.)
Clam: Oh, ya mean this? Ah well, she was born with it. Has a tendency to twitch 'em all the time.
Wander: (suddenly very stern) Wait a minute. (walks up to him) Clam, we can't talk about Abigail's twitchy eyes now, we need to stay focused! Did you see a castle floating in the air last night?
Clam: Castle? Floating in the air?
(Wander nods, and after some silence, Clam begins bursting out into a rather loud laughter. He topples over on his back and begins rocking back and forth in fetal position.)
Clam: Castle...floating in the air...oh...good one! So got me this time!
(Cut to a close-up of Wander, rolling his eyes disgustedly at the clueless hillbilly.)
Clam: (offscreen) Oh...floating castle... (Cut to him, now on his back; he flops onto his front and bangs the ground.) Floating castle...
(He continues laughing; Wander cannot take it anymore as the camera zooms in on his angry face. Zoom out quickly to frame Clam and Sylvia.)
Wander: STOOOOP!!!
Clam: (he does) Yeah?
Wander: Clam, this is no laughing matter! I know you think "Floating castle" is funny, but this is serious! Earlier yesterday, Sylvia told me that Lord Hater changed his lair into a castle!
Clam: Who's Lord Hater?
Sylvia: Crazy skeleton freak, lightning bolts, wants to take over the galaxy.
Clam: Ohhhhhh, you mean that crazy guy Ah've heard of! Well, the last time ah saw him was about a week ago, he was plotting up some scheme to take over the galaxy. It happened yesterday, but somehow, he had another one, and it succeeded!
Wander: You must be referring to the depression spell he cast on Bingleborp!
Clam: Bingle-what now?
Sylvia: Look, what we're trying to say is, he stole the power of the king and queen. He used it to change his lair, and now that he's the new leader, he'll do whatever he wants to make it his galaxy. And worse, if the king and queen don't get their powers back, the Yonder Galaxy will disappear and unless they revitalize it, the galaxy will be gone forever!
(During the sequence of her bad news, Clam's face scrunches up into a frightening frown as his eyes constrict to points. He rapidly shakes his head as he resolves himself.)
Clam: Well, dad-gum! That there darn Hater and his gang o' eyeballs!
Wander: You mean the Watchdogs?
Clam: Cletus here crowed a warnin', and well, that's 'ow ah learned about it. Since the galaxy's disappearin', I resorted to living here on this 'ere planet Lunar an' Celestia suddenly made in the wrong place.
Sylvia: Wrong place?
Clam: Why, it was s'posed to go next to Glowerp, but it turns out, they made an accident that it ended up 'ere. As for the floating castle lair, ah have no idea where it is.
(A dark shadow looms over the trio on the end of this; close-up on Cletus as he crows a warning. Abigale and Bud follow suite with an alarming oink and bray, and everyone turns their heads upward. Long shot of the three, tilting upwards to Castle Hatecula, which has somewhat ended up here. Back on the three.)
Clam: Oh wait, now ah do!
(Close-up of the castle, zooming in slowly. Wander and Sylvia walk up towards it in an orbble. Side view; they float up towards the drawbridge entrance, closed up. Close-up on the door; Wander sticks one arm out and knocks. There is a rumble, and the two avert themselves just in time to see the drawbridge lower. Close-up on the two.)
Wander/Sylvia: Whoa...
(The two land on the drawbridge as the orbble pops; as they enter, the drawbridge closes up as the scene cuts to a long shot of the castle.)

(Cut to a long shot of the hallway, tilting down to Wander and Sylvia. Close-up on them.)
Wander: Wow, Castle Hatecula. It looks even better indoors! (notices something) Ooh! What's this?
Sylvia: (gasps) Wander, no!
(Too late. During this line, Wander rushes up to a vase on a table and touches it. It suddenly falls to the floor and crashes, and an alarm begins to sound.)
Wander: Uh...oh...
(His only action left is to give a petrified glance to the camera.)

(Cut to a long shot of Lord Hater in his throne room, zooming in slowly. Off to the side stand Lunar and Celestia, surrounded by Peepers and a few Watchdogs.)
Lord Hater: Oh, so many evil things to do with this power, so many. What should I do? I just can't decide. (Close-up, one of his gloves is off; he is filing the nails of that hand.) Now that your power is mine, I can use it to make everyone follow my demands!
(Cut to Lunar and Celestia and zoom in slowly.)
Celestia: Oh, if we ever get our powers back, we'll use it to teach you a lesson!
Lunar: We know Wander and Sylvia are coming to stop you, and there's no way you can fight it!
Lord Hater: Fight it? (scoffs, sarcastically) Oh, how horrible! How can this happen? (normal tone) Oh, of course I can fight it, no problem!
(An alarm sounds; cut to the crystal ball, flashing. Zoom out to frame Peepers as Hater walks up, he has put his glove back on.)
Peepers: The crystal ball says something! Something that just happened a mere fifty seconds ago.
Lord Hater: Well, what's this? (snaps up in shock) Sweet honey of iced tea!! (Close-up of the crystal ball, showing Wander and Sylvia; he continues offscreen.) They're here! (Back to him.) Not on my watch! (raises hands, which are glowing) Let's bring 'em here to see what they think!
(He lets his hands do their work; cut to a long shot as green and white light wafts outwards. Cut to Wander and Sylvia in the main hallway; the alarm has stopped buzzing, and Wander is trying to clean up the broken vase.)
Wander: Just a few more shards... (notices the light wafting towards them) Hey, what's that?
(The light twines slowly around them and emits a spherical field that hides them from sight.)
Sylvia: What's happening?
(A flash of light; they have disappeared. Cut to just behind Hater's throne; A blast of white/green light appears in the center of the carpet leading away from the throne to the door; zoom in on that blast as it changes into the field from earlier; Wander and Sylvia appear, floating just above as it fades away. They land, sitting on their bottoms with their legs out.)
Lord Hater: (offscreen) Well, well, well. What do we have here? (Close-up.) If it isn't Wander and Sylvia, are you? My eyes never deceive.
Sylvia: (standing up) Playtime is over, Lord Hater! (makes fists) I've got a pair of friends right here, why don't you say hello to them? (flexes them)
Lord Hater: (acting) Oh, no! The Lady Haymaker and the Duchess of Whaling! What am I gonna do? (normal) Never mind, I'll take it from here!
Wander: (standing up, sharply) What do you want, Hater? I'm not here to play your game this time, name it!
Lord Hater: Well, now that my most hated enemy is here, I would suggest you take on me in an all-out duel!
(Thunder flashes, cut to Wander.)
Wander: A duel? (pause, quietly) Bring it.
Lord Hater: (stands up, crosses to him) Only this time, you'll face an even powerful evildoer than before! And even more powerful... (Extreme close-up.) than you ever thought I was.
(His eyes briefly flare white on the word "thought". Cut to Lunar and Celestia, the Watchdogs have left, save for Peepers.)
Lunar: Be careful, Wander!
Celestia: His powers are even more powerful than ever!
Peepers: (puts hands over their mouths) Shh!!! I can't hear, this is going to be amazing! Now you keep your mouths shut.
(They scrunch their lips together; cut to Wander, determination written all over his face. Sylvia puts a hand on his shoulder.)
Sylvia: You can do it, Wander. You always win, I just know it.
Wander: I know, Sylvia. (close-up, he tips his hat forward ominously.) I've been waiting a whole trip for this.
Lord Hater: Are you ready, my worst enemy?
(He holds up his flaming hand on the end of this. Cut back to Wander, his hat is back in its normal position.)
Wander: I'm ready, Hater. (Long shot.) Let's duel!

