There was a planet deep within the galaxy. A peaceful little planet. Practically as peaceful as Balzaria 9. One day, Lord Hater invaded this planet. Watchdogs flooded out of the ship.)

Watchdogs: Hate's Great! Best villain! Hate's Great! Best Villain!

Everything was peaceful, then horrible. The animals fled in terror. There was one creature, however, who kind of looked like Wander, but wasn't Wander. This creature was a female. She was a black Wander-like creature with hair which was the same color as her black body. She had bangs that were constantly falling in her face. This she-creature was a wanderer, just like Wander, but she feared Lord Hater and his watchdogs terribly. She and Wander are little, now, but she didn't meet Wander, yet. Her only friends were her zbornak, and the forest creatures. The she-creature poked her head out of the bushes and looked around.

She-creature: Ok, Takeo, the coast is clear!

A little green-blue zbornak with a dark blue mane and a horn on his nose crept out of the bushes.

Takeo: Are you sure, Sky?

Yes, the she-creature's name is Skylar, but everyone just calls her Sky. The name Skylar was given to her by her parents before she was separated from them. The name Skylar means "guarded." Her parents gave her that name because she will forever be guarded by the angels that live up above.

Sky: Yes, Takeo, I'm sure. C'mon, let's get away from here while we have a chance.

Takeo was small, but so was Sky. Takeo was able to carry Sky, and run away from the place at the same time. Pretty soon, Takeo was out of breath.

Takeo: Can we...*gasps*..stop for a minute?

Sky: Yes. *looks back to make sure Hater or the watchdogs aren't following them, then looks toward the horizon* The sun is setting. Let's spend the night here.

There was a little patch of grass right under a really small tree. The tree was sorta hidden from the rest of the world, which was good to them.

Sky: Let's make this hidden place our home for now.

Sky lays down on the patch of grass by the tree. Takeo curls up around her, and pretty soon, they were asleep.

The End

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