I'm Little rusty so dont hate me

Hater *stands in a Old Temple, with a shiny diamond ring in finger tips* Hahaha Great I have the Ring of Astira, One wish i'll-

Wander: HATER!, HEY HEY HATER! *jumps up* Hater Hater Pleae Hater come here *runs up to Hater and pounces on his shoulders*

Hater: *sighs* Sometimes I wish they were two of me *ring glows* NOnononono Not again!

  • Huge Flash of Light lits the whole Temple up*

Wander: *looks at Hater who is Lying on the ground* Hater whats wrong *runs up to Hater*

Hater: *shakes his head off* Who are you

Wander: Its me Wander! You know me.

Hater: No I dont know you *Stares weirdly at Wander*

Wander: *Pats Hater on his head* You Must of Hit your head pretty Hard Buddy *stomach growls*

Hater: *Hands Wander a candy bar* Here

Wander: *makes a face* I think this brand I mean I love it thank u

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