(Hater comes into view right in front of the camera. Side view of the room; the two competitors stand in place and stare each other down. Cut to a close-up of Wander, zooming in on his narrowed eyes; the view contracts to a letterbox view which frames them. Fullscreen shot of Lord Hater; zooming/contracting as before. Fullscreen shot of Wander, he charges forward with a yell. Hater gets ready with a fist, roars, and charges forward as well. When the two meet, they begin fighting each other – punches, kicks, dodges, chops, flips all around. As Peepers activates a remote which darkens the lights in the room – the fighters and spectators gleaming brightly and highlighted – Wander manages to dodge one kick as he flips back and lands on his feet. Lifting his head upward, Hater raises his glowing hands and fires; Wander jumps out of the way just in time. More zaps/avoidance, and in close-up, Wander sticks one hand into his hat and produces a whip, which he cracks once before the camera zooms in on his grimacing face.)

(Cut to a section of the room as Wander runs past, whip cracking. He leaps into the air; cut to Lord Hater as Wander soars over him and whips his back; Hater responds with a wail, but does not let this stop him as he fires another blast of power. Ground level as Wander lands, hunched over with one hand down; he lifts his head as the camera zooms in on him again. Back to Hater, he fires up his hands and fires with one hand at a time. Wander rushes around the room, blasts firing everywhere. In close-up, he looks back and produces a lasso from his hat. Twirling it with full expense, he tosses it and it ties itself around the evildoer, who manages to scorch it with his powers. Close-up of Wander's disbelieving face, then cut back to Lord Hater.)

Lord Hater: See what I mean? I am more powerful than ever! (laughs evilly)
Wander: Not on my watch!

(He charges forward, Lord Hater getting ready with another blast; but he plows into him and he lands on the ground. As he moans with anger, Wander stands up on his tummy, arms crossed with affirmation. But the evildoer is not finished yet; he stands up quickly, causing Wander to fly out of frame with a yelp and slam into a wall, landing headfirst before his entire body slumps. He comes to his feet and gets his fists ready; cut to a worried Sylvia, a few Watchdogs have gathered around her.)

Sylvia: Wander, be careful! He's more stronger than you think he is!
(The evildoer holds up his surging hand on the end of this; Cut back to Wander.)
Wander: You stop right now!
(He absolutely does not; he lets his hand fire up that aims toward Sylvia. She shrieks; and Wander gasps at this.)
Wander: Sylvia! (to Hater, charging) You monster!
Lord Hater: (guffawing) Say goodbye, Zbornak!
(He fires; cut to a long shot of a screaming Sylvia and zoom in; Wander comes into the scene from the left.)
Wander: Stop!
(In slow motion, cut to a close-up as he jumps right in front of her – and the beam strikes him right in the chest. It surges a bit as he puts his hands there with a yell; the speed returns to normal as he flops to the floor.)
Sylvia: Wander!
(In close-up, Wander sits up, crying in agony as his chest surges with green lightning. He feels his head with one hand and lays that against the surging chest; Sylvia comes up.)
Sylvia: He hit ya right in the heart. That's gotta hurt.
(He stands up on the end of this; his chest stops surging. We hear evil laughter as they turn their heads forward and gasp; cut to Hater, laughing loudly and arms outstretched.)
Lord Hater: I told you I was more powerful than usual! And now that I've hit you right in the heart... (His perspective of them, shadow visible.) I've beaten my most hated enemy!
(Back to him as he laughs; in close-up, he suddenly stops as something comes to.)
Lord Hater: Huh?
(He glances down toward his amulet; the camera following his gaze. The amulet is blazing brightly. Full view; a green nimbus of light forms around him, taking on a white edge while green lightning surges around him. In close-up, he flicks his head around in confusion, before the expression on his face changes to an evil grin as the camera zooms in a bit. Full view of him as he lets go with a surprised chuckle.)
Lord Hater: And guess what? My attack to you was so strong, that I have just happened to grow stronger than before! Now that I've grown stronger... (Extreme close-up.) There's no knowing what I'll be doing next! (The two space travelers; he continues offscreen.) Face it, you're no match for me... (back to him.) Lord Hater, Number One Superstar!!!
(He lets go with another evil laugh. Close-up of Wander, then the dumbstruck king and queen as Peepers applauds, the other Watchdogs gathering around, joining in. Back to Wander and Sylvia)
Sylvia: You'll never get away with this, Hater! Wander will find a way to stop you, somehow!
Lord Hater: Hmm, of course he will...or will he?
(Her face snaps up in big question; Lord Hater crosses over to his throne and sits on it.)

(Song: "It's Gonna Be A Great Day (reprise)")
Lord Hater:  This has went my way, I have it all
You are no use for my power at all
This has been the best
Yes, it's so great
I've made it through, this is a great day!

(He strolls the room and goes up to the roof to revel everything in the galaxy before him.)

It's gonna be a great day
Not an average everyday
Nothing stands in my way
This will be great
Make it last and make it stay
I am awesome, come what may
It's gonna be a great day

(As he sings the ending of this song, the camera zooms out to frame him on the roof of Castle Hatecula, floating in the sky. Back to Wander and Sylvia, completely dumbstruck.)
Lord Hater: And since you've failed to take me down... (Close-up.) I suggest you'd leave right this instant! (Leans toward the camera) And to make it better...

(Cut to the exterior of the castle; we hear a kicking sound, and a screaming Wander and Sylvia fly out of the topmoist window near the skull formation. They land on one of the platforms from the lair's creation from earlier; close-up on the window as Lord Hater sticks his head out.)
Lord Hater: And don't even consider coming back! I'm more powerful, now! (laughs and goes back inside)
(Cut to Wander and Sylvia on the platform as they stand up.)
Sylvia: (groans) Are you alright, bud?
Wander: Yeah, I'm okay. Did my best, but...I couldn't make it.
Sylvia: Wander, what were you thinking?
Wander: I don't know! I saw you about to be attacked, and...I had to use myself to save you! If I hadn't, you would've died!
Sylvia: Well, I'm glad you've managed to save me, partner. Besides, that was just the first fight. We'll try again!
Wander: Yeah, just one attack is enough.
(He brings out his right hand during the ending of this – a portion of the palm now takes on a faded, washed-out tone. He looks at his hand and gasps in shock.)
Wander: Sylvia, look at this!
(Close-up of his partially drab hand, zooming in slowly.)
Sylvia: Whoa! That's strange. (Cut to frame both of them.) One second, Hater blasts your heart, and now, your hand turns grey!
Wander: Does it look bad?
Sylvia: I don't know, but this has to with something. (Close-up of Wander's chest, which surges briefly; cut to her as she gasps.) We gotta get you to a hospital and see what this madness is!
(Wander jumps onto her back and blows an orbble around them, and they float out of sight. From one of the windows, Lord Hater watches menacingly and looks at his amulet, the camera showing a close-up of it glowing.)

