Once upon a time in a galaxy, evil ruled the lands and everybody was mean! But one young alien and his horse, wanted to save the galaxy from the evil force! Hater thinks that hate is great. And Sylvia wants him to meet his fate! Wander thinks that everyone is his friend. So he doesn't want Hater to meet his end. Wander goes up, gives Hater a hug. Now Lord Hater wants to squash 'em like a bug! Time for a greatest in the galaxy contest. We'll play some games to see who is the best. Everyone wants Lord Hater to die! The truth is that he's an awful guy! The judges say, Wander you win! And Wander smiles his epic grin! Wander and Lord Hater have a race! Wander better pick up the pace! Lord Hater crashes, the ship explodes! Wander love comes in loads and loads! Meanwhile, Hater's on the moon! Wander is gonna be there soon! Wander gives lord hater the win! Lord Hater smiles an evil grin. Later Hater, see ya around! Now ya know love has an awesome sound!

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