(Starlight wakes up. She's tied up to a pole near Wander)

Starlight: Ouch. Wait, what the heck?!

Wander: (to himself) I knew she wasn't ready

Evil Wander: Shut up!! Both of you!!

(Wander and Starlight shut up)

Evil Wander: Thank you! Now I'll be back in a few minutes. Don't even try to escape!


Sylvia: Starlight?! Where are you?!

(Sylvia finds the hideout) 

Sylvia: I hope they're in here. I don't know where else to look (runs inside)

(Starlight looks around. She tries to escape. Wander didn't notice that she was free)

Starlight: I gotta find Sylvia! (Squeezes into an air vent, grunts) I guess I can't do this on my own

(Preview for The Truth)

(After traveling with them for a while, Starlight feels as if she can't keep her secret anymore)

Starlight: I can't let them know! They can't find me! I DON'T WANNA GO BACK!!! (Reaches into her bag)

(Starlight starts having flashbacks)

Starlight: (singing) Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know. 

Wander: Starlight?


Wander: Okay... Sylvia have you been noticing that Starlight has been acting a little strange?

Sylvia: She's probably just feeling homesick

Wander: Yeah, I guess your right

Starlight: Conceal... don't feel...

(Coming after The Brave One :D)

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