(Everyone was hugging and apologizing for getting into the huge fight. Starlight was looking a bit upset)

Wander: What's wrong, Starlight? Orange you glad we're friends again? (winks at her)

Starlight: I'm leaving the group

Wander: WHAT?! Why?

Starlight: Cause I was the reason you guys got into the fight

Wander: Who said that?

Starlight: Maddie

(Everyone stares at Maddie)

Maddie: How'd you know that?

Starlight: Magic. I was watching you the whole time I was gone from this magic orb

Maddie: Not my fault!

Wander: Wait-

Starlight: Stop, Wander

Wander: But-

Starlight: I SAID ENOUGH!!! 

(Everyone gasps as they backed away from creepy-looking vines that appeared out of nowhere)

Starlight: I'm leaving and there's nothing you can do about it

(Everyone watches as Starlight runs away) 

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