(Part 4)

(Sylvia walks up to Starlight)

Sylvia: Its okay, at least we tried

Starlight: I can't believe it! I try helping but I mess everything up again!! 

Sylvia: Starlight...

Starlight: Why am I such an idiot?! (Starts crying)

Sylvia: Starlight, it's okay! Just calm down!

Starlight: No it's not!! (Leaves)

Sylvia: Where are you going?

Starlight: I'm gonna try and find Wander! I gonna do this on my own and I won't fail this time! ... I think!

Sylvia: (watches Starlight as she skates away)

(Part 5)

(Starlight is in the woods trying to figure out where Evil Wander is)

Starlight: Huh?

(Starlight saw something that looked like a pyramid-shaped hideout)

Starlight: What the heck is that?!

(Inside the hideout)

Wander: Let go of me! (He's tied up and on that... thingy Rainbow Dash was on (( if you saw Cupcakes you'd know what I'm talking about)))

Evil Wander: Nope! Sorry

Wander: Come on Sylvia! Where are you??

(Starlight finally reached the hideout. She goes in and tries to find Wander)

Starlight: Man, it's hard to see in the dark!

(Big banging sound)

Starlight: What was that?! (Looks around, then remembers that she can't even see)

(Lights flicker on)

Evil Wander: You really thought I didn't know you were here? You think I'm an idiot or something?

Starlight: ... I guess

Evil Wander: WHAT?!

Starlight: (gets scared)

(Evil Wander grabs something and hits Starlight with it. Screen fades to black)

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