The Main characters are Lord Snarl and Lord Hater. (Lord Snarl is my o.c)

Lord Snarl: *looks at Hater* So its raining, and you pass a bus stop. They are 3 people there. *holds 3 fingers up* Your most trust worthy friend *shows a picture of Peepers* A pregant Woman that has to go the hosptial *shows a picture of Slyvia*, and the girl of your dreams *Shows a picture of Nova*                  Your Smart car only has 2 seats *points at Hater* What do you do.....

Lord Hater:  O.O...O3O oh..I...I...heard this one you g..gggive the Car to your most trust worthy friend he takes the pregant lady to the hositpal

Lord Snarl: -3- *nods his head as Hater is talking*

Lord Hater: and then you sss..ssstay at the bus stop with the girl of your dreams.

Lord Snarl. No. you go home and...REEVALUTE YOUR FREAKING LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BOUGHT A SMART CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Slaps hater in the face*

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