((Why not :P Since its almost October))

(During above, she flies through space, inhales and leaves the escape pod. She jumps on the debris and breaks one of the ship's windows, letting some air out. She gets inside and ducks, and some debris blocks the window. She runs off panting, the clocks say 1:13. She reaches the cockpit)

Sylvia: Computer, quick! Deactivate self-destruct sequence! Computer: Oh, my digits. Did you not hear me say "No takesies backsies"?

Sylvia: Yeah, I know, but – (notices the timer saying :58) WHOA! Okay, no problem. There's still time to save Wander, but first...I'm gonna need an even biggerer blaster. (glances toward a robot power suit in the utility closet and smiles)

(Cut to outside one of the ship's windows. There is an explosion, Sylvia is revealed to be controlling the robot power suit. Zoom in on her) Sylvia: Wander, it's go-time, buddy! AND BY THAT, I MEAN WE GOTTA GO!!! (pauses, looks around) Wander? (runs through the hall) Wander! (looks in a room) WANDER! (looks through a hole) Wander? (crashes through a wall) Wander?(runs down the hall) Wander! (smashes through wall) Wander? (smash) Wander! (smash) Wander! (smash) Wander?

(Cut to Wander balancing three bones on his head)

Wander: Tim, if you're gonna earn three biscuts, (drops them and catches them) ya gotta pay attention! (holds one before Captain Tim)

(There is a rumble sound, part of the wall blasts away revealing Sylvia in the robot power suit)

Sylvia: Get away from him, you.

Wander: Sylvia! (three lasers blast near Captain Tim, he runs off) Captain Tim! (starts to run off but one of the robot's claws grabs him)

(Cut to Sylvia running down the hall)

Sylvia: Come on, pal, we gotta get outta here! (The timer says :22) Electronic Voice: This ship will self-destruct in 20, 19, 18 – (grunts) Wow, this is taking forever. Okay if I speed things up? Sylvia: NONONONONONONONONO!

Electronic Voice: Cool, thanks. (The timer says :03 then counts down fast and changes to "BOOM!")

Electronic Voice: 3, 2, 1! Boom!

(Sylvia trips over a rock ((or something :P)) and falls. The three (including Captain Tim) didn't get out in time and the ship exploded. They died. The end.)

Rip in pieces.

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