(Part 4)

Twilight: Where's Pinkie Pie? She should have been here by--

(Pinkie Pie, Wander and Sylvia walk in)

Twilight: There you are, Pinkie! What took you so long?

Pinkie Pie: I was on my way to Sugarcube Corner and I found these guys screaming like crazy!!!

Wander: Hi!

Applejack: And exactly why the hay you brung them here for?

Pinkie Pie: I thought they could be our friends *squee*

Twilight: I guess. (To Wander and Sylvia) Hi, I'm Twilight Sparkle. What's your name?

Wander: I'm Wander and that's Sylvia. We're from another world


Fluttershy: I'm Fluttershy 

Wander: Hmm... I can guess why they call you that. I couldn't really hear ya

Sylvia: So Twilight, I hear it's you four-year friendship anniversary

Twilight: Yep! You wanna join us?

Wander: Sure!

(Everyone talks and laughs and eats cupcakes)

Sylvia: (looks worried) Wander, can I talk to you privately?

Wander: Okay.. 

Sylvia: We gotta leave, now!

Wander: Why?

Sylvia: Well, for one, Hater might try to destroy the galaxy if we stay too long

Wander: Why are you worrying so much?! We'll be fine!

Sylvia: Yeah, but--

Twilight: Guys? Everything OK?

Wander: Yeah, we're fine... I guess

(Part 5)

Everyone: Woah!

(They're at a carnival with a bunch a fun rides)

Rarity: This is absolutely fabulous!

Rainbow Dash: Last one to the roller coasters is a rotten egg!

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy: Wait for us!

(They go on a bunch of rides and talk all night. Soon they go back to Twilight's library)

Twilight: Goodnight, everypony!

Everyone but Wander and Sylvia: 'Night, Twilight!

Sylvia: (quietly) Wander! Wake up!

Wander: (quietly) What?!

Sylvia: (quietly) We gotta go, now!

Wander:(quietly) Really?! This again?!

Sylvia: (quietly) Well, we gotta stop Hater before he does something horrible! Besides, these girls might wanna spend some time alone

Wander: (quietly) Relax! Nothing bad's gonna happen! Now go back to sleep!

Sylvia: (groans)

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