(Dissolve to a hospital somewhere in the empty space; cut to a close-up of Wander's surging chest as a stethoscope presses up against it.)
Off-Screen Voice: Uh-huh...
(Zoom out; we are in an examination room. Wander sits on an examining table front and center, and Sylvia stands off to the right. In front of him is a doctor, holding his stethoscope to Wander's heart and listening closely. Close-up on the doctor; he removes the stethoscope.)
Doctor: Mm-hmm, worse than I thought.
Wander: What is it, Dr. Taurus? (Close-up.) What is wrong with my heart?
Dr. Taurus: Hmm. It would seem that it's been affected by a really strong, powerful substance. (Close-up of Wander's surging chest, zooming in; he continues offscreen.) That beam caused by Lord Hater's hate combined with the power of the king and queen has seeped into your heart, and since love is what you think about, it appears that the hate has taken it away.)
Sylvia: Will he be alright, Doc?
Dr. Taurus: Why, no. He will die.
Wander: (dumbstruck) DIE?!
Dr. Taurus: Wander, your heart is infused with hate, put there by Lord Hater. As time goes on, your heart will wither more and more, until it becomes so weak, you die.
(While saying this, he presses a remote which turns on a monitor next to him. Zoom in on it; it shows a heart onscreen. The heart shrivels and wrinkles up, darkening in color until it turns dull grey. Cut to a shocked Wander as he gasps.)
Wander: What am I gonna do? Is there any way I can reverse this hate?
Dr. Taurus: Alas, there is only one way that can cure a heart with hate: an act of bravery.
Wander: An act of bravery? What's an act of bravery?
Dr. Taurus: (puts his hand on his heart) You must prove yourself brave and strong enough, to take down Lord Hater and defeat him. If you manage to do so before your heart completely withers, the hate in your heart will dissipate, and love will return.
Wander: But I don't know how to defeat Lord Hater! He's too powerful, and I'm too weak!
Dr. Taurus: Well, you're just gonna have to make the best of it.
(He turns around and leaves; cut to Wander, Sylvia strives over to him.)
Wander: Oh, Sylvia, in all of my times with Lord Hater, I never been brave enough to defeat him like this before! (Close-up.) I don't know what to do! If this ever continues, I'm gonna be nothing but...nothing!
(During the ending of this, his entire right arm washes out, starting from the hand and working its way to the shoulder. Cut to Sylvia, showing sympathy.)
Sylvia: Wander, I know you've been brave a lot, but this is even bigger. I think you can do this. (Cut to Wander; she continues offscreen.) No matter how bad or strong Lord Hater is, I think you have the love inside to defeat him.
(On the end of this, Wander's entire left arm washes out; starting from the hand, ending at the shoulder.)
Wander: (starting to panic) But Sylvia, what can I do? How am I ever gonna face Lord Hater now?!
Sylvia: Wander, I know Lord Hater's more powerful than ever and he's hard to defeat. But to me, I think you can take down this bone escapade and turn him into a jumbled mess. Besides, you can do anything.
(She crosses to him and holds his hands.)

(Song: "Never Be The Same")
Sylvia: You've got a whole life ahead of yourself
You have a head full of wonderful things
Please, don't place all of that on a shelf
I think it's time that you spread your wings

We have a big day of business to do
I know it hasn't gone all our way
But I promise this to you,
It will soon be a better day

(She leads him out; cut to outside the hospital as they exit and Wander blows an orbble around them, and they fly through space.)

Whether we're at home or up high
There's a place somewhere in the sky
I can trust to you,
There is nothing we can't do

Things will never be the same,
But everybody knows your name
You can do this thing
Let your happiness spring

I believe we can make this right
Get the evil out of your heart
This never rests all day and night
We have a brand new place to start

I know you're feeling sad and glum
But our trip is not yet done
You can do this thing, I know it
Close your eyes and you will see it

Whether we're at home or up high
There's a place somewhere in the sky
I can trust to you,
There is nothing we can't do
Wander: There is nothing we can't do

Sylvia: Things will never be the same,
But everybody knows your name
You can do this thing
Let your happiness spring

Wander: I'm gonna show what I can
I'm gonna make it right
I'll take down Hater and save our home
Sylvia: A friend like you is the best
You're always happy and bright
And I can tell you that you're not alone
Wander: I'm not alone

Wander/Sylvia: Whether we're at home or up high
There's a place somewhere in the sky
Sylvia: I can trust to you,
There is nothing we can't do
Wander: There is nothing we can't do

Sylvia: Things will never be the same,
Wander: But everybody knows my name
Wander/Sylvia: We can do this thing
Let our happiness spring

(As the song ends, they float through space until they're barely in sight. Dissolve to the exterior of Castle Hatecula; zoom in quickly to Lord Hater on his throne.)
Lord Hater: Peepers! (wide shot, he is lounging on his side.) Status update!
Peepers: (walks up) Sir, Castle Hatecula is going good so far. The king and queen are still in captivity, and powerless, hence you've got all the power.
Lord Hater: Yes, and...?
Peepers: For the Yonder Galaxy, the planets are still disappearing. Please direct your attention to the screen.
(He presses a remote; cut to just behind their heads as a screen appears in mid-air. Zoom in to an extreme close-up, the Yonder Galaxy's sky, panning across the planets as they disappear.)
Peepers: (offscreen) As you see right here, the Yonder Galaxy is continuing to fade out of existence. Since the king and queen are not there to power it, it has no power to live. (Back to him.) That power has been transferred to you, on and so forth.
Lord Hater: I love using the king and queen's power! It's even better than my regular powers, just a few notches more powerful!
Peepers: That's not all, sir. I've sent the Watchdogs out to capture every species there is.
Lord Hater: Ooh! What is there?
Peepers: Well...
(He presses his remote; cut to the screen, showing a few Binglebops in orbbles. A trio of Watchdogs in ships float by, nets sticking out on bottom. They use the nets to capture the Binglebops in them, and they scream.)
Peepers: Every species alike, from the familiar...
Binglebops: HELP US!!!
(King Bingleborp is in one of the nets as well.)
King Bingleborp: Wander, Sylvia, where are you?!
(The screen goes static; cut to the marketplace from "The Fugitives", a few citizens are at their business.)
Peepers: To the unusual...
(Here come the Watchdogs; they do their deed at caging, bagging and netting the citizens one by one.)
Citizen: HELLLLP!!!
(Static; cut to a forest. An unknown species is taking a hike.)
Peepers: Even the unknown have been taken as well!
(Right on cue, the Watchdogs come out and chase them out of frame. Static; the screen becomes a 6x4 grid showing different species being captured. Zoom out, putting Peepers in frame as he begins to speak.)
Peepers: Sir, with all these species here with us, they'll have nothing to do, rather than wallow over their home planets, which they'll never see again!
Lord Hater: Thank you, Peepers, thank you! So, how are the citizens?
Peepers: Well...

(Cut to the lair's new prison level, panning across; in each cell sits a trapped species or friend of Wander's, shouting cries of help. Close on one of the cells; a monitor lowers. The trapped citizen looks towards it; in close-up, its static screen changes to show Lord Hater.)
Lord Hater: (onscreen) Attention all of you captives! I, Lord Hater, am here to give you this very important message! From this day forth, I am the Yonder Galaxy's new leader, which means all of you have to do exactly what I say!
(Slow pan across the captives, who gasp in shock. Back to Lord Hater on the screen, zooming in to an extreme close-up.)
Lord Hater: That's right, exactly what I say! First of all...
(Static, cut to a playground showing alien children playing on the rides and laughing; a buzzer sounds as an X superimposes the image, freeze-frame.)
Lord Hater: (voiceover) No playing!
(Static, cut to a trio of alien children singing together. X/freeze-frame, as before.)
Lord Hater: (voiceover) No singing!
(Static, cut to a group of aliens goofing around in a gym. X/freeze-frame, as before.)
Lord Hater: (voiceover) No...whatever this is what you call it! (Static.) And most importantly... (He appears.) No having fun!
(Slow pan across the horrified captives as they scream; stop on one of them.)
Captive: No! I was waiting to go to the new fun park this weekend!
(Pan to the next cell.)
Captive 2: I didn't even get my smoothie!
(Pan to the next cell.)
Captive 3: Tell my wife I love her!
(Back to the monitor.)
Lord Hater: (onscreen) And as an added addition... (Screen changes showing the disappearing planets; he continues offscreen.) You're never going home, since it's almost gone forever! (Screen changes to show Lunar and Celestia.) Your old rulers are still powerless... (He appears in front of them.) And still, their power is mine!
Lunar: (onscreen, peeking from behind) You just stop it, you wicked skeletal system of horror!
Celestia: (onscreen) Or we'll pull apart one of your bones!
Lord Hater: (onscreen) YOU BE QUIET THERE!!! (He zaps them, and they shriek.) As for all of you, you'll all have to follow my orders starting right now! As a first rule, I say you should all just stay here and watch everything that happens from your cell! And when all the planets in the Yonder Galaxy disappear, I shall use my power to construct my own galaxy: The Hater Galaxy! (pause) Of course, it's a good name, I can't think of anything else. Anyhow, enjoy your weeping moments, sightned, your new leader, LORD HATER!!! (Thunder flashes, ominous music plays as he laughs.) Oh boy, that was a good chuckle. HATER OUT!
(The screen goes to static, wide shot of the cells as the captives cry. Close on one cell, bearing King Bingleborp and some of the Binglebops.)
King Bingleborp: Oh, Wander and Sylvia, where are you?!

