(These are based on videos I've seen on YouTube)

(Button's Adventures)

Maddie: Wander-

Wander: I'm not Wander anymore, Maddie. I am... the stache!

Maddie: (facepalm)

(MLP A Royal Pain ep.3)

Maddie: Wait 'till you see... the Lamby Dance!

(Shine, Maddie, Luka and Starlight look at Dan)

Dan: (sighs) So...

Who wants a lamby, lamby, lamby?

I do, I do

So go up and greet your lamby, lamby, lamby (sorry if I mess up lyrics)

Hi there, hi there!

So march, march, march around the daisies!

Don't, don't, don't you forget about the baby!

Shine: ... What did I just watch?

Maddie: The Lamby Dance, sucka!

(Gravity Falls Piolet Ep.)

Wander: Hater! (knocks over a lamp) I need to borrow your ship to save Shine from a zombie!

(Hater just sits and eats a popsicle)

(Shine and a zombie Wander-creature are playing frisby, dancing at a party in a bowling alley, and feeding birds. The zombie Wander-creature gets attacked by the birds)

(Wander is seen running away from a UFO. The UFO crashes into a building and there was an explosion)


(Dang it! I ran outta ideas! Oh well. BYE!!! *randomly disappears*)

(I'll do a part 2 once I get more ideas and search up more videos)

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