(Wander was sleeping when he suddenly had a nightmare. He was on the same planet the wandering group are currently on, but it didn't look the same. It was deserted and every single thing was either dead or broken)

Wander: No! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!!!!!

(Wander suddenly wakes up screaming and sighs with relief when he saw it was just a dream)

Sylvia: Wander! You okay?

Wander: I don't know. I just keep havin' these nightmares. And they feel so real...

Sylvia: (wraps her tail around Wander) Its okay, buddy. Just try to think happy thoughts

Wander: Thanks, Syl.'Night!

Sylvia: 'Night, Wander!

(Both go back to sleep as Wander tries not to let the nightmares get the best of him)

Coming after King of Chaos. Also, have an epic song from three epic guys

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