(Snap to Wander and Sylvia in their orbble.)
Wander: (panting) We're on our way, no need to worry! (Close-up.) Just gotta make our way through this empty space to Castle Hatecula, and we'll be right there!
Sylvia: Wander, you've been worrying about this the whole time. We're just a few miles away.
Wander: I understand what you're sayin', Sylvia! But my heart is withering, and there's only a matter of time to perform that act of bravery! Because...
(The ailing space traveler suddenly lets out a painful yell and puts a hand to his heart; like something shot right through him. Sylvia gasps.)
Sylvia: Wander! (He starts panting.) Are you alright?
Wander: (between pants) I don't know, Syl...but the sooner we get there...the sooner I can take on Lord Hater...and defeat constitute an act of bravery...and stop this madness!
(During the ending of this, a few strands of his fur skirt wash out, starting from bottom and working to neck. A few strands on his legs wash out as well.)
Sylvia: Don't worry Wander, I've got a better idea! Hold on!
(Concentrating as hard as she could, she revs up her feet like a race car and zooms off, some of her face flapping in the wind. Wander holds tight to Sylvia's rein, screaming as he is lifted off the ground and dragged along. She changes lanes one after the other, cut to her perspective, showing Castle Hatecula appearing in the distance.)
Sylvia: Hang on, buddy! We're almost there!
(She keeps up; cut to her feet as they spin around rapidly like a motor. She growls in determination as she continues to approach; at last, they reach the castle and stop short just before the drawbridge. Close-up on it as it lowers; Wander and Sylvia proceed to enter.)

(Snap to the crystal ball in Lord Hater's throne room, showing the same scene.)
Lord Hater: (offscreen) What?! (zoom out to frame him.) They're back?! Not on my watch! Peepers, assemble the team!
Peepers: (offscreen) Already on it, sir!

(Cut to the main hallway, Wander and Sylvia are running through. Close-up on them; as Wander speaks, more of his fur washes out – first his upper hair strand, then a few strips on his head.)
Wander: We're almost there...we're gonna make it... (His perspective of the approaching door.) Must find Lord Hater and –
(Right on cue, he pushes the door open. Lord Hater is here, Peepers and a few other Watchdogs stand with him.)
Lord Hater: Going somewhere?
(His perspective of the two, shadow bathing them a little.)
Wander: Uh...oh.

(Snap to the inside of a door, it opens to reveal Lord Hater, holding Wander under one arm. He throws him in, and he screams as he lands on the floor and slides a little. Lifting his head a little, the camera shows from behind he is looking at a 7x3 grid of monitors showing the action of every room in the lair. This is the new version of the ship's surveillance room; cut to a close-up of his worried face.)
Wander: What the?
Lord Hater: (offscreen) Ha! (Tilt up to frame him.) So you thought you could come and barge in on me? (Close-up.) I don't think so!
Wander: What do you think you're doing, Lord Hater? And where's Sylvia?
Lord Hater: Oh, she's in a better place.

(Cut to a close-up of Sylvia, the walls suggesting she's in the throne room.)
Sylvia: HATERRRRR!!! (Zoom out; she is in handcuffs, and three Watchdogs hold her tail and legs. She struggles to break them off.) Someone has gotta put rust on these handcuffs.

(Cut back to Lord Hater.)
Lord Hater: Face it, Wander. (He approaches him, now sitting on the floor.) You're nothing but a wimp, a small one, to be exact! (His perspective of him; he continues offscreen.) I am way more powerful and awesome than you! And since I've struck your heart with my hate, you're all dumb and dying now! (Back to him.) And now that I have you here, I'm just gonna lock you in the surveillance room so you can get a last glimpse of the madness, before you close your eyes forever!
Wander: (weakly) You're no match for this, Hater!
Lord Hater: No, you're no match for this. I'm the new ruler of the Yonder Galaxy now, and it's time I head to the throne room to begin the ritual!
Peepers: (offscreen) Sir?
(Hater turns his head; in close-up, Peepers points at something. Back to Hater as he looks at that.)
Lord Hater: Oh, and one last thing. Please look up there, if you will?
(Wander does; cut to one of the monitors, showing a complete empty area of space. Zoom in on Planet Opism, glowing/sparkling. Wander gasps offscreen; it is indeed the only planet left.)
Wander: (offscreen) No! (Back to him.) Planet Opism is the last one remaining!
Lord Hater: Yes, it is the last planet to go. When it vanishes, the Yonder Galaxy will be no more, and the Hater Galaxy will replace it for the rest of our lives!
(He gives out an evil laughter and starts to exit the room.)
Wander: Lord Hater, you get back here this instant! Stop! (grunts) You won't get away with this!
Lord Hater: (offscreen) Really? (Close-up, peeking through the ajar door.) Looks like I already did.
(He slams it shut, and we hear a locking noise as we cut to a shocked Wander.)
Wander: Hater, no! Come back! No!
(He bangs on the door repeatedly; cut to outside the room where Hater and Peepers stand. His muffled cries are heard from inside under the next two lines.)
Lord Hater: Come on now, Peepers. Let us begin our ceremony.
Peepers: Right away, sir.
(They exit; cut to Wander still banging the door.)
Wander: Stop! You can't leave me here! Come back! Hater!
(The rest of his fur washes out, and he whimpers sadly, adding a few weiry pants.)
Wander: No...this can't be...
(He sadly leans against the door and hides his head in sadness, sobbing sadly. Cut to an overhead shot of him, zooming out slowly.)

(Snap to the doors of Lord Hater's throne room; they swing open, and Hater marches toward the camera, as ominous fanfare music plays. After he fills the screen, cut to a behind shot as he walks up the aisle to his throne and sits on it. He then turns toward something; a trio of Watchdogs is shown playing the fanfare on heralding trumpets. Hater fires a ray at them, causing them to fly backwards and yell.)
Lord Hater: Thank you, thank you. As your new leader... (Long shot of the room, panning across.) I hereby declare that this will be the best "Last Moments of the Yonder Galaxy" heralding ceremony everyone's ever heard! (Close-up.) Isn't that right, captives?
(At the last word, the camera tilts up slightly to frame five cylindrical cages above him. Left side: Clam and his animals, Professor Knowitall. Right side: Lunar, Celestia, Stout family. Close-up on Clam.)
Clam: Dad gum! This ain't right at all!
(Bud brays sadly; pan to Knowitall.)
Knowitall: How would he do such a thing like this?
(Whip pan to Lunar and Celestia.)
Lunar: This is even worse than ever!
Celestia: Why is this happening?!
(Close-up on Andie, panning to each Stout family member as they speak.)
Andie: Oh, Wander, where are you?
Lofty: If you hear us son, come out!
Dander: Can you hear us, big brother?
Shiloh: Help us!
(Cut to a close-up of Sylvia, still being held captive by the Watchdogs.)
Sylvia: You'll never get away this, Lord Hater! Wander's in the surveillance room watching all of this, and I'm sure he's gonna help us!
Watchdog 1: Oh, so he's gonna come and save you?
Watchdog 2: Not!
Watchdog 3: He's locked up. No way he's gonna escape.
(They laugh, Sylvia's only response is to give a scoff of annoyance. Cut to Hater; Peepers joins him.)
Peepers: Sir, Wander's still locked up, you may start when you want. (He hands him his remote.)
Lord Hater: Please direct your attention to the monitor!
(He presses it; the screen from earlier appears and shows Planet Opsim the only planet left. Everyone gasps in shock.)
Sylvia: Planet Opism!
Andie: Our home planet, the last one remaining!
Lord Hater: That's right, and in just a few minutes, it's gonna fade out, and the Yonder Galaxy will be gone...FOREVER!!! (Shocked expressions from everyone, cut to Sylvia and zoom in slowly.)
Sylvia: Oh, Wander, please help us!

