(Part 5)

(Starlight is seen in a dress, her crown and her hair is styled differently)

Starlight: Dusk Shine, do I have to wear this? You know I don't like wearing dresses

Dusk Shine: Yes. You have to look formal for your coronation

Starlight: Can I at least wear my roller blades?

Dusk Shine: (stares at Starlight as if she's crazy) No

Starlight: (quietly) You're such a bossy pants

Dusk Shine: I heard that

Starlight: And I'm such an idiot

Dusk Shine: I heard that, too

Starlight: (while pushing Dusk Shine out the door) Yeah, yeah. Just shut up (slams the door)

(Starlight looks out the window, then bangs her head on the wall. She doesn't notice, but a crack forms in her crown)

(Part 6)

(Wander was playing his banjo near a tree and Sylvia was sleeping... again. Then Maddie, Dan and Shine appear out of nowhere)

Maddie: Hey, guys! Whatcha doin'?

Wander: Nothing

Shine: (looks around) Where's Starlight?

Sylvia: (wakes up) She left

Maddie: Why?

Wander: Her sister found her and took her back home for her coronation

Maddie and Shine: SHE'S A PRINCESS???

Wander: Duh

Sylvia: SHE LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING EVEN HER OWN NAME I FELT LIKE KICKING HER IN THE GUT!!! (Starts taking deep breaths to calm down)

Wander: I think I've met her before, but I can't remember

Dan: (looks confused at first, but then speaks) Welp, if you need us we'll be over there (points to nearby lake)

Wander: I GOT IT!!!

(Everyone stares at Wander)

Wander: I know where I've met her before! Hurry, Sylvia! And bring the book!

Sylvia: What book?!

Wander: You know, the one with the spells and stuff!

Sylvia: Ugh. I'm SO gonna regret this

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