(Redo of part 1)

(yeah I changed it a bit)

(Starlight was running. The guards were catching up to her)

?: Stop!

?: Starlight, come back!!!

(Using her magic (as seen in The Brave One) she opened up a portal and ran into it)

?: Where'd she go?

?: Look over there

Starlight: (screams after realizing it was just a dream) Snap out of it! (slaps herself)

(Wander and Sylvia were watching from behind a bush)

Wander: Syl, have been noticing that Starlight has been acting a little strange lately?

Sylvia: Maybe she's feeling homesick

Wander: Maybe. I think I should talk to her, so we know whats wrong with her

Sylvia: Ok. If you need me, I'll be over there (points to tree and walks over to it)

(Part 2)

(Wander finds Starlight near a puddle)

Wander: Starlight?

Starlight: (screams) PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!! (realizes that it was just Wander) Oh, sorry. What do you want?

Wander: Well, I kinda notice you've been acting a liitle wierd and I kinda wanna know what's wrong

Starlight: Uh... I can't

Wander: (looks confused) What?

Starlight: I gotta go

Wander: Starlight, where ya going?

Starlight: Um... somewhere (uses her magic to teleport herself to "somewhere")

(Wander walks over to the tree Sylvia was at)

Sylvia: So how'd your little talk go?

Wander: She screamed when she saw me and said "don't hurt me", then when asked her what's wrong, she started acting wierd again and left

Sylvia: (wasn't listening to what Wander said) Wait, what?

Wander: (with an annoyed tone and look) Nevermind

(Wander started walking away from the tree)

Sylvia: Where ya going, buddy?

Wander: I'm gonna find Starlight

Sylvia: Well then I'm coming with you

(Part 3)

(Starlight was climbing up a mountain looking for something. Then she trips over something)

Starlight: Ouch!! (spots something shiny) My crown...

(Starlight picks up the crown and places it on her head. It looks like Twilight's, but instead of a star, it has a crystal on it)

Starlight: (hears a rumbling noise) What the heck was that? (turns around slowly and notices an avalanch) Dang it!

(Starlight starts sliding down the mountain, but gets caught in the snow. Meanwhile, Wander and Sylvia are climbing up the mountain looking for Starlight)

Wander: (out of breath) Okay, maybe we should turn back. Either she's not here or she can just get down herself

(Wander saw the avalanch that was heading towards them. Then he spots Starlight)

Wnder: (with a scared look on his face) Or not...

Sylvia: (practiclly yelling) What about Starlight?


(To be continued...)

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