(Snap to an overhead shot of the throne room, which resolves into one of the monitors in the surveillance room as the camera zooms out and pans downward to Wander, limping towards them. Close-up on him.)
Wander: (weakly) Oh...what was I thinking? I'm not brave enough to fight Lord Hater! He's too strong, and I'm far too weak! (sighs) Hater was right, I was no match for him. How can I prove I'm brave enough to defeat him, when he has enough power to defeat me? (sighs, hanging head) There's no way I can do this. Hater is way too powerful, and there's no way I can defeat him at all.
(Lifting his head slowly, Wander fixes his eyes on the monitors above him. Close-up of one monitor, showing the trapped Clam and Knowitall; back to him as he looks over at another. Cut to the monitor showing his family; in close-up, his worry slowly begins to melt away. Brief shot of the monitor showing the trapped Lunar and Celestia, then pan down to the monitor showing a laughing Hater. Snap to a close-up of Wander, zooming in on his shocked face as his mouth drops open slightly; cut back to the monitor and zoom in slowly as Lord Hater lowers his head as he stops laughing to give an evil gaze. Cut to a close-up of Wander's eyes and zoom out to frame all of him as he narrows them in determination; his shocked jaw dropped expression has been replaced with a firm frown.)
Wander: (with firm finality) I know now what I must do!

(Snap to Lord Hater laughing again, hands surging.)
Lord Hater: Isn't it fun, ladies and gentlemen, watching the last planet fade out into existence so the galaxy around it will be gone for good? (Everyone shouts cries of dejection.) I know, I think so, too! After all, I am the greatest evildoer.
Sylvia: Oh, you just shut your pivotal jaw, you mean old skeleton! Wander would be angry if he saw this, and I know he's coming!
Lord Hater: (laughs crazily) Oh, really? (rolling eyes) I have a feeling he's never coming. After all, we locked him up, and –
Wander: (offscreen) STOP!
(His face snaps up in total deadpan realization; whip pan to an angry Wander standing just inside the door.)
Lord Hater: (offscreen) Wander?! (Back to him, he stammers.) HOW DID YOU BREAK OUT?!
Wander: Well...
(Screen flashes; fade the door to the surveillance room. It bangs three times, Wander can be heard grunting in turn. On the fourth bang, it breaks off the latches and slams to the ground, revealing a panting Wander. He runs out and exits screen left; screen flashes, fade in to Lord Hater.)
Lord Hater: But that is impossible!!! I locked the door, there's no way you would've exited!
Wander: Let's just say I learned a little something from my friend over there.
(Whip pan to Sylvia.)
Sylvia: 'Sup?
(Using her strength, she manages to break free of her handcuffs and send the Watchdogs flying. Close-up of Lord Hater, he throws an emphatically pointed finger his way.)
Lord Hater: GET HIM!!!
(The Watchdogs yell and charge towards Wander, who jumps out of the way just in time. Close-up on Celestia.)
Celestia: Be careful down there, Wander!

(Close-up on the yelling Watchdogs; then cut to a close-up of Wander's determined face and zoom out. He throws an attack to every Watchdog that comes toward him: punch, punch, kick, kick, punch, kick, spin in air and punch, punch low, jump in air and kick. Close on more charging Watchdogs; cut to Sylvia as she does a few attacks to them as well. Punch, punch, kick, smack with tail, jump in air and kick, duck down and kick. The Watchdogs are flung back because of this, but Hater motions for more to come. A cabinet opens revealing a swarm of them, and some come out of shelf drawers as well. Wander aims a shocked glance towards this, but he charges forward and begins punching them away. Sylvia charges and gives a line of Watchdogs a fist, causing them to fall over like dominoes. Wander runs and leaps into the air, aiming one fist downward. When he lands, this causes the ground to vibrate outward, sending the Watchdogs flying. Some slam into the wall; as Wander stands up, Sylvia backs up to him.)

Sylvia: Wander, the source of the king and queen's powers are in the amulet Lord Hater is wearing! (Close-up of it; she continues offscreen.) If you can bust it, the power will return to its owners for sure!
(Back to them.)
Wander: But how can I do that?
Sylvia: That's up to you! Perform your act of bravery! Stop your heart from withering! Save us all!
(Zoom in on Wander's face; it snaps into a firm line, and he runs off.)

(Close-up on Lord Hater and zoom out; Wander's feet come into view, cut to a side view of the stand-off.)
Lord Hater: Well, well, well. Looks like you're up for another duel. (Close-up.) Aren't you?
Wander: (pointing) Release the power from your amulet, Hater!
Lord Hater: And lose the amazing new things I can do with it? No! You'll have to fight me to prove it!
Wander: I'm already ahead for that!

(He lets go with a yell and charges forward; Lord Hater follows suit. Shift back and forth between the charging rivals and cut to side view as they meet up. They begin fighting each other as in the first duel, but with different versions of their punches/kicks/dodges/chops/flips. Wander jumps out of the way and hits the floor, before standing up and gesturing "come here". Hater smiles and steps forward slowly, then raises his surging arms and zaps. Wander jumps out of the way and hops onto Hater's back and starts to grasp hold of the amulet.)

Lord Hater: Oh no, you don't!

(He hunches backward, causing Wander to fly back, yelling as he hits the floor. He stands up as the camera zooms in on his face; show all of him as he reaches into his hat and produces some nunchucks. Running up to the evildoer, he leaps into the air and whips them at the evildoer's head, causing him to cry in agony, but replaces it with a menacing growl. Hater lets his hand do its work; Wander dodges rapid fires of them as before. Close on Sylvia, still attacking the Watchdogs; she looks up and gasps. Her perspective, Lord Hater fires away, while Wander waits for the right moment and whips him with his nunchucks. He fires again; cut back to her in close-up.)

Sylvia: Careful, Wander! He's more stronger than you – (The Watchdogs plow onto her.) WHOA!

(We hear the sound of attacking; whip pan back to the battle. Wander spins his nunchucks and zooms forward. He leaps into the air, but as he whips his nunchucks, Lord Hater uses his fist to punch the attack back to Wander, causing him to fly into the corner. He slides down the wall and comes to; after feeling his head, he looks off to see something. His perspective of Sylvia, tied up in a rope. Back to him; a shadow looms over him as he looks up. Cut to his perspective of Lord Hater.)

Lord Hater: It looks like you're out of ideas.
(He fires up his hands; cut to Wander and zoom in slowly.)
Wander: Oh, yeah? Take...THIS!
(He slides out of frame on the last word. Close on Lord Hater.)
Lord Hater: What?

