((Sorry I didn't do this yesterday, technical difficulties with my tablet, blah, blah, blah. Using my moms phone cuz I'm freaking bored))

(Starlight was having a flashback about something before she met Wander and Sylvia) Starlight: I gotta get outta here! ?: Wait, come back! ?: Starlight (Using her magic ((as seen in The Brave One)) she opens up a portal and runs into it) ?: Where'd she go? ?: Keep looking! She's gotta be somewhere! (Flashback ends) Starlight: (screams) Snap out of it! (Slaps herself) Wander: Starlight? You okay? Starlight: Yeah. Guess I'm just tired or something... Sylvia: You think she's feeling homesick or something? Wander: Maybe. Shes been acting like this for a while Sylvia: Maybe she'll be better by tomorrow Starlight: Guys, if you don't mind, I'm gonna go for a walk or something... Wander and Sylvia: Okay (Starlight leaves)

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