This just half of the story

Holding on to Peepers. "I miss her" Hater cried. "Why am I undead, cant my Metaphorically suffering heart stop" Hater's tears blinded his eyes, rolling on to his back. He began to cover his face.

Peepers reached for his cloak, and began to pull trying to get the skeletal overlord from his bed. "Maybe you should get some air sir" Peepers said.

Leaving the ship he was spotted by a furry orange thing. "Hater hey Hater" the thing said. "Wander" Peepers sighed. Wander hugged Hater "How are you doing" he said.

"I dont care, LEAVE ME ALONE" Hater yelled. Hater chased Wander trying to kill him. "He's better" Peepers laughed. Hater chased him for 25 mintures, after that he couldnt move instead just lied there lifless.

"Hater?" Wander said. "you ok buddy"

"Shut up your voice is annoying hillbilly" Hater said. "I was just resting"

Wander jumped on Hater "Great to hear" Wander said. "GET OFF MY BACK" Hater yelled. Hater rolled over and lied on wander. "How..How.. you" Hater panted.

"You crushing me" wander gasped for air. Hater staring up into the sky, as he lied on Wander. "Good" Hater said. "Where's Waldo" Hater laughed.

"It's Wander" Wander said. Hater smirked before a short burst of memory came. "Jazmii" he cried. A endless stream of tears he cried. "What's wrong" Wander asked, from under Hater.

They kidnapped Wander and Slyvia

Hater went back to his ship. "I'm too sad to conquer" Hater said. The ship had more melancholy than it normally did.

The Watchdog watched over their grieving leader, keeping close eye on him. "Sir you need to stretch your legs" Peepers said.

The tyrant pulled the cheats over him sheltering himself from the watchful eyes. Peepers rabbed the covers and tried to pull the covers off. "Sir" Peepers yelled.

Hater was fond of Jazmii, his heart felt like it was gone. Which it already was. Peepers pulled on his arm, with help of the others, Manging to drag him out of bed. Peepers shoved pizza in Hater's face. "Eat it" he said.

Hater managed to bite a piece of out the pizza, then slammed his head into the table. "Sir eat more" Peepers asked.

Hater turned away "I'm too depressed" he sobbed

Peepers felt Hater's arm. "I miss her as well, but you have to more on" Peepers said. "Wander and slyvia got away" one of the Watchdog said.

Hater began to cry louder his endless sobbing wouldnt end. "I'ts ok, sir I know you miss Jazmii, I miss her too" Peepers said. Hater grew angry at Peepers.

"What are you talking about" Hater yelled. Hater growled. "I'm crying because Wander and Slyvia gotten away" "Who's Jazmii" Hater yelled.

Peepers facepalmed himself "Oh nevermind" Peepers said.

Hater walked up to end of the bed, switching the tv channel to a si-fi movie. "Sir maybe you should get a little air" Peepers asked. Hater chomping on popcorn, he kept his eyes glued on the large tv.

but suddenly Peepers felt a surge of bravery rushing to the remote and switching it off. His bravery was soon gone when found Hater towering over him. "Peepers turn it back on" Hater commanded. trying to keep his last bit of bravery. "No" Peepers said.

"What did you saying" Hater yelled.

"Sir you shouldnt be copped up in here" Peepers said. Hater tried to zap peepers, but something stopped him. A strang feeling deep within him, made him want to cry. Hater wanted this feeling gone, but what to do. "Go to planet draigon and conquer it" Hater said.

Few hours later

The dead bodies of the Dragigonian who tried to fight back were almost to much for Hater. The feelings contince to worsen as he seen the bodies. He sat on the trone of the castle in Dragion and held Dragion leader in his grip.

Peepers read the new laws to the old leader. "Law 815, you must give all your money to lord Hater" Peepers said.

Hater began to lose control of his emoticons. "Sir why are you crying" Peepers asked. "I dont know" Hater cried.

"Do you remeber Jazmii?" Peepers asked. "Who!?" Hater yelled. " Who is JAZMII?!" Hater yelled.

"What are you talking about, what kind of name is Jazmii" hater yelled. "I dont know" Peepers yelled. "My emotions are just buggy toady" Hater said. Slurping on his soda.

A female Dragigonian pushed into the room. Hater kissed the girl. She dropped her weapon. "I'm Lord Hater" he said. The girl smiled "My name Drava" she said.

Hater was in love, but he still felt like trash. He didnt want to be in love with her.
Hater pulled away from the kiss and began to cry.

"Tears of joy" Drava asked. "No I dont know why i'm crying" Hater replied.

"Jazmii" Peepers said. "Why do you keep on saying Jazmii" Hater said. "Who is Jazmii" Hater said.

Everyone time he hears that name it creates a huge about of pain. Is he serious, or is he just trying end his pain. How could he forgot Jazmii.Why would he try to forgot like this" Peepers thought angerly.

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