(A wider shot shows Wander slid out from under Hater's legs. He throws an angry glance over at him and stands up in close-up. Reaching into his hat with both hands, he produces another pair of nunchucks in one hand and a whip in the other. He spins the nunchucks and cracks the whip; Hater turns around and gets his hands ready. As he fires, Wander jumps out of the way and charges forward, weapons in motion. He reaches Hater and throws his whip at him, causing him to react with pain for a moment. He growls and fires a punch to Wander's face, causing Wander to react as well. He starts panting and leaning over – his withering heart is almost gone. As he lifts his head, cut to a close-up on a smirking Lord Hater as he readies his hands once more; cut to a staring Wander, face filled entirely with burning rage. As he begins to pant again, he readies his nunchucks and charges again. Lord Hater begins firing green rays everywhere, and Wander manages to dodge one, two, three, four, and five of these. Panting more, he leaps into the air and thrusts his nunchucks forward to attack – but the evildoer manages to resist it back to him the hardest of all. Wander yells as he flies away from Hater, slamming into the wall and landing on the floor, belly down. Hater laughs evilly and fires up his hands once more; cut to a close-up of a struggling Wander, bags under eyes and hair strands slightly disheveled. He attempts to get to his feet repeatedly during the next line.)

Lord Hater: I am going to be the greatest ruler in all the galaxy!

(He laughs again; close up on Wander's face as he throws a shocked glance toward the evildoer, then the captives, then his glowing amulet as the camera shifts to each one. He then looks over at a switch on the wall next to him; this shifts his mood to firm finality.)

Wander: (weakly, but angrily) NO!

(Summoning all his remaining strength, he stands up and slams a hand against the switch, before he falls out of frame to the ground. An alarm begins sounding; Lord Hater stops laughing and notices what he pressed: A close-up on the sign next to the switch says: "Power override".)
Lord Hater: Uh-oh.
(Cut to a close-up of the crystal ball, flashing as it rises into the air and, in a flash of light, breaks into a million sparkles. They swiftly begin to twine around Lord Hater, and his arms begin to rise without his own control. Close-up on Peepers.)
Peepers: Why did you ever put a power override system in this thing?!
(Instantly, Lord Hater's arms begin throwing their own beams out of control, and he screams with horror on each one. One by one the spectators look on in surprise, except the Watchdogs who retreat out the door and slam it. Lord Hater begins to float clear off the ground, and his arms rise up slowly while the amulet glows. Screaming, his arms uncontrollably release beams of green light which rocket forward and bounce all over the room. He looks ahead of himself; in close-up, they make a beeline towards the screen; cut to a close-up of Lord Hater and zoom in slowly.)
Lord Hater: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
(As he screams; the scene cuts to the beams rocketing towards the screen; they meet up with Hater, a white light flashing briefly as he is flung backwards, the amulet released from his neck as it spins in the air, and Wander finally slumps to the ground, lying on his side. Hater slams against the wall and flops down to the ground, groaning as he passes out.)

(Snap to the amulet spinning swiftly through the air; at ground level, it crashes and breaks into pieces, a few sparks of light going off in return. Swifts of pink and blue light slowly float upward from the broken shards offscreen; the camera follows them in close-up. Cut to Lunar and Celestia and zoom in slowly; the lights curl around each respective ruler and seeps into their hearts, leaving a brief glow when it finishes. They lift their hands, which begin to glow blue and pink respectively, and they look at each other in surprise, which soon transitions to happiness. Closing their eyes and raising their hands high as they glow, cut to a wide shot of their cages as they glow white and disappear, letting them descend to the ground. They use their magic on the other cages as well, cut to each one as it glows and disappears, liberating each of their captives so they fall to the ground safely, trading smiles in return.)

(Cut to a close-up of one of the cells on the prison level; the bars glow white and disappear, courtesy of the returned magic. The captive inside cheers happily; cut to another cell bearing another captive as its bars disappear, then cut to a third as its bars disappear as well. Slow pan across the hallway as the bars disappear, leaving the citizens to escape their prison. The cage bearing the Binglebops and their king is the last to lose its bars.)
King Bingleborp: We're free!
(A huge cheer from the citizens as they rush past the camera, the scene cuts to an exterior of the lair as orbbles float out of the windows and drawbridge as they escape happily.)

(Cut to a smiling Lunar and Celestia as the cage ridden captives join them. They turn their heads toward a still-trapped Sylvia, whip pan to show her. In close-up, the rulers lift their hands as they glow; cut to Sylvia as her rope disappears, allowing her to move again.)
Sylvia: Oh, thank you very much, king and queen. (She runs over to join them.) Happy you got your power back?
Lunar: Very.
(They cast their eyes toward Lord Hater, groaning on the floor. He mumbles incoherently, and is unable to even move.)
Celestia: He will come to eventually.
(Sylvia smiles happily, but this suddenly drops into realization as she lets her jaw drop, gasping.)
Sylvia: Wander!!

(Turning away to rush off, she hurries toward Wander, slumped on the ground, lying motionless while his hat lays inches away from him. She stops in front of him, and crosses to the other side to get a closer look. Close-up on Wander, zooming in slowly; his eyes closed and not even moving or breathing. The bags are gone, and his hair strands are fully groomed again. In close-up, Sylvia starts to sob, and her mouth begins to quiver.)
Sylvia: No! Wander! (She picks him up and holds him in her arms.) Oh, how could he do this...? Why...?
(Clam and Knowitall approach them and stare on, deadpan and saddened. Behind them, Abigail, Bud and Cletus follow, making sad noises; Bud even sounds a mourning bray. The Stout family can't help but look on in total sadness in shock as they approach their motionless son.)
Andie: Oh, Wander...
Lofty: Our son...
Dander: Big brother...
Shiloh: He's gone!!! (sobs)
Clam: Wander...?
(Sylvia puts her head up to his chest to listen; silence. Her face drops into complete sadness – her best friend is dead. In close-up, her eyes begin to tear.)
Sylvia: He's given the last of his life to save us...
Knowitall: In those last moments, he defeated Hater, and cost his own life as well.
Sylvia: Oh, could you...?
(Whimpering sadly, the others follow suit and hang their heads in sadness, and the scene snaps to an overhead view of the room, zooming out slowly.)

(Cut to a close-up of Sylvia's tear-streaked face; she closes her eyes and dips her head slowly forward as a few fall from them. Tilt down slowly to the dead Wander; there is no action for a moment, then suddenly, the center of Wander's chest begins to sparkle. Back to Sylvia as she tries to hold back her tears; she looks down at her now diseased friend, which transitions her mood to confusion. Close-up on the sparkles on Wander's chest, zooming in slowly; gradually, more sparkles appear and join together to make the shape of a star, which fills in with gold light. It shines briefly; cut from one spectator to another as they notice this, their sadness transitioning to wonder. Back to the star; it glows brightly and star shaped rays radiate out from it while beams of that color shine outward as well. Sylvia, bathed partially in this light, covers her eyes from the intensity of the glare; but lowers a bit to watch the action. Lunar, Celestia, Knowitall, Clam and the Stouts are bathed in the light as well as the camera zooms in slowly in each. Wide shot of the gang, then cut to a close-up of Sylvia, jaw dropped in surprise.)

(Cut to a close-up of the star; from it, normal orange color washes over Wander's body outward as the camera zooms out a bit. Close-up on one arm, normal color washes over it from the shoulder down to the hand, the last part giving off rays of gold light. Cut to one leg as normal color washes over that as well, giving off a gold ray when it finishes. Tilt up to his fur skirt as normal color returns, spreading downward and giving another glow. Tilt up to his head as normal color slowly spreads upward, from the neck to the hair strands. There is a brief flash of light as gold rays shine outward; cut to a still surprised Sylvia and widen to frame everyone. There is one final flash of light radiating outward from Wander which briefly whites out the entire screen, leaving a few sparkles to flash around Wander.)

