((Based on the game:

(Wander and his friends wake up in a abandoned house. Though they were in different areas in the house. The walls were splattered with blood, and there were boxes everywhere ((ooo.)) They had to the nine pages or die from the Slender Man)

Wander: Guys? Can you hear me?

Sylvia: (from Wander's mind) Yeah! Wander, where are you?

Wander: I'm not too sure... (in soft squeaky voice) Help me...

Angel: It's okay. Let's just find all nine pages, then meet up at the exit.

Wander and Sylvia: All right...

(Wander just keeps walking until he finds a page on the ground. He picks it up and only walks a few inches before bumping into something. It was Slender Man. He raised his tentacles and attacked Wander. He screamed as Slender squeezed the heck outta him. Wander fell to the ground in a pool of blood. He no longer had eyes and blood was dripping from his mouth)

Sylvia: I wonder if I could just blast my way out! Who'd want to risk their lives finding nine stupid pages for a supernatural creature?

Angel: Maybe you'd wanna ask him? 

Sylvia: What? (Turns around to see Slender Man)

*****TO BE CONTINUED*****-----

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