(Wander and Sylvia on random planet)

Wander: Sylvia! SYLVIA!!!

Sylvia: What? What is it?

Wander: Guess what I got?! (reaches into hat and pulls out a book) 

Sylvia: A book?

Wander: Not just any book! It's a book a spells!

Sylvia: Wander? 

Wander: Yeah? 

Sylvia: By any chance, did you get that from Lord Hater?

Wander: Nope. I got it from a wizard's castle

Sylvia: YOU WHAT?! 

(Flashback of Wander in the wizard's castle and finding the book)

Wander: Relax! I found a great spell that could be useful for when we're traveling

Sylvia: Okay, I guess that could useful 

Wander: (casting the spell and saying random words XD)

(Portal opens up) 

Sylvia: Woah! It actually worked! 

Wander: Yep! Now traveling the galaxy will be twice as- woah! (falls into portal) 

Sylvia: Wander!!!

Wander: (screams and waves arms rapidly)

Sylvia: Don't worry, buddy! I'm coming for ya! (jumps into portal)

Wander and Sylvia: (screaming)

1/2 hour later...

Wander: Sylvia? Sylvia, where are you?!

Sylvia: I'm over here!

Wander: Sylvia, are you a... pony?!

Sylvia: I-I was about to ask you the same thing! 

Wander: (screams) 

Sylvia: (screams)

Wander and Sylvia: (screaming and running around in circles)

(((To be continued)))

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