(Cut to an overhead shot of Wander and zoom in slowly on his face; the star on his chest fades out, and the sparkles go away. He utters a tired moan, and his eyes slowly flicker open. Cut to a surprised Sylvia; her surprised expression yields itself to a wondering smile; the others follow suit as the camera cuts to each spectator, one by one. Cut to a close-up of the happy Sylvia.)
Sylvia: Wander...Wander, you're alive!
(Cut to Wander, eyes snapping open fully and gasping; his expression gives way to a smile as well.)
Wander: Sylvia!
(He hugs her happily; and everyone gives cheers of happiness and relief.)
Sylvia: Oh, Wander, that was so brave of you! I can't believe you sacrificed yourself to override Lord Hater's power and defeat him!
Wander: (blushing) Aww, it was nothing. After all, he does have a weakness. (Close-up; he gasps, realizing something.) So act of bravery! Sylvia, I performed an act of bravery! I proved myself brave enough to defeat Lord Hater that the hate put in my heart has dissipated, returning the love and bringing me back to life!
Sylvia: Well, I'm very proud of you, partner.
Andie: Oh, Wander, you did it!
Lofty: Well done, son!
Dander: You did it, big brother!
Shiloh: Wander was brave!
Knowitall: I knew you could do it, my friend.
Clam: YEE-HOO! Now this is more like it!
Lunar: Well done, fellow wanderer.
Celestia: We should continue the Celestial Celebration in honor of your victory!
Wander: (chuckles, blushing) Aww, thank you.
(Another round of cheers; Clam brings over Wander's hat, and he takes it and puts it on, smiling happily. All of a sudden, the ground begins to rumble, causing everyone to gasp as things begin to fall.)
Wander: What's happening?
Celestia: Hater no longer has his power to keep Castle Hatecula the way it is!
Lunar: The lair is disintegrating! We have to leave!
(Everyone dashes for the exit; cut to an overview of the main hallway as the entire group of thirteen rush through. Outside, they rush down the drawbridge and blow orbbles before exiting in groups – Wander and Sylvia, Lunar and Celestia, Stout family, Knowitall, Clam and his animals. Brief behind shot of them leaving; cut to their perspective of Castle Hatecula, rumbling. There is an explosion that blasts outward, whiting out the entire screen. Fade in to the results; the castle has returned to its original skull appearance. Zoom out to frame Wander and Sylvia, looking back.)
Wander/Sylvia: Phew! (They exit.)

(Dissolve to an empty space sky as the five orbbles float past. Cut to the glowing/sparkling/wavering Planet Opism; it is close to fading out. The orbbles float towards it.)
Wander: Oh, no! There's not much time left!
(Close-up as the gang gather round; Lunar and Celestia stand front and center.)
Wander: (to Lunar and Celestia) Go ahead, do your thing.
(They nod; front on view as they pop their orbble and float upward, the camera following them. In close-up, they hold their hands, eyes squeezed shut as they begin to glow blue and pink, outfits and hair billowing a little. Rays of light begin to circle rapidly around them, and their blue and pink auras expand outward slowly, turning purple as they mold together in a forcefield to hide them from sight.)

(Cut to a slow pan across the onlookers, eyes closed tight from the glare and grinning, except Clam, who continues staring on. Back to the forcefield, the silhouettes of Lunar and Celestia visible from inside. Cut to a close-up of them; they open their eyes revealing pure white light glowing beneath the lids, and the screen flashes white as the camera zooms out quickly, a blue/pink/purple shockwave radiating outward. Snap to a close-up of the grinning Wander and Sylvia, eyes still closed by the glare, then cut to a long overhead shot of them. The shockwave radiates outward, cut to a close-up of Planet Opism as it stops disappearing as it slowly resolves into its former self. Cut back to Wander and Sylvia, their eyes now open and trading wondering smiles.)

(Song: "For The Win (reprise)")
Wander: Oh, this is so amazing
As the magic goes on blazing
Our rulers are back, nothing sets back
Can't you see that our home is coming back?

(Dissolve to an empty area of space; the shockwave radiates past the camera, and Planet Bingleborp appears, wavering a bit and resolving into itself. The Binglebops float toward it happily and cheer.)
King Bingleborp: Thank you, Wander and Sylvia!
(Zoom out to put Wander and Sylvia in frame.)

Sylvia: The citizens are very happy
And we're feeling oh, so snappy
We worked together, we knew it better
We saved the galaxy from vanishing forever

(Dissolve to another area of space; the shockwave radiates past, and three more planets appear. Wander and Sylvia float past as the citizens cheer and go to their respective planets, camera following them as more restored planets – unknown and visited – come into view.)

Wander/Sylvia: We made it through and we won our day
Our home is here to stay
The bad is all gone, the love stays strong
We've been waiting for the happiness all along

(Now the camera cuts to a different planet as the inhabitants return home. The citizens of the ice cream planet go back to their homes and enjoy sweets...on the royalty planet, Brad and the knights return to their usual posts as Demurra and Draykor share a romantic kiss...tourists continue resuming enjoying the rides on Phunulon...Buster, the space dog returns to his original place while Beeza and the fleas enjoy their restored town and spa on his back...the Binglebops and King Bingleborp resume their acts of love on Bingleborp.)

We knew we'd do this right
We worked all day and night
Our friends are back where they are
They're at their homes near and far

(Snap back to Wander and Sylvia.)

We both have won this day
Brave enough to chase the bad away
Our rulers are back on the throne
And now we're back in the zone

(They proceed towards their home planet; snap to the sky and pan down to the town square, Opsims and other citizens all around. Wander and Sylvia float to the ground and pop their orbble; the two rulers float down to the ground and stop glowing.)

Lunar: All our subjects here and now
We have a message for all of thou
Celestia: Many thanks to one brave team
Who worked real hard to stop this scheme
Wander: You shouldn't have
Sylvia: I'm full of cheer
Lunar/Celestia: It used to be sad, now it's clear
Wander/Sylvia: We knew we'd do it
Everyone: Together, we did it right!

Don't look back, set it in
Make it right, make it win (Sylvia: Yeah...we made it win )
Don't give up, just let it in (Wander: We've let it in )
We have done it for the win (Sylvia: We did it for the win )
Never slack, always in (Wander: We're always in )
Won the fight, got that grin (Wander: We have the grin )
Working hard to set it in (Sylvia: To set it in )
We have done it for the win

Wander: We've done it for the win
Sylvia: We've done it for the win, yeah
Everyone: Don't give up, just let it in (Wander: Just let it in )
We have done it for the win (Sylvia: Did it for the win )
Wander: We've done it for the win (x2)
Sylvia: Yeah, yeah...done it for the win
Everyone: Working hard to set it in (Sylvia: To set it in )
We have done it for the win (Wander: Done it for the win )

(The scene snaps to an overview of Planet Opism pulling out slowly as they cheer.)

(Snap to Lord Hater, still lying on the floor of his now regular throne room. He comes to and yawns, and his mood drops into horror.)
Lord Hater: No!!! This can't be!!!
Peepers: There, there, sir. What's the matter?
Lord Hater: My most ultimate (sniffs) FAILED!! I though it was going to be Wander-proof, but guess what?! IT WAS NOT!!!
(He begins bawling; Peepers lays a hand to his face.)
Peepers: Now, now, Hater. So we failed to succeed in ruling the universe for the...let's see... (mutters) This is precisely the fifty-eighth failed plan of the month.
Lord Hater: (pauses) Than that means...

