(The mane 6 were talking until Wander and Sylvia just bursted in)

Twilight: Hey... guys? What happened to you?

Sylvia: No time to explain! We need you to get us back home!

Twilight: I guess I could use this spell in this book I found (shows them book)

(Wander and Sylvia stare in surprise. It was the same book they had before they got to Ponyville)

Wander: Twilight? Where'd you get that book?

Twilight: I found it on my way back to my library

Sylvia: (facehoof)

(Twilight starts casting the spell but her magic's not strong enough)

Twilight: What? (Looks around the room and spots the elements of harmony) Girls?

Applejack: Yeah, Twilight?

Twilight: (gives the mane 6 their elements)

Mane 6: (casts spell. It works this time)

Sylvia: Finally! (Runs to portal)

Wander: (quickly) Thanks for everything bye!

Mane 6: Bye??? (stare in confusion)

(Wander and Sylvia are back in their own world again. They try to find Lord Hater. Soon they find him and the watchdogs)

Lord Hater: (laughing stupidly) 

Wander: Hey, Hater! Bet you can't get me (runs really fast)


(Sylvia works out a plan while Wander distracts him)

Sylvia: Hater! Over here!! (She's luring Hater into a trap by tricking him)


(Sylvia sticks her tongue at him)

Wander: Hey Hater!!!

Lord Hater: What? (notices his leg is tied to something heavy)

Sylvia: (lifts the heavy item and throws it sending it and Hater into a prison)

Lord Hater: Hey! GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!

Wander: Awsome! High-five! (High-fives Sylvia)

Wander and Sylvia: Later, Hater! (Takes out Orbal Transporter and leave)

Wander: So do you think we might be able to go back sometime?

Sylvia: Maybe

(The end)

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