(I got my tablet fixed so I can do blog posts again :D)

Starlight: So blah, blah, blah, they left, and I had to go find them

Wander: (starts pressing a bunch a random buttons)

Starlight: Hey!

Wander: Can I do something now, like tell the story?

Starlight: No

Wander: (starts whining like a baby XD)

Starlight: (gets an idea) Actually, you can. Go find Sylvia

Wander: But she's not here

Starlight: Exactly! (Pushes Wander out the door)

Wander: You'll regret that!

Starlight: Anyway... (presses play button)

(Starlight started searching for the wandering group. After a minutes, she finally gave up)

Starlight: (hears something) What was that? (Behind a few bushes, she spotted Wander sitting on a log playing his banjo) Wander?

Wander: I thought I told you to- (turns around and sees Starlight) Sorry. I thought you were someone else

Starlight: What are you doing here? (Looks around) And where's Sylvia?

Wander: Over there (points to Sylvia sleeping near a tree)

Starlight: Where's everyone else? I came back and I couldn't find anyone

Wander: While you were gone, Silver Star started getting into another fight with Comet Light. 20 minutes later, everyone got mad at each other and left

Starlight: (facepalm)

Wander: Why'd you even bother? Everyone would probably just get into another fight, even if you tried to reunite them

Starlight: (gets another idea) I got it! But I'll need your help

Wander: What are you trying to do? It might not work

Starlight: Yes it will! I just you and Sylvia to help me

Sylvia: (wakes up from her nap) Starlight? What are you doing here?

Starlight: I have an idea on how to reunite the wandering group!

Sylvia: (quietly) Oh, grop

(Starlight told Wander and Sylvia about her plan. A few hours later, they were at the planet Silver Star and Comet Light grew up on)

Starlight: Ready?

(Wander and Sylvia nod their heads)

(To be continued...)

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