• KittieCatt2

    "The Strangers"

    March 10, 2014 by KittieCatt2

    (Sky and Takeo spent their days hidden in their new home. It was hidden by the leaves of a Msafsafi tree. The two best friends thought they were safe from the world...but...were they? Sky peaked her head out of the leaves.)

    Sky: (says to Takeo) I'm gonna go get some stay here, Takeo.

    (Sky gave Takeo that name because the name "Takeo" means, "strong". Sky went in search of food, when suddenly, she heard voices. She squeaked, then quietly hid in some bushes.)

    ?: So, where should we wander today, Sylvia?

    ?: Wander, we've been almost everywhere...

    ?: Pf, yeah RIGHT!!

    (Sky peaked her head out of the bushes. Her bangs fell in front of one of her eyes.)

    ?: I wonder if anyone else wants to wander with us...

    ?: What do you mean...

    (Sky saw him. W…

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  • KittieCatt2

    "The She-Creature"

    March 8, 2014 by KittieCatt2

    There was a planet deep within the galaxy. A peaceful little planet. Practically as peaceful as Balzaria 9. One day, Lord Hater invaded this planet. Watchdogs flooded out of the ship.)

    Watchdogs: Hate's Great! Best villain! Hate's Great! Best Villain!

    Everything was peaceful, then horrible. The animals fled in terror. There was one creature, however, who kind of looked like Wander, but wasn't Wander. This creature was a female. She was a black Wander-like creature with hair which was the same color as her black body. She had bangs that were constantly falling in her face. This she-creature was a wanderer, just like Wander, but she feared Lord Hater and his watchdogs terribly. She and Wander are little, now, but she didn't meet Wander, yet. H…

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  • KittieCatt2

    Hey, Everyone!

    February 26, 2014 by KittieCatt2

    Hey, Everyone! I'm KittieCatt2! I just joined this wiki, and I LOVE Wander over Yonder. I saw the good stories you guys make, and I think I'm going to start making stories like that, too. :)

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