So I might not be on the wiki much cause my tablet is broken and my mom's phone is pretty useless. Plus, when I did part 1 of The Truth, it came out something like this:

gfhfhdfdehhghhhuujkjhhbhbhbj,k;jhulhuygtfjytftftdcvcccrhtrvhtvvhghjbhbhbnjjiybgycctcrfcfgcfgvvggvgjvbjgvgcxwsfgyhjnnihuuhhhukujjuhbbvvgyghij';l'[;lpominlhbujbybtvhtcgvtvggyyhyyghukgvjhponybjjgyfjtjbvhbjgvtcxeszfggybjbgjbtvytvjyvyjvybybjybyjbjuhbkjhbkjybjbuybyyjvvvyvyvkjhvghjvhbvhgvgvhvgcghchhgjuuytewsaxdfcfvggvhggvbbhhbhjjpijnbhbbgycfgvgchghhjkopkgdsh;p[[';;.,/lohjijibjihbjbhvgcxsawqeddfcfgbvhbhbvnbnfvfcvygnvhghyfhvghhjvhbhbfcycffvn bbhb, blah, blah, blah

So it might take a while just to do 1 blog post. I would use my laptop, but I can only use it for school-related stuff like research or doing my math homework. THATS MESSED UP!!! (sorry for caps, Im just angry that I'll only be able to do blog posts once a week. Also, I wont be able to listen to music either :( ) Sorry about this, but I'll still be on to check out some other stuff. It'll also take a while just to do the rest of The Truth and other stuff I was gonna do. Im also sorry that this thing is so freaking long. So bye for now!!!

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