((Tbh, I actually like this :P And dem fan art.))

12:00 AM

(Wander and Angel woke up in a small room. There was a bunch of stuff. The rest of the group were in different areas of the place ((I forgot, I think it was a pizzeria)). The phone started ringing. When Wander answered it, it was Sylvia)

Sylvia: Wander? You there?

Wander: Sylvia?

Angel: Sylvia?!?

Makota: Angel?

Angel: Makota!!!!!

Sylvia: Wander! Are you guys alright? Where are you?

Wander: We're fine. I'm actually not sure where we are. Why?

Makota: These... robot... things... are wandering all over the place! If you're in a small room, then there should be four buttons, two on each side of the room. One controls the doors, the other controls the lights. Use them if they get you, and check the cameras frequently. But not too much. You gotta save up energy 'till 6:00.

(From the phone, you can here static)

Makota: Gotta go!

Angel: Makota?!?

Wander: Relax, Angel. We'll make it through the night.

Angel: For your sake, I hope you're right.


Wander: What was that?!?

Angel: Quick! Get the doors!

(Wander closes the doors using the red button)

Wander: I think we're safe.

Angel: Maybe not. It's only 12:59, and we've almost wasted half the battery!

Wander: Oops.

1:00 AM

Angel: Just five more hours. I don't think we'll make it.

Wander: It's okay. Just calm down.

Angel: CALM DOWN?!?!?!?


Wander: Check the doors! Maybe it was just the wind.

Angel: Fine. 

(As soon as Angel opens the doors, Freddy, one of the robots, a bear, screeches. It scares the @$&! out of Wander and Angel as they scream)

Don't worry, they live. :P

This song. Listen to it.

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