((I swear, tomorrow I'll do part 2 of King of Chaos. I'm just taking a little break))

Mlpreviews: Epic Rap Battles of WOY! Silver! VS. Comet!


Silver Star: This battle's gonna end like every argument does

With you kissing my ass

And begging me for a rub

I made a map, motherflarfer, and I'm reading it, too

Gives me specific directions how to flarf with you!

I know that you like to think you're so macho,

But you smell like ball sacs and nachos

I work, while you and boyfriend, Scratch ((cause why not?))

Drink and play sports in a fantasy league

You're as sharp as a stick

That I rub on my lips

So go ahead, take a shot

I'm sure that you'll miss

Like the laundry, the toilet, the grocery list

If you'd stop flarfing up, I wouldn't have to get pissed!

Comet Light: My life was fine 'till you had to come along and wreck it

Can you please just shut your face for ten seconds?

You cry about everything, but can't decide what you want?

"I'm hungry", "I'm fat", "I'm cold", "I'm hot"

You call it complex

But yo I'd call you a mess

You take two hours to cum

Three more to get dressed

You got a lotion for this?

You got a cream for that?

Got any perfume that smells like get the flarf off my back?

When things are good they're great and its like I'm dreaming

Until your junk starts bleeding and you turn to a demon

It ain't Summer Eve 

Don't try to play me like a douche

You wanna bite on my fruit?

Well you can swallow the truth

Silver Star: Don't even bring up swallow!

The first man on earth ain't a tough act to follow!

One pump chump and you're hung like a weasel

Ditch the fig leaf, get yourself a pine needle

You want alone time? Have it 

In fact, suck your own dick and shave your own back

That apple's the best thing I bit so far (throws out an apple core)

Now I see how much of a dick you are!

Comet Light: I wasn't listening, are you still flapping those lips?

I was thinking yo, did I give up a rib for this?

Women, I just don't know what your problem is,

All I know is that you're acting like a colossal bitch!

Silver Star: (gasps)

Comet Light: I'm sorry

Silver Star: I'm sorry, too

Comet Light: ((says something I can't understand because of the music))

Silver Star: Don't even think about it!

Comet Light: That's fine. We can eat

Mlpreviews: Who won? Who's next? You decide!

Epic Rap Battles of WOY!


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