(The wandering group, along with their new member, Blade ((more info about her coming later)) were just traveling on a fireball planet when a purple object fell from the sky. Then a blue, pink, yellow, orange and white)

?: Ugh. Where are we?

?: (with southern accent like Wander) I have no idea, but we better head back home

?: Ooh! Let's ask those guys! (Points to wandering group)

(The six creatures that fell from the sky went to where the wandering group was)

?: Hello. Do you know-

Wander: OHMYGOD, IT'S A PONY!!!!!!!

Twilight: Mind letting me go?

Wander: Oh sorry (stops hugging Twilight)

Twilight: Ahem. Anyways, my name is Twilight Sparkle. And my friends Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash


Wander: I'm Wander and this is Sylvia, Aurora, Shine, Nalu, Neon-

Rainbow Dash: No time for names! Do you know how to get us back to Equestria?

Wander: Equestria? (Looks through a book he pulled out of his hat while wearing glasses) Nope. Sorry. (Slams book shut)

Fluttershy: Oh no! We'll never get home!

Blade: Maybe I can-

(A sudden storm kept Blade from telling them what she wanted as time stopped and everything turned gray)


?: (evil laughter)

Twilight: Oh no...

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