(Cut to outside the ship, Hater and Peepers spectate from the "mouth".)
Lord Hater: I'm the villain who almost never gets his wish! How can this happen to me?! (sobs) Curse you, Wander and Sylvia!! (sobs again)
Peepers: Come on, sir. Let's get you to bed. (leads him inside)
Lord Hater: I'll get you next time, Wander, even if it's the last thing I do! (Full shot of the ship; he and Peepers enter completely.) Just you wait! JUST YOU WAIT!!! (sobs)
(The "mouth" slams shut.)

(Snap to the sky of Planet Opism, now it's sunset. Pan down slowly to town square, zooming in slowly; the decorations from the beginning are back in place, and the booths/DJ stand are set up – the entire square is reset for the event. In front of the fountain stand the two rulers, Lunar in front. Wander and Sylvia stand before them.)
Lunar: Wander and Sylvia, it is our great pleasure – (Close-up of them.) to herald you for your excellent work at defeating that nasty Lord Hater and foiling his evil deed at almost taking over our galaxy.
Wander: Aww, you don't have to thank us, Lunar. All it took was a little courage.
Sylvia: (flexing her fists) And strength.
Celestia: But most of all, Wander, you've done a really big thing that no space traveler has ever done before: You've sacrificed yourself to stop Lord Hater at exactly the last minute, which constitutes a really big act of bravery!
(Applause from the audience; Wander lays a hand to his cheek and blushes.)
Sylvia: I knew you'd do it, pal.
Wander: Thanks, Sylvia. (to the rulers) And thank you, Lunar and Celestia. (to the audience) And thank you, all of you, for taking my encouragement and giving your all to let me and Sylvia save the day!
(Another cheer, cut to the Stouts somewhere in the crowd.)
Lofty: Our son was so brave, that's so amazing.
Andie: Way to go, my son!
Dander: Yay, Wander!
Shiloh: (under previous) Yaaay!
(Cut to Clam; around him, Abigail, Bud and Cletus sound noises of victory.)
Clam: Hee hee ha! Well done, Wander boy!
(Pan slowly to put Knowitall in view.)
Knowitall: An act of braveness. Just what we needed to save our home.
(Back to the quartet; Lunar and Celestia now hold yellow star-shaped medals on blue ribbons.)
Lunar: In honor of this amazing event, Wander and Sylvia...
(They cross over to them, and they kneel. Close-up on the bowed pair.)
Celestia: (offscreen) We officially dub you...
(They place the medals around each neck.)
Lunar/Celestia: (offscreen) Heroes of the Galaxy!
(They stand up, bright smiles stretching across their faces as the audience cheers. They turn to each other and hug; cut to the cheering audience and pan slowly across. Back to Wander and Sylvia as they turn towards the audience and wave; zoom out to put the rulers in view.)
Wander: Well, now that the galaxy is saved, does this mean...?
Lunar: Yes, it does.
(Wander's face lights up with excitement; cut to the king and queen as they rise slowly off the ground, rotating slowly around them as the camera zooms out to an overview of the town square and the sun sets.)
Lunar: Let the Celestial Celebration...
Lunar/Celestia: Begin!!!
(Wild applause, lights come on and the camera tilts up to the sky as fireworks begin going off. On Wander and Sylvia as they hug; the rulers come forward as Sylvia begins to speak.)
Sylvia: One thing for you rulers, is it okay if you coincide the Celebration with the anniversary of the ending of the Opism-Zbornak war?
(They look at each other, then...)
Lunar/Celestia: Of course.
(Close-up on Wander standing nearby. He rolls his eyes and shrugs while smiling resignedly, and hugs Sylvia.)
Wander: Well Sylvia, the fun's awatin'! Whataya say?
Sylvia: I'm already ahead of you, pal!
(Happily, they rush off toward the festivities. Quick series of events being shown; balloon darts, ring toss, dunk tank, banquet, and the DJ kicking things up while the band starts playing. Wander and Sylvia join in the fun.)

(Song: "It's Gonna Be A Great Day (finale)")
Wander: We're here now and we're all together
It's a party that lasts forever
I really hope this feeling never ends

Sylvia: We made it though and we won our day
There is no problem that gets in our way
And there is nothing that makes our friendship bend

Wander: I've waited for this and now, it's here
Sylvia: Cannot let the fun disappear
Wander: I knew we'd earn it, I performed an act so brave

Sylvia: I can hear that the music is calling
Wander: It will last until early next morning
Wander/Sylvia: After all this trouble, our home is saved

Wander: The day is finally here, can't hold the wait
Sylvia: Everybody knows this is totally great
Citizens: It is the best, And it's so great
Everyone: We know that's it's going to be a great day

It's gonna be a great day
Not your average everyday
Nothing stands in our way
This will be great
Make it last and make it stay
It's so awesome, come what may
It's gonna be a great day

(It's gonna be a great, great day) (x6)
It's gonna be a great day
Not your average everyday
Nothing stands in our way
This will be great
Make it last and make it stay
It's so awesome, come what may
It's gonna be
Oh, it's gonna be
Yes, it's gonna be...
A great day

Citizens: It's gonna be a great, great day (x8)
Wander: It's gonna be a great day, yeah
It's gonna be, yeah, it's gonna be a great day

Sylvia: It's gonna be a great day
Wander: It's gonna be, i-i-it's gonna be a great day, yeah

Wander/Sylvia: It's gonna be a great day

(As the song ends, Wander and Sylvia continue to enjoy the festival as the closing narration comes up.)
Wander: (narrating) So in the end, Sylvia and I came through. We saved the Yonder Galaxy, I performed an act of bravery, and we were made Heroes of the Galaxy by King Lunar and Queen Celestia. (Sylvia wins a high striker game; Wander looks at his smiling family.) But that act of bravery was not just any ordinary act, it was an act no one has ever seen before. (Wander walks over to Knowitall, who smiles and gives a thumbs-up.) I knew I was able to be brave enough to defeat Lord Hater, and all the determination that I had encouraged me to do so. Of course...I sacrificed myself, which was my act. (Clam comes forward and rapidly shakes his hand; Wander smiles in return.) This was something I never did before, and I'm glad I did it to save the king and queen. (Sylvia joins him.) Sylvia is proud of me, and so are my other friends. (Lunar and Celestia approach Wander and Sylvia.) As for all of you folks out there, the Yonder Galaxy is a really special place to look at. Although you can't see it – (The rulers give a wink to Wander and Sylvia, and they wink back in return.) If you look up into the sky at night, remember this: Somewhere out there, maybe somewhere, the Yonder Galaxy will be right there waiting for you.
(The two space travelers hug each other happily and giggle as they continue to enjoy the night. The shot zooms out from them, showing an overview of the town square having the festivities; continue zooming back, showing the overview of the Planet Opism cityscape until clouds cover the screen.)

(The zoom continues, showing an overview of Planet Opism, and a few more planets come into view. The shot stops zooming when we see a full myriad of the planets, right as they were before, as stars twinkle; one flies past the camera, and the words "THE END" superimpose over the center of the screen. Fade to black.)



(Song: "Dancing in the Moonlight")
We get it on most every night
And when that moon is big and bright
It's a supernatural delight
Everybody is dancing in the moonlight

Everybody here is out of sight
They don't bark and they don't bite
They keep things loose, they keep things alight
Everybody, we're dancing in the moonlight

Dancing in the moonlight
Everybody's feeling warm and bright
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody's dancing in the moonlight

We like our fun and we never fight
You can't dance and stay uptight
It's a supernatural delight
Everybody, we're dancing in the moonlight

Dancing in the moonlight
Everybody's feeling warm and bright
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody's dancing in the moonlight

(Instrumental break)

Everybody here is out of sight
They don't bark and they don't bite
They keep things loose, they keep things alight
Everybody, we're dancing in the moonlight

Dancing in the moonlight
Everybody's feeling warm and bright
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody's dancing in the moonlight
(Repeat til fade)

(Credits continue with original scores.)

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